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Realizing Your True Potential with Guest Brett Campbell: MakingBank S2E16


Brett Campbell

Realizing Your True Potential with Guest Brett Campbell: MakingBank S2E16

with Brett Campbell

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When was the last time you stopped dead in your tracks and really thought about your life?

The work that you do? The way you spend your time? The places you devote your energy? The people and relationships you invest in?

If you’re like most people, it’s been a long, long time.

The unfortunately reality is very few things actually motivate you to sit up and take notice of your life. (And the things that do motivate you are generally unpleasant.)

Most of the time, you’re operating on auto-pilot—just like everyone else—because you’re content. You might not have everything you want, but you’re content and comfortable with what you currently have.

It’s not until that contentment is threatened or jeopardized that you feel motivated to stop and evaluate what you’re doing. When the circumstances of your life change, when you are forced to confront an end—the end of your relationship, the end of your career, the end of your life, etc.—that is when you are presented with one of life’s rare opportunities…

The opportunity to sit up and take notice…

The opportunity to ask yourself:

Is this how I really want to be living my life?

It’s a question that today’s guest on Making Bank, Brett Campbell, had to ask himself not too long ago.

As an incredibly successful entrepreneur, Brett never considered stopping to take inventory of his life, and why would he? His fitness business was quickly becoming a fitness empire, and Brett was quickly accelerating towards a towards the top-tier of the industry.

But when a close friend passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, Brett’s world came to a grinding halt. The untimely loss of this close friend forced Brett to come face-to-face with the terms of his own mortality. That time, more than anything else, was his most precious commodity.

With this realization in mind, Brett began to reevaluating his life. He began asking himself—is this what I really want to be doing?

And it was in asking this question that Brett discovered something surprising.

In spite of all the success he had enjoyed, he didn’t want to spend his days toiling away in the fitness business. He wanted to follow his passions for speaking and writing, and use those passions to coax other people towards their full potential.

Today, Brett bringing people towards their full potential through his Unleash Your Greatness Movement, his Authority Academy, and his book Right Now; Why Not You and Why Not Now?

Tune-in to hear Brett and Josh discuss the importance of finding out how you want to live your life, as well as…

  • What it takes to take control of your destiny
  • A four-pronged framework for success—Discovery, Design, Develop, Deliver
  • How you can Improve your personal and professional life by being INTENTIONAL
  • The difference between happiness and true fulfillment
  • Why you need to live with the end in mind
  • How cutting the clutter makes room for purpose
  • How to become aware of your “Why”

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Welcome to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover success strategies and the secrets of the top 1%, so you can amplify and transform your life and your business today. I’m honored and excited to have my next guest today. In the past four years, he’s amassed, [inaudible 00:01:18] amassed over 108 leads, 491 fans, 30 and customers per day throughout multiple business channels. Brett Campbell started out as a journeyman, cabinet maker, moving on to a fitness entrepreneur and having built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia. Brett Campbell is a man on a mission and living a dream of a young and successful entrepreneur, impacted and inspired by the passing of a childhood friend.

Brett is now taking his mission to the next level by helping the generations of entrepreneurs and professionals realize their true potential and assume a life of freedom and abundance that is possible for all who dare take the challenge to their destiny. Now Brett’s mission is to help over 100 million people discover, design, and develop their passion and expertise to the world so they can make more money, help more people, and ultimately live the lifestyle of their dreams. Brett is the owner and CEO of Fit International. It’s a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients as well as the Authority Academy, an online community for internet marketers, coaches, speakers, and small business owners.

He’s also the founder of Unleash Your Greatness Movement, an international live event series to help others pursue the living of their life and their dreams. Brett has grown up in New Zealand and now lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with his lovely wife and Emily and their two pugs, Bert and Pugsley. Brett, welcome to Making Bank.

Brett Campbell: The end. Thank you for tuning in. That was a mouthful brother. Thanks so much for having me back man. It’s been a few months for us actually speaking, so man I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

Josh Felber: Yeah, definitely. I know we tried to connect with our schedules. It’s been pretty crazy, but it’s great to have you back man. I know on our first episode we really rocked out some really cool internet marketing tips and some strategies and dove into more your background. I want to see just everything what you have going on. I think you have a new book coming out as well. Tell us a little bit about moving from your fitness business into I think it was right around the time your lunch in the Authority Academy. We had talked right before that.

Brett Campbell: Yes. Mate a few things have been happening since then, the Authority Academy like you said. It got to the point where I guess the natural transition of what I see within a lot of experts is they do something, they’re doing it really well, they’re getting amazing results, and then people come to them and go hey, how do you do that. For us as you said 308 leads, 491 fans and 30 customers a day on average in the last four years, people start going okay, hold on a minute, how would you do that, right? It’s sort of fit into, and at the time I was only really coaching and mentoring a few clients one-on-one because I got burnt out of coaching personal trainers. When you build a fitness business, which we did very successfully.

We went from one to 35 locations of a franchise in six months. We’re blowing up all over the place. Personal trainer’s going how do I do it, how do I do it, but it got to a point for me where I was just like now I just feel like I’m having the same conversations over and over again. My real passion is business in general. I love strategy man. I love being able to look at someone’s business and how I explain it is I don’t like just joining dots. I like finding dots that aren’t there so you can actually join them up. That’s something that as Dan Sullivan talks about is unique ability. That’s something that I have within myself that I know I love. I get much more momentum whenever I’m solving other people’s problems as well so that’s where Authority Academy stem from.

I was like, “You know what, now is the time where I’m going to share my best online digital, social, business building strategies in the community fashion.” The Authority Academy spurn from that, but lately like you said, I’ve just released my first book October 2016. She went live, Right Now it’s called mate. This is going to go real random, but have you received your copy?

Josh Felber: No, I know you said you send it and I just checked it. Actually I was just here the other day to check to make see if it had come before the show but …

Brett Campbell: Oh, I’ll tell you what. Yeah. Anyway, that’s another conversation. That’s basically wrapped around like you said the Unleash Your Greatness Movement and that’s right now that is how I position. This is Authority Academy is my passion. I love business. I love entrepreneurship, but my purpose, that thing that I was put on this planet to do is the Unleash Your Greatness Movement that we’re creating. The book is just one stepping stone for that. The Unleash Your Greatness concept for me is helping people realize their full potential and realizing that life’s too short to not actually be out there living it, executing it, creating momentum on a daily basis. On that man, a lot’s going on.

Josh Felber: Awesome. Well, so tell me a little bit about with the Unleash Your Greatness. I mean what drove you to really move forward with that? I mean is there something that just popped up and you’re like man, this is what I’m supposed to do? How’d you really come about that?

Brett Campbell: Well, I knew ever since I could ever remember anything was that I was put on this planet to do something greater and I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I was not supposed to just walk around this world aimlessly. Growing up, going through the transitions of high school, getting kicked out of high school for speaking to much for good, I was just basically stumbling my way, trying to find who was Brett Campbell. It got to a point I built a business, everything was going great and there was a significant moment that really lit the fire up within me, but it’s been something that’s been calling for my entire life. It was actually I got on the phone when I rang up my friend who’s lives in New Zealand and I said to him because his wife had just gone through … She just had breast cancer.

She came out the other side of it. She was actually in remission for a couple of years and then she ended up getting a headache, went back to the doctors, and she ended up with brain cancer. She was actually going through treatment for brain cancer the second time around and I was like, “You know what, I’m just going to take a bit of a break, go over and see, them check out,” because she was coming out the other end. She’d finished her last treatment. I rang him. I said, “How’s she going.” He goes, “She is going really well. She’s coming home on Tuesday.” I was like, “Cool okay. Well when should I come over?” He goes, “Well a couple of weeks would be great. Well, you know, a couple of months whenever you want,” because he’s like whenever you can take time off work.

Again, I was in a position and then I share this because this is why it’s so important to take control of your own destiny. I was in a position where I could take time off when I wanted to. I said, “You know what, I’ll come over in a couple of weeks.” Hop off the phone, got on the computer, went to book the ticket, and literally I was about to press check out and this overwhelming field of intuition said don’t do it. I was like shit. Hopped off the computer, rang him back up, and I said, “I look I’m not going to come over in a couple of weeks. I’m coming over on Tuesday.” This was Thursday night right. I got back on the computer, booked a ticket, four days later I landed in New Zealand, gave him a call. I said, “How she doing?”

He goes, “Yup, she just come home, everything’s great. She doesn’t know you’re coming. It would be a great surprise.” I hung up the phone, got dropped off the next morning, Wednesday morning, and he’s walking down the driveway and he’s just, “I just want to let you know she’s had a bit of a rough night last night. She’s struggling sleeping, et cetera.” I was like, “Okay, cool.” Walked inside, sit down. Now imagine this, very, very small house, right? This is like a 1960s timber house. It was so small that the hospital bed that you still have to be laying on couldn’t fit down the hallway, so she had to be placed in the lounge room. We’re talking about a three meter by three meter room. On one wall, she was in the hospital bed, the other wall was a TV, the other was the couch.

I went to sit down next to her bed, held her hand, and it was literally like ice-cold. I’ve never felt any adult cold hands. There was just something different about this, and sat down, held her hand. A few minutes later, her eyes opened and for that split second, I could see that the pain had just totally dissipated off her face and she said to me. She whispered, she goes, “Brett thank you so much for coming.” Three hours later mate, she passed away in front of us.

Josh Felber: Wow.

Brett Campbell: It was a surreal, like no one seen it coming. It wasn’t until seven days later, I was sitting in the airplane on the way home and I was sitting there and I just lost it. I just burst into tears and I didn’t burst into tears because of her passing all right. I’ve mourned a lot that week or really I burst into tears because I was sitting there and I was like what if this was me, what if I only had six months to live, what if I only had 12 months to live.

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: I was sitting there and I was just doing this whole … My life going man, all your friends or the parents and everyone that you’ve seen back in New Zealand was saying Brett man, you’re doing so well, you must be so happy. Look to be honest on the outside, it looked very successful what I’m doing. I’m helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world. For me inside, I just felt like I was still that couple of degrees off and I sat then, I was like well what is it do you really want to do Brett, what do you want to do with your life. It was at that moment that I had this connection from that feeling that I’d had when I was a young kid. I always knew that I was meant to serve and I thought it was I need to be an actor as a kid because I just love seeing people laugh, smile, light up in front of me.

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: I thought it was that because that was the only way I could do it, but then what I really realized was the message that life’s too short to not be living to your full potential sunk in on me so deeply that it connected, that wow this is what I meant to be doing. I envisioned myself standing on stages in front of tens of thousands of people and sharing and making this message land, and then of course the question of well who’s going to want to listen to Brett, you’re still young. All of those questions come in, but then of course the question back to me was well why can’t I do it, why not me, why shouldn’t I, and then the next question of when should I do it. I’ll wait until 12 months. I’ll wait until we get a 1000 locations for our franchise.

I’ll wait until this, but then also why don’t you do it now, and that’s where the concept of the book Right Now, why not you and why not now come from. That was the spark that I needed or the key that unlocked …

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: What had been hiding inside of myself forever.

Josh Felber: No, that’s definitely a transformational story with just being able to have you connect with her in her last few moments to create that spark, but it obviously happened for a reason. Hey, can you stick around?

Brett Campbell: Yeah.

Josh Felber: We got to take a break and we’ll be right back.

Brett Campbell: Let’s do it.

Josh Felber: Cool. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching making Bank and we’ll be right back.

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Josh Felber: Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber where we’re having the honor and the opportunity to speak with Brett Campbell. Brett Campbell, just an awesome internet marketer, a phenomenal person, and just connecting with him, hearing that story that allowed him to make transformation and changes in his life to go out and start connecting and helping people at a higher level. Brett, I want to welcome you back to Making Bank.

Brett Campbell: Yeah mate, I feel like I’ve been here before.

Josh Felber: Almost about a year ago I think.

Brett Campbell: Well actually, a few minutes ago.

Josh Felber: Well that as well. Cool. That’s kind of you got that sparked, you have that idea and that’s now allowing you to come down and start creating that path for your Unleash Your Greatness, correct?

Brett Campbell: Mate exactly. That’s the next question once you have this big idea, so okay how am I going to execute on this, how am I a boy from a little town in Huntly with very little background, with very little knowledge moving forward in all of those, go how am I going to deliver and make this message land because look, there’s a new motivational person popping up every minute, right? Now there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t get me wrong, but there’s a difference of being able to externally motivate someone or be able to actually internally, intrinsically inspire someone from within to actually start taking steps forward.

That’s what I needed to sit down and go, okay I don’t just want to be another get up there and preach from the top of my lungs, life’s too short, you should be doing this, you should be doing that, right? That’s not the avenue I wanted because I’d been to many events, I’d seen many speakers and I felt like there was a difference until I heard this particular one speaker when they speak. I went to an event and I actually left feeling inspired, like it was something different, right? It was just something totally different and I was like I need to get that, I need people to be able to actually finish reading the book and actually start stepping into their greatness. I think that there’s a process around it.

Josh Felber: What you can share with us maybe what are some of those steps for that process.

Brett Campbell: Sure. Te book itself follows a framework. Everything I do follows a framework. Whether it’s an Authority Academy with all of our products, services, et cetera, it follows a step-by-step process. Why? Because step by step processes work, people feel less anxious. There’s not as much pressure around them when they actually have a map, right?

Josh Felber: Right. Definitely.

Brett Campbell: Because when people don’t see that there is a brighter future, that’s where they start freaking out. That’s why everything we do, there’s a framework. The framework for the book is discover, design, develop, and deliver. The first step is discover where you currently are in life. Before you can jump forward and live this ultimate beautiful life, you have to discover where you’re currently at because you need to be able to then go oh where do I move to from here.

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: Also discover what is the life that you truly want to live. Too many people are walking around the planet doing shit that they know that they’re not supposed to be doing, but they’re happy with that. They’re content with that, right? When I say happy, they’re just happy with the level of contentment. It doesn’t mean they’re in internally happy. They’re not fulfilled.

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: Two different things, right? The discovery part is all about uncovering where you currently are. Design moves into how do we actually now design, intentionally design the life that you truly want to live. We’re not actually rated this framework myself. I said to myself, I said, “You know what, I want to play golf twice a week and I’m okay cool.” I went through the design process, what does that like, what I have to do from business perspective, how’s the business still going to grow, blah, blah, blah, blah.” I ended up having 174 days off that year, and that was when we actually first connected and that was part of I had a lot of time off. People how do you do that. Do you want to know the secret? I actually intentionally planned it. Whoa, it goes bigger, right?

There’s certain key areas that we must be designing and as entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to design our 12-month projections for our business. What I mean by that is I’ve already got a calendar with all of our events for next year, right? That’s really exciting to us. We feed off that stuff, right? Oh, I’ve got a product launch in October. I’m going to do this product launch here, but what most people don’t do is they don’t design all the other key areas of the life, right?

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: Even down from by having vacations, booking and how do you actually create vacations in your life, and multiple other areas that I truly believe is significant to start living a fulfilled life. Then we move from design. Once you’ve designed your perfect life, what do you want it to look like, the surroundings, what do you want your perfect surroundings to look like. Then we move into develop. Four key areas that we must develop, there’s your physiology, psychology, your personal knowledge, and your productivity.

Josh Felber: Okay, sure.

Brett Campbell: Obviously physiology, the vessel that we carry. Psychology, the thoughts, the thinking about our thinking, the person that we’re showing up as, so those are all the key areas. It’s like if you want to go and be a billionaire, are you thinking like a billionaire, because there’s this thing of congruence that you need to make sure that what you’re thinking and what you’re perceiving lining up along the way. Personal knowledge, what do you need to learn to become the person that you want to be. Productivity, how to get more done in less time, and then we move to the deliver phase, which is the fourth phase of the framework. That’s how you actually go and execute, that’s where the rubber hits the road.

A lot of people you might have discovered where you’re at, you might design the life you want, you might develop the skills, the attributes necessary to become the person that you know you need to be, but then you don’t actually go and pull the trigger. You don’t execute. You don’t walk into your boss’s office and say hey look, I’m out of here, right? Which leads us to the 50, which is our destiny. I truly believe those four key areas of you and how it works is in the book. We actually step you through each process. There’s some very confronting exercises that you need to go through, but again for any personal change, for any substantial change, you must be willing to go where most people aren’t willing to go.

I believe that the way to find the answers is to ask the best questions.

Josh Felber: Yes, definitely.

Brett Campbell: There’s a lot of questions in this book that will get your thinking going holy shit, I’ve never even thought … The biggest piece of feedback that I’m getting so far right now, people go I’ve never even looked at life like that and this is people who have done a lot of personal development “stuff.”

Josh Felber: Just do the questions that you have listed in there. Yeah.

Brett Campbell: Yeah because sometimes the most simplest things are the things that we miss. You don’t need a 25-pot framework that’s going to go bang, bang, bang, bang, like it’s too hard, it’s confusing. You just need to know it. Go back to the basics and start executing on these certain things. Before I hijacked your whole show …

Josh Felber: No man, that’s awesome content. Give us one idea, so say we’re trying to figure out what do I discover, how do I discover who I am or what I’m here for, like you have that transformational moment. I mean what is that one of those maybe high-level questions that we ask ourselves.

Brett Campbell: Yup. What is the thing that you do for free for the rest of your life if money wasn’t an object, what is that? I was walking down the seventh hole of the golf course here in the Gold Coast and I was playing with a mate of mine. This was on a Friday, so we took Mondays and Fridays off. What I thought I was taking off to play golf, it was like I was getting 16 hours of therapy. All right. Awake, it was ridiculous. I was walking down the hole, pulling my buggy, and I asked my friend a question who was going through some things in his life where I’ve seen him going down a route that I knew wasn’t the route that he needed to go down, but he could go down it anyway because he was good at it.

Josh Felber: Sure.

Brett Campbell: Being a friend, I was like now we need to work this shit out for you. Even though I was still uncovering some things about what I was going through, but I asked him this question. I said, “Okay dude, what’s that thing? What is the thing that you do for free? Let’s just say I put a million bucks in your bank account tomorrow, what are you going to do for the next 12 months? Don’t even worry about making money from it. What is it that you would actually do?” For me, this talking to you, speaking on stages, sharing the message that life’s too short, mate I’ll do that for free for the rest of my life. The caveat to that is hey if you can make money from it, if you can bank …

Josh Felber: That’s right.

Brett Campbell: All right, why don’t make some anchor on it. All we need to do is figure out how do you monetize that so you can live the life that you want. Ask yourself, be honest what is the thing that you do for free. When I asked that question, I didn’t even hear what my mate said. All I heard was oh shit, like I’d ask myself the question that I know I needed to answer, but the second part to that is but what would you no longer be doing. Because it’s not about what would you be doing, it’s about what do you no longer going to be doing. I guarantee right now people watching listening to this, there’s something you’re doing right now that you’re like yeah, I probably shouldn’t be doing, I don’t really want to be doing it.

Josh Felber: Yeah, right. For sure.

Brett Campbell: For me, building a franchise to a 1000 locations wasn’t something that I’ve seen in the projection. I could do it because I could, but should I. Yeah, just because you could doesn’t mean you should. You’ve recently went through some changes.

Josh Felber: Yeah, definitely.

Brett Campbell: I bet you, your probably mindset probably hasn’t been as clear from a growth perspective of business than it has been in a long time.

Josh Felber: Yeah. No, it is. Yeah, you’re right.

Brett Campbell: That’s because you’ve removed the clutter.

Josh Felber: Right. You have to.

Brett Campbell: Because we bring too much clutter into our space, right?

Josh Felber: As entrepreneurs, you’re just always hey, you know …

Brett Campbell: Oh do this too. Yeah.

Josh Felber: That’s right.

Brett Campbell: That goes over, and that’s a biggest trap for an entrepreneur because it’s not hard. It’s not hard to go out there and make enough money to live. It really isn’t, but the reality is is going if you had 12 months, five years to live and you got to be serious about it. If you had five years to live, would you still be doing what you’re doing, and most people will say no. Maybe it’s a facet of that, maybe there’s part of what you’re doing you’d continue on doing in a way. I had a chat with a guy at an event. He come up to after me. He goes, “Oh I’m struggling to find out what I want to do.” I said, “Okay, what do you love doing?” He goes, “I love to speak.” I said, “Okay, well said what ideas, what are you thinking about doing?”

He goes, “I’m thinking about creating a call center and just do like outgoing, direct sales calls.” I’m like, “Okay cool.” I said, “Well what do you want to sell?” He goes, “It doesn’t matter.” I said, “Okay, what’s the thing that you sell gets you most excited?” He’s like, “Hmm. I said if you could only sell one thing, let’s say you could only sell one thing, what is it?” He goes, “Ah maybe real estate.” I said, “Okay real estate.” I said, “Why real estate?” He goes, “Ah, um because I think that there’s probably more money in it.” I said, “Don’t worry about the money. Take that away for a second.” I said, “What is the thing that you would sell for free for the rest of your life if I took care of all your finances? Don’t worry about that.”

He goes, “Well I’d like to sell products that can really help people change their lives.” I said, “You’re hired.” I needed direct sales division in our company to sell our programs.

Josh Felber: Nice.

Brett Campbell: The reality right, and it took him a few questions to allow himself to go there. Your first, second, and third answer generally nine times out of ten is not going to beat the truth because you’re so used to talking bullshit to yourself that you’re starting to believe it. Why would you just ah, I like something so that means I should sell anything. No, sell that thing that you are so passionate about.

Josh Felber: Yeah. No, I mean that dives deep for sure. I think people asking that question will really help create some clarity in their life or maybe it’s not the business that they’re supposed to be in, or maybe they shouldn’t even be in business.

Brett Campbell: Yeah. I mean there’s a new expert popping up every day who’s a webinar expert because they made a 100 grand off a webinar selling teaching people how to do a webinar, right? Now again nothing no discredit to all of that, but people need to start being more aware of why they’re doing what they’re doing, because never has there been so much opportunity like there is now.

Josh Felber: That’s the truth.

Brett Campbell: If you’re going to go and start a podcast, why are you starting a podcast, is it because it’s just so easy to do or is it because you feel that everyone else is doing it, they’re getting success, you need to go and do that when that might not be your superpower. I mean to me, it just make sense, but the reality is I was there once and I was like yup, I’m going to do webinars, I’m going to sign up to this program, I’m going to do this, so I’m going to do that. Now all of a sudden I’m doing affiliate marketing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean I went to an event once. This is eight years ago when I first really embarked on this journey of Brett.

I went to a multi-speaker event. Dude I walked away from that event signing up. I was going to start selling and wrapping houses in real estate. I was going to jump into the stock market and learn how to do stocks and trade and I also walked away with an online marketing course.

Josh Felber: Nice.

Brett Campbell: I got in the car and I drove home. I was like what the hell have I just done, right? My greed button was just going on bang, bang, bang. That person made 40 grand, I’m selling, I can do that, of course I could. The real question is just because you could, it doesn’t mean you always should. I want people to start thinking about that on a deeper level because it’s not until you’re faced with death, sickness, illness or someone you know is faced of death, sickness, illness that you realize, you go shit right on that do Brett who is rambling on, you’re probably right. Truth man, hashtag truth.

Josh Felber: No, for sure. Tell me a little bit about for the whole Unleash Your Greatness event then and your Right Now book, what’s next on your horizon, is this where all your focus is going into?

Brett Campbell: Not all of my focus because Authority Academy, we’ve just open up an inner circle community there because that’s what you’re doing, you’re an entrepreneur, right? Like I said, that’s my passion. I love doing it. My purpose is this Unleash Your Greatness stuff now. Now we’ve created an overseas retreat, so we take a group people. We run an event in Barley every single. 2017, we’re doing in September again. Mate you should really come along. You should bring your wife.

Josh Felber: Definitely. That would be fun.

Brett Campbell: Four nights, five days, all-inclusive, ridiculous, but that’s immersive event. We run that with the book. We’ve literally only just launched it. We’ve had some really great coverage with that. I’m looking just again to create and keep spreading awareness about it. The feedback we’ve been getting from the book is actually very humbling and overwhelming because you’re right, it’s technically my first book. It was a year in the process. There’s a lot of oh geeze, I wonder how it’s going to go down with people. You can share it with your mates and all of that and they go yeah it’s great book, but when someone who knows nothing about you, picks it up and reads and goes that was great, then you know you’ve got something there.

For us, it’s about sharing this and I’m going to be running more events … Actually next year, I’m going to be coming to the states in April. I want to run an Authority Academy and an Unleash Your Greatness event there. Mate for me, it’s just spreading awareness, speaking on as many stage as I can about the Unleash Your Greatness Movement and just spreading this thing called life man.

Josh Felber: No, that’s exciting. I mean I know when we first connected, I mean just it really hinted off and just what you bring and your energy and just your passion for really connecting and helping and delivering what your message to people, so that’s definitely exciting.

Brett Campbell: It was cool man because when we first connected, literally that was in the growth phases of … Like I had the concepts down pat, but I was like now I really need go and execute on them both. It’s just from there, it’s good … It’s actually very refreshing for me to be able to go ha, what I showed you back then, it’s here, it’s happening. That’s a true testament. When you find your feet and obviously you find your feet, then you can start running. What I was doing, I was doing so many … Again building a health wellness company, don’t get us wrong, we’ve helped hundreds and thousands of people around the world, but that wasn’t the thing that made my heart sing. That wasn’t the thing that I’ll do for free for the rest of my life. Doesn’t make it a bad thing, and this is another thing.

I just want to put you on the spotlight on this for people listening. You may feel that I can’t do that because I’ve got so many people relying on me. Now we still have our health and wellness company, don’t get us wrong. We still serve hundreds and thousands of people, millions of people really through our networks, but where Brett’s heart goes to is just slightly, it’s diverted into a different area right now. It took me a while because I was like I can’t change us so I should stay down here because there’s so many people relying on me to do this, this, this and this. At the end of the day, it comes back to when you find your feet, when you find that thing that you know is congruent to you, man you become the best version of yourself and there’s no stopping you.

Josh Felber: Sure. Tell me one thing because we got a couple minutes left. What do you want to leave our audience with that you think that’s just a key topic that you just really feel you need to share that’s part of your message out right now?

Brett Campbell: Hmm. Well, it comes back to life is too short, stop sitting around waiting for someone else to give you permission to become yourself. Just give permission to yourself, start following your heart, and take out all the fluffy we were whatever you think around it. When you allow yourself to start becoming more aware, create your level of emotional intelligence, then you’ll feel more fulfilled inside because we talked about the concept of happiness. Happiness is one element. Fulfillment is when you’re actually happy doing what you know you’re meant to be doing, because I could be happy weeding the garden outside. I can be happy.

I just need to feel happy, yeah I love this, oh wait, it’s coming out of the garden, but is that the thing that I want to be doing or is that the thing that I know I’m destined for. For the people listening to this right now, if you truly feel within yourself that you’re destined for something greater than what you’re currently doing, not only do owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, but you owe it to the people who are yet to come in contact with you, your message, your information, your product, your service, that you should be putting out there to the world.

Josh Felber: Awesome stuff man. I appreciate you coming on the show today. Where can people find out about you, your book, Unleash Your Greatness?

Brett Campbell: You can basically find everything at B-R-E-T-T, Campbell, You can go there. You can find out all about, there’s links to the book or to anything else that we’ve got going on. Also find me on Facebook. I hang out on Facebook majority, so drop me a message.

Josh Felber: Cool man. Well, it was an honor to have you on the show again and really awesome to hear what you have going on and the message and just the direction that you’re heading. I’d be able to connect and help people find what they’re truly meant for and just helping them create that life’s destiny. Thanks again for coming on Making Bank man.

Brett Campbell: No, it’s my pleasure and thank you so much for having me and allowing me to share on your platform man and to the people listening, I hope that you will go out there and start living your full potential because you owe it to yourself.

Josh Felber: I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top 1%. Get out and be extraordinary.