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A Life of Amplified Experience with Guest Keith Yackey: MakingBank S1E56


Keith Yackey

A Life of Amplified Experience with Guest Keith Yackey: MakingBank S1E56


Keith Yackey

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Almost a year ago, real estate investor Keith Yackey, founder of Private Money Pro, joined host Josh Felber on Making Bank to talk about real estate—how to invest in it, how to generate additional revenue from it, and how to grow as an entrepreneur involved in it.

Today, Keith is back on Making Bank, but he’s not back to discuss real estate—he’s here to talk about living a life of no regrets.

What he calls, a life of Amplified Experience.

When Keith lost his mother, he used it as melancholic inspiration to stop living life constrained by fear, and within 15-months, he built an 8-figure real estate investment company.

Letting go of fear transformed Keith’s life. It led to fiscal freedom and wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But in spite of his rampant and rapid success, Keith found himself unfulfilled. He was successful, but he wasn’t happy, and success without joy—as Keith likes to say—is failure.

Realizing success had brought freedom but not purpose, he stepped back from his incredibly-lucrative real-estate investment business to focus on finding his passion, his mission, and his message.

Intense introspection led Keith to discover his true calling, a calling that could afford him with both freedom and purpose:

Helping people

Specifically, helping success-seeking individuals overcome their fear of chasing an idea and staring a business.

To that end, Keith started the Amplify Live Experience, a four-day annual event dedicated to helping people learn from AMAZING experts, engage with inspiring audiences, and learn how to act on dreams, passions, and aspirations.

In this episode of Making Bank, Keith will walk the audience through his journey of self-discovery, and demonstrate his readily-adaptable framework for living a life of successful fulfillment.

Keith will also discuss…

•The Amplify Live Experience

•How anyone can make money online

•The difference between asking “what’s my purpose” and living on-purpose

•How to find, and then fine-tune, your message and meaning

•Why authenticity—as opposed to polish—is the true key to making money

•The FFAST Framework

•Why joint-ventures, partners, and networks are the key growth

…And much, much more!

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Josh Felber : Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber and I am here today with a guest that we had on before. This is really awesome, we have a repeat guest on the show. His name is Keith Yackey. After the loss of his mother when she was only 56 years old, Kieth decided right then and there to live his life with no regrets. With that no regrets mantra he started his first huge business venture. After building an eight figure level, eight figure investing firm in his first two years, Keith went on to teach thousands of people on how to do the same, as well as speak on some of the biggest stages across the country. He then started an online education company teaching people how to raise money for their real estate deals. And, with a huge learning curve to overcome as he was new to the online internet marketing space, Keith was able to figure out all the ins and outs and help thousands of investors with his tools.

Seeing how freeing the internet was and how much impact it could reach you, could reach, you could have an online program. Keith created the Amplify Live Experience, which is a unique live four day experience that teaches people on how to find their mission, message, passion and purpose. As well as how to make huge online profits with utilizing all that passion. The top business thinkers, practitioners and executors continually speak on stage with Keith at Amplify Live Experience a few times a year in Las Vegas. Keith prides himself on helping others learn from A to Z on how to make money online and enjoy and have fun doing it. Success without joy is failure in Keith’s eyes. With that, he shares and serves others to truly bring the joy in their personal and professional lives. Knowing Keith, he loves to bring the joy in everything he does. Keith, welcome back to Making Bank.

Keith Yackey: Josh, what up man? I am so stoked to be back here and a little different setting, little different venue. But, man, all the same. Very excited and hope to bring something that would add value to people’s lives that they can take away. And, hopefully make them giggle a little bit. Just a little bit of laughter. Wherever they’re hearing this, if they’re driving and listening, or at their house watching or even on the go, maybe they’ll just be like, “You know what, that guy’s funny, but I actually gained some value from this.”

Josh Felber : I know when you were in New York last time and we shot live in person. Yeah, we were there, and I think we had a lot of fun and brought a lot of excitement and joy I think out of that last interview as well.

Keith Yackey: You bet. Yeah.

Josh Felber : Cool man. Give us, I know before you were really focused on the real estate and building your real estate business as well as helping other people be able to create lives for themselves through that whole process. I know since then you’ve really found this burning passion to continue to help other people, but kind of in a whole other space. Give us a little bit of background on where you’ve recently come from. Then, in a little bit we’ll get to where you’re headed.

Keith Yackey: All right, cool. To me I think there’s two things that everybody’s wanting. They want freedom and then they also want to live on purpose. We want to know there’s a reason, what was I born to do? For me, real estate had created that freedom. It had given me the financial freedom I wanted to be able to make my own decisions. Didn’t have to check in with anybody to see what they thought I was doing during the day. I haven’t lived that way in a while. Real estate and even educating others and teaching people how to do real estate or selling my tools online that can help people further their real estate investment have given me a lot of freedom. But, I think pretty much when I met you that fateful day … No. When I met you that day I was in search of purpose.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: A mutual friend of ours asked me, “If I put you in front of five million people, what would you say?” I was stumped. I thought to myself, gosh, just teaching people how to make money and gain freedom was cool, but I didn’t want that to be my legacy. I don’t think that’s what I was born to do.

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: I wanted purpose. I went on this journey to really search out, hey, what the heck is my mission? What is my message? What is my passion? What is my purpose? When I get to the end and I look back, because I want to be able to say I lived a life of no regrets because of the situation I went through with my mom, I had to really ask myself the tough question and that is, what am I supposed to be doing? From here on out, what do I want my stand in my life to be about? That’s really been the question for me.

Josh Felber : I guess along the way you’ve really figured out what that purpose is. Because I know there’s a lot of people listening to this show right now, and I’ve gone through it myself, what did you, I guess, utilize to help you start to figure out what that purpose of your life is?

Keith Yackey: Yeah. You know, it’s interesting and you know me because we’re really good friends now, but I’m a veracious reader, I’m a consumer of content. You’ll send me videos. I’ll be like, “They cut off. Send me the rest. What happened?” Right? Remember that one video with the Dropbox thing?

Josh Felber : Yup.

Keith Yackey: It’s like for me I went on the journey. I read every book about how to find your calling. Like, what color’s your parachute, what should I do with my life? Yadda, yadda, yaddy. And what I found, interestingly enough, is there’s a reason why we’re all so confused because I feel like a lot of the answers are, I don’t want to say airy-fairy but they’re a little more out there and they’re a little more existential. A little more feeling type thing as opposed to, “Hey man, give me a framework that I can work through.” You know I love to say feelings are fading but frameworks are forever. I was dead set on this journey. When I figure out the framework, I’m going to turn around and share that with the world. This is literally the three step framework I’ve created and I’ve been able to help so many people with. Because now that they’ve seen me on my journey a lot of people that have been following me [inaudible 00:06:29] like, “Okay, what happened? What’s the frame- … “

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: I can share this framework in three quick steps if you’re cool with that.

Josh Felber : Yeah, definitely. Let’s hear what it is.

Keith Yackey: Okay. First of all, I asked myself, what brings me greatest joy? What do I actually do that brings me the greatest joy? I would have thought that there would have been just one answer for that, and I actually realized there’s usually two or three. A lot of times those are hobbies or things that we enjoy doing. I needed to go, okay, yeah, we all know what we get off doing, what brings us great joy. Even though not everybody knows, a lot of times we just think we’re doing something because say, “You’re good at that. You should do that.” We’re like, “I’ll try that.” Really, it doesn’t bring us a lot of joy.

The second thing is I said, once you find out one of these two, or three or four things that bring you great joy, see who is doing what you would want to be doing in that niche. Who’s making money doing that? For example, let’s say you love surfing and you go, “I want to be in the surfing world, but I can’t be a pro surfer, right? Because I can’t ride 30 foot waves and put my life on the line every other day just for a good magazine shot or try and win a competition or for a sponsor. But, I love surfing so I want to be involved in surfing somehow.”

Who’s making money surfing? Maybe they might find, oh, there’s surf board makers, there’s surf board shop owners, surf board sales people, people that sell the resin, people that sell the foam, whatever. There’s a whole list of things that you could be doing in the surf industry that would make you money that a lot of people don’t know. I go, find two or three people and there’s usually, whether it’s thought leader world, or it’s regular brick and mortar world or that type of world, there’s usually two or three people really doing well in it. Go study them. Buy their book, buy their course, go to their seminar, go to their conference. Do whatever it is to learn what they’ve learned and see if you can duplicate it. Oftentimes what will happen is people will be like, “Dude, I don’t want anything to do with it. I loved surfing but I hate selling the surf boards.” I go, “Okay, cool. That’s a hobby, then.”

Josh Felber : Yeah.

Keith Yackey: But, the third step is the real critical step and that is either go intern or go volunteer either with that group or in a part of that industry. I think volunteering is … Everybody thinks volunteering they think soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. That is so not volunteering. I mean, that is volunteering, but that’s just a small slice of it.

The rest is, okay, go intern or go volunteer, go be a part of the inside of a network at one point. Here’s why you should do that. A, you’re going to see the inner workings of that business and that’s where you can be like, “No way dude. I don’t want to be any part of this business.” Or B, you’re going to see a niche that you could fill. That’s exactly what happened with me for me to create my real estate products, my proof of funds, my lender list and how to raise private money. Because what happened was I realized there was this thing that was super vital for people to actually make offers, and nobody was addressing it. What happens is I was able to create something that actually wasn’t competitive to anybody, it was collaborative.

That’s actually how I was able to make seven figures online within my first 15 months of creating this product simply because I could go to anybody else teaching people how to do real estate, and I go, “I got this product that your people have to have. Once they have it, it’ll totally exponential … It’ll cause their success to go up exponentially.” And they could see the value in it because they were investors themselves. I was able to see because I was on the inside, I was able to say, “Somebody’s teaching this, somebody’s teaching this, somebody’s teaching this. Nobody’s teaching this.”

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: It’s the same way when I looked at this experts industry. I see there’s people teaching people how to get their message out online, but nobody’s really diving in on how to either find, or fine tune their message. I go, “That’s what I really care about.” I wanted the purpose part. I’m going to go nail that and then that way I can approach anybody else, the Brendons, the [Brunsons 00:10:33], the Dices and say, “Hey, listen, nobody’s hitting this and I’m going to be the authority on that. And therefore, I can create a complimentary, as opposed to a competitive brand to these other guys.” Which is what I love about this industry.

Josh Felber : No, that’s awesome. I think, I mean, that’s some excellent insight. Can you stick around for a few minutes? We’ve got to take a quick break.

Keith Yackey: Done.

Josh Felber : Awesome. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank and we will be right back.

Josh Felber : Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber and we’re here again with Keith Yackey, a good friend of mine and he’s just given us the formula to figuring out what our purpose is. It was a simple three step process. Keith, welcome back to Making Bank.

Keith Yackey: Stoked to be here. I’m ready. I’m ready.

Josh Felber : You took that, you dove in, you studied, you immersed yourself, and turned into exactly what you really wanted to do, or where you thought you might want to be at and then figured out where that gap was. I think that’s, you guys I hope you’re taking notes out there especially because this is going to help you move your life, your business. Whatever you’re looking for right now, forward. Keith is the guy that’s going to be able to guide you down that path for this. Keith, now you got this whole purpose, you figured out, you got your passion. Now, where are you headed with all of this?

Keith Yackey: I like how you said, “Where are you headed?” Because here’s the thing is I don’t claim that I can tell anybody where their destination is, but I can claim that I can help you go in the right direction. To me, that’s a huge distinction.

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: That has a lot of Ds with the tion at the end, direction, distinction and destination. Here’s the thing is, I don’t know that there’s one purpose that … Because I think that that’s a little weighty, that’s a little heavy to be walking around like, “What is my purpose, what’s my purpose?” You’re looking around every corner, “What’s my purpose?” As opposed to, hey, rather than say what’s my purpose, I want to live on purpose. I want to live on purpose meaning I want to be present, I want to be caring, I want to be kind, I want to be a good human being. These things and then your path starts to become clear.

I just know for me that if I’m heading down the wrong direction, I feel like I don’t want to keep heading in the wrong direction. I want to be heading in the right direction. That’s why I use those steps. Really, where I’m going now is I’ve created a thing called Amplify Live Experience like you mentioned in the intro and basically what the Amplify Live Experience is this. Our golden thread, so to speak, is we teach people how to give themself permission to throw off their fears and finally chase their dreams to do what they were born to do.

The reason why I emphasize finally is because here’s the kind of people that resonate with what I’m saying. Either they’re working a job and they don’t like the job and they’ve got a business idea that they want to take out to the world. Or, you’ve got a C suite executive or somebody who’s crushing it in what they’re doing, but they feel constrained because of what other people have to say, or their opinions. They don’t want to listen, and they know, but they’ve got the chops, they’ve got the personality, they’ve got the idea and/or the expertise to create something awesome like a thought leader type tribe or a product that can help people in their life.

My job and my joy at this point and really my thing that I’m doing at Amplify is teaching people how to finally throw off those fears and finally chase their dreams. The key is giving yourself permission because so many people struggle with, “Who do I think I am that I can go help people?” The answer is, you’re somebody that’s a little further down the path than the people that you’re trying to help. Plain and simple. I can’t tell anybody how to create a nine figure business. I’ve never done it. I’m not looking for nine figure business owners.

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: I’m looking for people that want to start their business online and know what are the exact tools. It’s a maze. There’s so many options out there and I just go, “Boom. Here’s the platform we use. Here’s the integration we use. Here’s how we do this.” For me, I wanted to lay out truly an A to Z process. We actually call it the WTF, What’s The Formula to show your path and your path to profits have actually been running parallel for a long time and you didn’t even know it. Because your path has created who you are and your path to profits is sharing that perspective with others so they can find their path as well.

We’ve created this really cool infographic that shows, here’s your path. How you become an expert at what you know, or a thought leader at what you’re doing, or what you know about this business. Then, boom, your path to profits is being able to share it with others. We just have a very systematic step by step system showing you, here’s why you can give yourself permission. Let me give you an example. For me, I always use the example of Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard. Tony Robbins, he’s a rah-rah guy. He’s 17 feet tall and he does his thing, right?

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: If you’ve never been to his event, maybe you’ve read his books or seen videos. You go, “Wow, that’s amazing. He’s got some great insight.” Now, what if Brendon, a friend of both of ours said, “You know what? Tony’s got that inspiration thing down. I don’t need to talk about it.”? Dude, we’d be missing out on a national treasure, right?

Josh Felber : Right. Sure.

Keith Yackey: Because, he comes at it from a totally different perspective. Rather than just rah-rah and “Ah, make a move!” Brendon’s teaching frameworks on how to be a high performer and he has his way of doing it.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: Then I would take these videos from Brendon that I’ve learned, who I love and I’d be like to my friends … And my friends are more, they like lifting weights and they have tattoos and they curse. They’re more like those guys and I show them the video and they’re like, “We don’t get him.” I’d be like, “What do you mean you don’t get him? The guy’s amazing. This is life changing content. This is phenomenal.” They’re like, “We don’t get it, but when you take those principles and you share it through your filter, through your perspective to us, we love it.”

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: It was such a huge distinction. I realized, wait a second, you get paid from your perspective. People want to know what you have to say through your voice. I think a lot of times people stop going after their dreams because they go, “Somebody else is already doing it.” The answer is, yeah, they’re doing it, but they’re not doing it the way you could do it and the way you will do it because you are just a different human being. I’m animated as you know. I’m excitable and some people just think, “Dude, is the guy on drugs?” The answer is, no, I’m not. But I’m a highly animated person. Some people just don’t like that. They’re like, “Can you just calm down and talk slower and be more … “

Josh Felber : No more coffee.

Keith Yackey: Yeah. Just more. The people that want more calm and chill may not resonate with me and that’s cool and I’m okay with that. But I think that’s where you give yourself permission to say, “You know what? I’m going to step into my greatness. I’m going to share my voice.” For me, because I love frameworks so much, that’s why I created Amplify Live Experience. I really wanted to give somebody a step-by-step, we use this, we use this, we use this. You don’t have to use anything else. Use this to start off. Because most people they don’t start because the tech’s too much.

You know me, I am not techy at all. That’s why we were talking about our good friend [inaudible 00:18:43] before and why I hired him because I’m not techy. But I realized learning some of these things was going to help me in my business. So I, yes, I can build webpages now. I can build funnels and write copy and these things because I knew it’s what I needed to get my … I wanted to get my voice out to the world. Some people around you are going to be like, “That’s arrogant. That’s cocky. Why do people need to hear your voice?” I just think, you know what? We’ve all been changed by somebody’s voice along the way and I want to be a voice of change.

Josh Felber : No, that’s awesome. Yeah, I mean it’s just … What you just said, I mean, there’s so much insight and thought process for people to really take a look at what they’re doing now. I think with the way, I mean, we have the election going on and everything and people are trying to figure out where they fit in and how that’s going to affect them and everything else. I think if we step away from letting what all those other people, I guess think or can drive the way that we do, and create our own destiny as you’re talking about based on who we are, or what we know, what we feel that we want to say or connect or communicate to other people out there. Like you said, it just, your voice could be the voice of change, or the voice that makes something major change throughout the world.

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : And, unless you get out and know how to do it, which that’s really cool that you’re giving this whole process, the step-by-step and the, I guess path, the direction.

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : I think is phenomenal.

Keith Yackey: Thanks, man.

Josh Felber : I’m excited to be part of that and help you share that message out there and looking forward to the event as well.

Keith Yackey: Yeah, it’s going to be … You know, I just found, like when we went through trying to come online, learn about the online thing, what I do now compared to what I did almost three years ago looks totally different. One was clunky, but yet we still made money. That’s the thing is a lot of people think you have to be super polished. What happens is they judge a refined guy who’s been doing it for three, five, 10 years compared to what they start with. They go, “This won’t work.”

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: But I think if you’re just a really authentic human being that comes across and says, “I really want to help. I really want to share. I don’t want to put anybody down, or demean anybody. I just want to share what I know.” I took copious notes. Me and my team took copious notes learning what we now know. I know that if somebody comes out to Amplify Live Experience, or somebody comes a part and is a part of our ecosystem, that they’re going to learn the quickest way to get from where they are now to where they want to be. I just know because I’m going to, that’s what I’ve done for eight years is build frameworks and create programs that help people go from A to Z as fast as they possibly can.

Josh Felber : No, and that’s exciting. And I guess one of the big things, too, I know is people are listening to this, I mean most of our, I know a lot of my audience they’re entrepreneurs, they’re action takers and things like that. But, there’s a group of people that may pick up the show and say, “Hey, I like this, but … ” They’re just on the fence and they don’t know, I guess, how to take that action to move forward. I know you’ve encountered it and you’ve worked with a lot of different people. I mean, what would you say, or how would you help them move that step forward to, I guess, extending their voice out there to getting to them to change their and start to move their life to find joy?

Keith Yackey: Shocker, I actually have a framework for this. I call it my FAST Framework. It’s F-A-S-T, I’ll say it very quickly because I don’t know how much time we have on the show left. But, the first F is find a mentor. That way you can just copy exactly the model that they’ve already laid out for success.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: The other F, because it’s FAST with two Fs, it’s, is I think before forward thinking. Meaning, if you want to change your life and you want to be in a different spot in two, four, five, 10, 20 years than you are now, think about, okay, what is it going to really take me to truly change my life in the next five years?

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: There’s a statement that people say that I love. It says, “People overestimate what they can … ” This always happens on New Years Eve, right? “People always overestimate what they can accomplish in one year, but the underestimate what they can accomplish in five.” It’s like, I always think be forward thinking. Not, how can I make money next week? But, how can I make money and have a business I and a life I love in the next five years?

A, of the FAST is act on what you know right now. So many people are looking for the next silver bullet, and listen, there’s a lot of junk and BS out there. That’s why I wanted to create Amplify because I’m an anti-BS guy. Act on what you know right now. If you like writing start blogging and start blogging consistently. If you like doing infographics with cute quote cards, start doing that and do it consistently. Start doing whatever you’re doing consistently, so that way you can start getting your voice out to the world and you can start getting feedback.

S is schedule your learning. Act on what you know right now, but then S is really important. Schedule your learning. If you go, “I don’t know anything about Facebook ads.” The successful people don’t go, “I don’t know anything about Facebook ads, I can’t do it.” The successful person says, “I don’t know anything about Facebook ads, I need to learn it or hire somebody who’s the best at it.” Right?

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: I say S, schedule your learning just like any C suite executive, C level executive. They schedule. Every month they have to learn something. Schedule your learning so that way you can learn it. The things I know now, do you realize early 2013, late 2012 I wrote on my Fears to Face this Year list was “Learn how to build a website.” Here we are now doing very well online.

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: I scheduled my learning. I’m like, “I’m going to learn.” I went to every conference, every event, mastermind. You know I was all in.

Josh Felber : Oh, yeah.

Keith Yackey: Because I wanted to learn. Then lastly T is test, and tweak. It’s a marketer’s mantra is we’ve got to test and tweak. You never know how anything’s going to actually stick in this world, or how it’s going to be received in this world until your throw it out there, test it and tweak it. But, you have to have a different association with failure than … I just think people who have had any amount of success just have a different relationship to failure than those who don’t. I’m going to test it and tweak it. I’m going to give it out there. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. You know how many ad campaigns have not worked for us? But we wouldn’t have known how to tweak it unless we put it out there.

That’s the thing is like the old saying, “You can’t steer a parked car.” Nobody ever got in their car, started it up and waited for every light to turn green to get to their destination. They went, they got detours. You had red lights, you had stops, you had traffic. Whatever. That’s just, I know it sounds overly simplistic, but why are we making this thing so frickin’ complicated?

Josh Felber : Yeah. And I think that’s the truth is people see the technology or they see the online space and they think complicated instantly.

Keith Yackey: Yeah, and it’s not.

Josh Felber : It’s not.

Keith Yackey: You and I figured it out and we’re just a couple of guys that like to throw weights around. It’s not like we’re like … I mean, you’re more of a rocket scientist than I am. I mean, jeez.

Josh Felber : I mean, the crazy thing is you’re still always learning. You’re still trying to educate yourself. You’re still trying to understand, especially when something doesn’t work out. It’s why didn’t this work out? Not like, “Oh well, give up.”

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : That’s something. I was out in LA the previous week and took out my daughter. She’s working on starting her business Paleo Pets. We went out to hang out for a couple days her and I and then we went to an entrepreneur’s event for kids on Saturday. She’s never really been to the whole networking side of things because she’s seven. I said, “Here, here’s what dad does.” Showed her, met up, went up and met people and everything else.

Then the kids from Shark Tank were there and so she wanted to go meet them but she had to get over that fear of making that first, to going up and meeting them. But she did, and she went up and took action and met them. They happened to, they were talking on stage that day so they called her out and said, “Hey, you guys got to go meet Mia. She just came up to us and introduced herself.”

Keith Yackey: Wow. That’s [beautiful 00:27:09], man.

Josh Felber : If somebody that’s seven years old can do it, anybody that’s listening to this show can get out and do it and take that action, take that next step. I’m going to be at your event so just tell us a little bit about the event, when the dates are, when, how do we get more information? When?

Keith Yackey: Okay, perfect.

Josh Felber : I know you wanted to give our audience an unbelievable deal because, which is so amazing. I’m just like, “Wow, Keith. That’s so cool.” Why don’t you give us a little information on the event.

Keith Yackey: Okay, so the tickets normally run from 400 to $1,000 dollars.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: That’s not what anybody who clicks on the link … Is there going to be a link?

Josh Felber : There’ll be a link right off the to side, yes.

Keith Yackey: The special link is going to be our friends and family link. The reason why I’m doing this is because when I got into this space almost three years ago, yeah two, almost three years ago you were one of the first people I met that we really connected, really bonded with and have been my homie throughout the journey. Now, none of my homies have seen me for two months. I have been so heads down.

Josh Felber : I know you have.

Keith Yackey: I’m getting texts from people like, “Are you still alive.” I’m like, “I’m alive, but I’m busy.” Because we’re putting this event on, it’s a big undertaking, getting people online, to offline, to get to this Amplify Live Experience. We have a framework for the experience, let me tell you what it is. It’s very simple. It’s, we help you find, or fine tune your message. What is your story, what is your expertise, what is your mission? What is that? Then, we help you build a framework so that others can follow. You know what I mean? If you don’t have a framework nobody can follow you. Therefore, they will not be able to follow you and get success. We teach you how to build a framework.

Josh Felber : Sure.

Keith Yackey: Then we teach you how to funnel yourself to your audience and your audience to yourself so you can get paid. If you don’t funnel them to your audience there’s no way you’re going to get paid for your expertise. It’s just a simple three F framework. Find, or fine tune your message, build a framework that you can, people can follow you to success and then how to funnel people into your products and programs and services to be able to make money. Anybody who’s wanting to find or fine tune their message. Anybody who’s wanting to learn from the best.

Now, I’ve got the most amazing people coming out and you know who they are, but let me share with the audience. Gary Vaynerchuk and Shawn Stevenson are going to be just knocking down day one about truly finding and fine tuning your message, who you are and what you’re doing. Day two I’ve got guys like Dan Martell who’s taken three companies from idea to exit, who Mark Cuban invests with. Nicholas Kusmich who’s the Facebook ads genius and our buddy Pete Vargas who knows stages better than anybody.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: For speakers who want to learn how to get out on more stages, Pete Vargas is your guy. They are the people who are going to teach you how to funnel audiences to your offer so that you can make money and get paid for your expertise. Day three, I’m going to be talking deep, deep, deep about frameworks with our good friend Mel Abraham.

Josh Felber : Awesome.

Keith Yackey: I call him the thought leader to thought leaders. He’s really like a Yoda just understanding frameworks [inaudible 00:30:11]. Our buddy Chris Smith from The Campfire Effect.

Josh Felber : Cool.

Keith Yackey: Which you and I have both been through. Phenomenal way of just explaining what your roots and your story are. Explaining those frameworks. Then, day four, I’m really excited about this. We’ve got Chandler Bolt from the Self Publishing School, going to come out. That guy’s helped more people self publish books than I think anybody on the planet. There’s a reason why he does it and the way he does it.

I’m going to talk about on day four how joint venturing, collaborating and partnering is the quickest way to grow your business from zero to whatever you want it to go. That’s how I was able to take my business to seven figures in 15 months. It’s because of partnerships and strategic alliances I’ve made and it’s honestly how we’ve built this Amplify thing so quickly is just because of making really cool relationships. And dude, you’re a master on that and I’ve learned a ton from you on that. That’s what the four days is going to consist. What you’re going to get more than anything is the best cutting edge strategies on exactly how to find, frame and funnel your message to the world.

Josh Felber : No, that’s exciting. And, the lineup of different speakers beside yourself is really phenomenal. I mean, most of the people there I’ve met or interacted with at some level. That’s exciting. And …

Keith Yackey: I think you’ve had quite a few of them on your show, or some of them on your show anyway.

Josh Felber : Yeah, most of them. I think just two of them I think I haven’t.

Keith Yackey: Yeah. Oh, you haven’t? We’ll have to change that.

Josh Felber : I think Dan, he’s still avoiding me.

Keith Yackey: Have you had Pete on here?

Josh Felber : Pete and Dan, I think and then I think Chris is booked.

Keith Yackey: Nuts.

Josh Felber : Yeah, Pete and Dan. And Chandler, yeah, I don’t know him directly.

Keith Yackey: Nice. I’m happy to make those connections, as you know.

Josh Felber : No problem, man.

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : No, I think, I mean, I think that’s awesome. I mean, it’s in Las Vegas.

Keith Yackey: It’s in Las Vegas. Dude, I rented out a rock hall, a rock concert venue.

Josh Felber : Yes. Totally different.

Keith Yackey: This isn’t four walls, pipe and drape and a stage. This is a rock concert venue. When you guys click on the link you’ll see we have a promo video where Gary’s talking about how he’s going to give the best keynote of his entire life, which is actually going to be in Q and A form because that’s what I’ve asked him. People want to ask you questions. But you’ll see I ride around on the stage on a hover board. We have a rock band there. It’s interactive. It’s not just sit there and listen and take notes. It’s very interactive. We’re going to make you work through … I don’t like when people leave with a to-do list. I like when people leave with a done life.

Josh Felber : Nice.

Keith Yackey: We’re going to do our best to really show that. Show cutting edge practice so you can walk away with confidence. You can walk away knowing exactly what direction you’re supposed to be going. That’s my and my biggest guarantee is if you don’t think this is the best four day event you’ve ever come up to in your entire life, just come up to me, we’ll give you your money back. You don’t even have to come up to me. You can send a private, encoded anonymous message saying, “I didn’t like it. I’d like my money back.” Just tell us where to send your money and we’ll send it.

Josh Felber : That’s awesome.

Keith Yackey: Because I just, if you don’t think it’s the best then I just know it is.

Josh Felber : Right, and I know that’s what you do. I mean, you always, anything that you put your mind to and you go after and you do just because that’s what’s in your heart. You try to make it the best.

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : You bring all of you with that.

Keith Yackey: It’s not this here’s a little bit so you can buy more. No, it’s here’s everything. Here’s what we know. Here’s what you can do to go crush it.

Josh Felber : Right.

Keith Yackey: Here’s the experts. I’ve made seven figures online, that doesn’t … I know guys that have made eight and nine figures but the thing is, I’m just going to show you exactly how I did it. I’ve got eight and nine figure guys that are going to be there sharing what they know. We’ve got the whole gambit and whole … And, oh dude, I can’t believe I almost forgot this. I’m interviewing a lot of really just totally kick ass women and men.

Josh Felber : Cool.

Keith Yackey: Those are our main speakers, but I’m interviewing 10 or 15 other people in there for like 15 or 20 minutes who have built half a million to a million dollar coaching businesses. Who have built seven figure online business that have nothing to do with thought leadership at all. How offline … Some of these guys have offline businesses. I can’t believe I almost forgot that because these are some of the coolest people ever. Some of the coolest people ever, dude.

Josh Felber : That’s exciting. I didn’t even know about that part. That’ll be really awesome, for sure.

Keith Yackey: Yeah. I mean, the owner of Ontreport is coming out. I’m going to interview him because they’re a sponsor of the event. They love what’s going on. I’ve got some really interesting people to meet and I’ve even got some special guests, I’m not supposed to say who they are, but they may own a major leagues sports team.

Josh Felber : That’s awesome, man.

Keith Yackey: It’s going to attract some … I got some very interesting text messages coming in [inaudible 00:34:47] people who are going to stop by. One of them might own a big shoe company based in Las Vegas. Rhymes with Schmapos.

Josh Felber : Yeah. Excellent. I know, you said you had a friends and family deal for everybody that’s listening to Making Bank. I mean, what is that?

Keith Yackey: It’s a long link. I think it’s like https:// …

Josh Felber : No, I mean you had a special price, too, you said or something?

Keith Yackey: Yeah, oh my god. Did I not say that?

Josh Felber : Yeah, go ahead.

Keith Yackey: Okay. So, it’s free.

Josh Felber : Yeah. Wait. Not $1,000 dollars or whatever?

Keith Yackey: It’s not 400 to 1,000. No, it’s not 400 to $1,000 dollars. It’s free but there’s just a small materials fee, less than 100 bucks material fee. You just go in there and sign up, and we’re going to … We’ve got some really cool things that we’re going to give you. Physical products. Hence why the material fee. We just want you there, man. We want you to experience … I don’t think there’s ever been an event like this. I don’t know that there’ll ever be an event like this, period.

Josh Felber : No, it’s awesome. It sounds exciting.

Keith Yackey: That’s a big, bold claim [but 00:35:44] I’m saying with a smile, but I believe it. I believe it.

Josh Felber : No, I know you believe it in your heart and your head so you’re going to make sure that happens for sure.

Keith Yackey: Yeah.

Josh Felber : Dude, it was so cool to have you back on Making Bank, today.

Keith Yackey: Less than 100 bucks. Free.

Josh Felber : Yes, less than 100 bucks. Get to Keith’s events.

Keith Yackey: Because friends and family. That’s it. You got to sign up through this link.

Josh Felber : It’s July 20th?

Keith Yackey: Yeah, you’re so good at the details. Hey, there you go, I’m not the details guy. July 21st through the 24th in Las Vegas. Super cheap to get in. We’ve got a room block rate there. This is a nice hotel. This isn’t chintzy or cheesy. It’s high end and the room block, the first two nights are $69 dollars we’ve negotiated.

Josh Felber : Wow. Jeez.

Keith Yackey: $69 dollars for the first two nights, and the second two nights are only 749. No, I’m just kidding. The second two nights are like 159 bucks. It’s cheap.

Josh Felber : That’s cool. That’s a good deal.

Keith Yackey: Really cheap. Yeah. It’s going to just be epic. You will have the opportunity if you want to bump up and do VIP which is still half price of anything else. Basically that gets you lunches with us for a couple of days.

Josh Felber : Sweet.

Keith Yackey: Some other really cool things that I think, that we’re going to surprise you with. It’s so worth it. You and I, we always roll VIP. That’s where we met. I just want to encourage anybody that if you have the four days come out here. If you don’t have the four days, make the four days. It will be so worth your time and money to come out. I promise you and I guarantee that.

Josh Felber : I mean, just meeting Keith as well, I mean, dude, the all-star lineup of speakers, the event. I mean, you can’t go see Gary Vaynerchuk for 97 bucks anywhere.

Keith Yackey: No. No way.

Josh Felber : Let alone Shawn Stevenson, Dan Martell and those guys.

Keith Yackey: The whole crew.

Josh Felber : Yeah, it’s a great lineup.

Keith Yackey: You know what’s really cool is there are going to be people like you who are badass at what you do in our crowd. We have so many people that have done really cool things. I just, I don’t have enough time to fit everybody in. I’ve got so many people coming that you’ll be literally rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the thing. A lot of speakers that are speaking are coming for the entire thing because they want to see and hear what everybody else has to say.

Josh Felber : That’s awesome.

Keith Yackey: It’s such a … I could list off 15 names right now that most of you would all recognize that will be there in the crowd because they’re pumped to be and excited to be a part of it.

Josh Felber : Awesome, man. Hey, thank you for coming on today, sharing the different frameworks to help people move their life, find their joy, find that passion direction, their purpose. As well as sharing some information on this phenomenal event that we’re looking forward to. Thanks again for being on Making Bank today, Keith.

Keith Yackey: Pleasure, man. Just always a pleasure and honor to be on your show.

Josh Felber : I’m Josh Felber. You were watching Making Bank today. Get out and be extraordinary.