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I have known Josh for many years but through business transactions and personally. Josh is very professional in all aspects of his business and relationships and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He has helped transform our business. 

-President at FASTSIGNS (akron)

“Josh Felber is an expert Entrepreneurial Coach whom I have personally experienced his innate ability to create massive action, breakthroughs & peak results with business owners all over the world. I have known Josh for over 7 years - his approach is direct, insightful, pragmatic, emotionally honest, and results-based. If you are an entrepreneur/business owner/leader & desire to take your business to the next level [increase profitability & accelerate growth] – Josh will be your catalyst. We all know proximity is power, Josh is someone you need in close proximity to elevate your performance on all platforms.”

-James Cunnings-Bishop

Cunnings Financial LLC

Josh Felber is the real deal.  

I recently appeared as a guest on Josh's TV show. I've read his books and seen him at conferences. He's one of those connectors always adding value to every relationship


-Jess Todtfeld

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