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Creative Way To Finance

with Chris Prefontaine



Creative Way To Finance #MakingBank #S7E27
Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Chris Prefontaine, Founder and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast.

Chris has been in real estate for over 31 years. His experiences ranged from constructing new homes in the nineties to owning a reality. Executive franchise to running his own investments through commercial and residential and coaching his clients throughout North America. He helps his students navigate the constantly changing real estate waters today. Chris and his family and team run their creative financing business, and they’re still in the trenches every day.

So check out today’s episode with Chris Prefontaine on Making Bank.

(2:23) Real Estate In 2023
There’s uncertainty with the media screaming, recession. Interest rates are going up and buyers are getting pushed to the side but Chris assures his wife that they will be fine and that this is the time they really need creative ways to finance to really help people.

(3:29) Background
Chris Prefontaine was fired from a family business that got sold which led him to go into Real Estate full time. He built a bunch of homes, then owned a franchise, eventually sold that to Coldwell Banker in 2000. He then coached people throughout the US and Canada leading up to the crash. The crash destroyed him mentally but it caused him to re-engineer the business to what it is today.

(4:35) Creative Financing
Everyone went into a panic due to the pandemic. Businesses went crazy and the same happened for Chris and their company. He had to do twice as many calls to get the same deal. Due to this whole situation and the uncertainty, creative financing became a huge part of today’s basic needs.

(8:36) Free And Clear
Chris talks about how they typically choose free and clear like 98% of the time, and there’s some hybrid as well. But 98% of the time they’re doing these deals and structuring with the owner a monthly principal only payment. And these are the deals that they would always take.

(10:17) Subject To Existing
When you move to something like the subject to existing financing, it’s usually the case when, if someone’s house is taken over and there’s an underlying debt, sometimes, it’s just what the house is worth and the debt is taken over. No other financing. No other creativity. There’s creativity with how it is held for bank reasons only.

(14:42) Lease Purchase
Lease purchase is sort of the most attractive for a new person because the lease purchase agreements allow an individual to have the seller sign the lease purchase agreement, whereby now they control the property and built into the agreement is a whopping $10 deposit only.
(18:58) Multi Family
There are just some very tired landlords right now, that went through COVID and they’re now hearing the press scream recession,that it made them not want to do it next run.They just don’t want to deal with it. So, they’re willing to do some owner financing and become sort of the bank.

(19:51) The Right Sellers
There are plenty of people to talk to because of Covid and now the economy, they’re willing to sell and they’re willing to structure some really cool terms.

(24:02) Teaching Real Estate
If you just come in and learn the techniques, there’s one constant about real estate. It’s always changing.

(25:40) Top 3 Tips
Pick a niche or industry you can get behind, find someone in the niche that is where you want to be and put the blinders on for three years.There’s just too many shiny objects in business and it’s easy to get thrown off.

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