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Just Get Started! How to Move from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

with Dan Fleyshman



#MakingBank: S3E39 with Dan Fleyshman

As the youngest founder of a publicly traded company, Dan Fleyshman learned a lot about business at an early age by hitting the ground running and not giving “no” as an option. In his storied entrepreneurial career, he’s trademarked the major catchphrase “Who’s Your Daddy,” sold millions in energy drinks and clothing, and owned one of the largest online poker sites in the States.

As an angel investor, owner of a social media agency, and creator of the event Elevator Pitch he now helps other entrepreneurs get in the game by throwing events to develop their ideas and hear hard truth about what they’re doing, what they need to be doing, and how to get there.

After working with so many fledgling companies and entrepreneurs, Dan noted a major factor in determining the potential of their success. For him, there is a huge dividing line between an Entrepreneur and a “Wantrepreneur.” A lot of people have ideas, even great ideas, but very few take the steps from idea to action to fruition. You can’t be an entrepreneur if you never do anything. So, what are you?

Here are the three key differences between the Entrepreneur and the Wantrepreneur:

Execution — Most people overthink things and won’t take the necessary steps to accomplish their goal. If you’re waiting for the stars to align, or the perfect moment when everything is ready and in order to get started, you will never get started. There is no perfect time. You will never be ready. There is always more to be done. You just have to get out there and do it so you can find out what elements are missing and adjust accordingly.

With the rapid development of the smartphone, you have no excuse. There is a fast forward button in your pocket. If you have an iPhone or Android, you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube — the outlets are endless to spread the word and get your product out there. Your phone affords you unlimited access to free marketing and communication with stores. Direct message people, hunt for their email, or god forbid, actually call them on the phone and get your product in their hands. If it’s good, they want it.

When you take the meeting or call, customize your offer to the client. Make people say yes by removing the noes — if the pitch is specific to their needs, the right pricing, the right product, the right value, they won’t have a reason to say no.

Communication — If you say you’re going to do something do it. Overestimate (within reason) the amount of time it will take you to get something done, and then get it to the client early. They will LOVE YOU.

Most people try to overcompensate and commit to finishing things in an unreasonable amount of time. Overextending is unsustainable and sooner or later you will drop the ball and miss your deadline. This does both you and your client a disservice and damages your relationship. Be reasonable about the amount of time it will take you to do something, and leave yourself a cushion. If you’re early every time, everyone will want to work with you.

Sell, Sell, Sell — As Mark Cuban says “Sales cures all.” If you’re selling, you’re leading by example, motivating staff and investors, and motivating customers and vendors. “Everything is positive when you’re selling.” If you live in the land of planning, design, calculation, and preparation, you’re losing money. “Too many times the entrepreneur wants that perfection and doesn’t understand, you’ve got to go find out people care.”

You can plan within an inch of your life, but if no one is interested in your product, it’s all for naught. Don’t wait for perfection, go out and sell so you know if people are interested, who is interested, and how to target them specifically.

Remember, your biggest challenge is yourself. If you have a goal to get in a certain store or reach a potential client, you have a million avenues to reach them right in your pocket. If your product is good, they want it in their stores! But they’ll never know it exists if you don’t call. “Just get started.”

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