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The Power of Purpose with Guest Warren Phillips: MakingBank S2E42

with Warren Phillips



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For many entrepreneurs, jumping into business is nothing more than a matter of opportunity.

Here is an idea. Here is an opportunity. I am going to act on this idea and this opportunity.

No more. No less.

Rare is the entrepreneur who launches themselves into a pursuit from a place of purpose. A purpose that says, this is my premise, this is why I was put on this Earth, this is what God wants me to do.

But the funny thing is, it’s the entrepreneurs who start their ventures in pursuit of their passion and their purpose that often enjoy the most professional success.


Because the pursuit of a passion—the sense of purpose it instills—enables those entrepreneurs to overcome hurdles, bounce back from downswings, and ultimately resist the bouts of negativity that invariably impact every new business owner.

With that in mind, today on Making Bank, host Josh Felber invites a fellow purpose-driven entrepreneur—creator of Health Centers of the Future, Warren Phillips—to talk about what it means to overcome obstacles, and stay the course even in the face of overwhelming odds.

An expert in natural health and wellness, Warren understands, “the impact synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins have upon the human condition” better than almost anyone in the country. Using that knowledge, Warren connects thousands of patients with physicians who are committed to making an actual difference in the lives of their patients—doctors who want to uncover and treat root causes as opposed to simply masking measurable symptoms.

So, tune-in to hear Josh and Warren talk all-things passion and purpose, as well as…

  • What’s broken in the medical industry
  • How time and perseverance are the real keys to overcoming resistance
  • Why the humility derived from embarrassment can lead to rapid growth
  • What the belief in destiny and purpose can do for your confidence and success

And more…

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The Power of Purpose with Guest Warren Phillips: MakingBank S2E42

Josh Felber:        Welcome to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber where we uncover the success strategies and the mindsets of the top 1%, so you can amplify and transform your life and your business today.

I’m really excited for today’s guest, Warren Phillips is here with me in the studio, he came all the way out from Pittsburgh, so Warren I wanna welcome you to Making Bank.

Warren Phillips:                Thanks for having me here Josh. Actually the first time I saw Making Bank I’m like, “I wanna be a part of this,” and I think knowing you, we’ve met about what four, five months ago.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Warren Phillips:                And when I saw that, I’m like hmm, Making Bank, Josh’s heart isn’t really about like, “Hey let’s go out and blow this big business and make a bunch of money,” you’re all about making a big difference in peoples’ lives. So, I almost wanna rebrand you as like making a difference in people’s lives and their businesses, because just meeting you for the few hours that I did really impacted me deeply. That’s why I’m here today, I wanna be a part of what you’re doing and learn more about how we can help entrepreneurs, business owners truly make that difference like we were talking about, in their businesses and in their life.

Josh Felber:        Yeah and Making Bank doesn’t have to be about making bank financially, whether it’s spiritually, whether it’s just making a difference in somebody’s life and everything too, so it kind of gives you that whole process. But obviously when people see it the firsts time, they’re like, “Hey Making Bank.”

Warren Phillips:                Well there’s two things there, I didn’t know your premise, but I thought that was your premise, so I’m kind of asking your question here like where did you come up with that, because I didn’t know that, but I knew Josh’s character, and the wisdom that he brings to businesses, and I knew that with your success there had to be a why there that was much deeper than the great marketing that’s behind there. Because let’s be honest, everybody’s attracted to cash, so am I. It’s fun, we love making money, it’s a blessing that we can use. It’s a tool to serve the world with, so where do you wanna go?

Josh Felber:        Yeah, definitely, let’s let everybody kind of give them a background on who you are, how you got started, ’cause you didn’t just start as an entrepreneur, you had different little path initially in your journey before you made that transition over.

Warren Phillips:                Yeah, my journey started, really I believe entrepreneurially my dad had his own business. So I always thought that, and then as I worked for other businesses, I went to graduate school, I have a Masters degree in toxicology and chemistry, did an environmental clean up for eight years, and that really not only taught me a lot about me not wanting to work for somebody, because I was always fighting with the owner. He’s like Warren if you want to make those decisions, you need to start your own business someday.

I never saw a podcast like this, I was never inspired, I was never at a mastermind, I didn’t know what that looked like. I was afraid to set up an LLC, like what is that, that’s a big step. So that was the kind of fears I was dealing with, but then something happened in my life that completely changed my life.

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Warren Phillips:                And pushed me in that path of the entrepreneurial side of what I’m doing. You said spiritually, like I’ve really got into my faith, I’m a Christian and I’m not afraid to talk about that, because I love all people, and I really wanted to make a difference through that faith. I wanted to get out there and make a difference, and I didn’t realize that God was gonna use a sickness to take me out of the ministry essentially, because I thought that’s where I was headed, to move me into the marketplace where I was really able to make a difference in the natural health and wellness market.

So I got really, really sick. Entrepreneurs this may happen to you, business owners where you’re pushing hard. I was pushing hard at church, in relationships and then also at the job I was working for. I had some major things happen to me, I was obviously cleaning up hazardous waste for a living. Those of you who know about toxicity, we can hit that later. It really set me in a downward spiral.

The words that I’ll share which I think we can maybe talk about this today a little bit is, the Pastor at the time looked at me, and everyone thought I was nuts. I had anxiety, I couldn’t exercise, I had the largest ministry, like para-church little ministry called Joshua Generation, I had like 30, 40 kids coming to my house, I was feeding them, I was doing all this stuff. I went from doing all those things, making a big difference in my mind, to literally not being able to handle the stress of that situation.

The phone rang, I got sick, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t eat, I gained, I was 210 pounds, I had chronic pain and all these things going on, and the world at the time, because they didn’t know about alternative medicine, the internet wasn’t even that big of a deal then. I was labeled as nuts, and my Pastor saw the destiny in me. He saw that I had something bigger that I was moving towards. So his words to me, “You’re not running from something, you’re going to something,” which I believe was my destiny, which I would like to probably share a little bit about that today.

Josh Felber:        Definitely, if you were to say that’s kind of one of the transformational points in your life is getting sick, and what did you do then to overcome that, and kind of work your way through that?

Warren Phillips:                So, I can get into some of the strategies with that, but I think what got me through, now that I’m sitting here with you today and I shared a story with you about another challenge I had and how I overcame that challenge, is that the reason I was able to get through that sickness. Again the solutions came to me, which is a lot of what we build our business around is creating solutions for people that are looking for things like this, but it was my purpose. I knew that I had a destiny. If I could swear on camera I would right now, but I won’t, if you see me off camera I will, ’cause I just don’t want it out there, even though Tony Robbins swears a lot, so does Gary, has he been on your show yet, Gary?

Josh Felber:        Yes.

Warren Phillips:                Yeah, so I’m in good company. Anyway …

Josh Felber:        Tony Robbins soon.

Warren Phillips:                Tony Robbins soon, but it was the purpose I had. I thought I was called into ministry right, so I knew I had a purpose. God you can’t take this sickness, you can’t leave me alone, there’s gotta be something more. So that kept me literally, I have to be honest, from shooting myself, I was that sick. I couldn’t enjoy … I moved back to Pennsylvania, leaves rustling, I would call myself an autistic adult. I was sound sensitive, I had no hope or future at the time, but I knew in my heart from my faith and my experience that there was something the universe was trying to show me. God had a message for me, and I knew that if I pushed through this, I had a purpose, I had my domain if you will, I had my spiritual strength, which was strong, yet I could barely even activate that.

But that was all I had, so I would say, God if you have a plan for me, let’s move that along. I would say this to Him too, I said, if this is your best, then I don’t want it. I said to God, heal my body because I’m f-in pissed. If you don’t do those things, but I’m gonna stay the course, there’s gotta be a plan and a purpose, and my purpose overcame the resistance of my sickness and then at some point along my journey the purpose was strong enough and I moved along this path. It wasn’t like an overnight success, like all things, building a business, building your health, it takes time.

It’s a daily habit of doing the right things, performing, testing, getting back, moving it, and pushing through so that you can get those high outcomes that you want. The thing that was holding me back and what entrepreneurs may find is that the resistance you have right now in your business may not be a business one, it might your purpose, but it may be your health.

So one of those things didn’t align, so that’s what was holding me back, but it literally drove me into my purpose, helped me overcome the resistance of sickness having that strong purpose, which really launched me into my destiny of being a natural health and wellness entrepreneur. But it was embarrassing, living in your parents home in the basement, like I was that guy. Not because I’m a … and I’m 40 so I’m not in that age group that’s before me, I’m not a millennial. So I’m older, I’m 42, I was in my basement wanting to move out, not wanting to live off my parents, I was successful.

It was very embarrassing, but it was humbling. But in that I think that built power in me, it built purpose in me, it’s being humbled. I think many entrepreneurs with their business get humbled and they grow from that.

Josh Felber:        You know with this, you’re pushing through and your purpose becomes greater than that resistance that you’re experiencing and everything in your life. As entrepreneurs, we all experience resistance in many ways-

Warren Phillips:                Daily.

Josh Felber:        Whether it’s challenges that come up legally, or whether it’s financially or health wise as you mentioned. Then how did you realize, okay man my purpose is natural health and helping other people with this? Is that a process that you went through to heal yourself that drove you further towards that purpose, or how did you come about for that?

Warren Phillips:                Well this launched my business model and what it’s done, but once I found the truth, I’m like there’s so many other people out there that are hurting and suffering. My thing to myself is I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. I believe in forgiveness and all those things too, but this was bad. I believe in consequences, but it was so bad that I didn’t wanna live, and I’d see an autistic child or I’d see someone else suffering, I’m like, we’ve gotta take this big. We can’t just take this movement, and it’s big now, it’s much bigger because many other people and individuals even watching us, if you’re a natural health and wellness entrepreneur like I am, and you launched a company, it was seeing that suffering that made me wanna do something great. That built up my purpose and my why and then you have to create a business model around that.

But I believe that was the divine flow that starts happening. So, I started a company called Revelation Health. So it does have that spiritual component, and we’ve launched multiple businesses from a large seminar business, I have a seminar coming up with 330 practitioners that are gonna be there. We have Dr. Joseph Mercola who’s gonna be there, the Dean’s gonna be there, Ben Greenfield’s gonna be there, so we’re getting some great influence here. So we’re doing a public event the night before, they’ll be five to six hundred people there, so we’re educating.

Where it falls is where it falls. I gotta do my job and my purpose and draw the arrow of my purpose and fire into the destiny of the future that I’ve been called to do. Because we’re all created from the 40 million sperm cells to the whatever you start out with 10 million eggs, I don’t know how that works, by the time the woman is born. But if you really believe in destiny, and I think Jesus believed in destiny, I know that He did. Ford, some of my peers, B. J. Palmer, they believe in destiny, Buddha believed in destiny and purpose. So if we believe that, if we believe that my spiritual DNA, or my mission was that sperm, the chances of that happening are slim to none, and then we sit down here as entrepreneurs. If we’re created for this, we have to realize that our destiny is so important for the world, because we were created for such a time as this, if you will, and that’s what drove me.

If I’m gonna get sick, if I’m gonna get better, then I’d better do something with that gift, because it now becomes my purpose and my destiny to help others find that same truth and create heroes, instead of being the chest thumping entrepreneur how much money am I making. Because it’s easy to make money I believe, in the natural wellness, it’s a 3.4 trillion dollar industry. Pauline Pilsner in 2000, was it 2001 wrote the book, The Next Trillion Dollar Industry. He said within 10 years, it would be a trillion dollar industry.

So here we are 15, 16 years later and it’s a 3.4 trillion dollar industry. We exceeded even his-

Josh Felber:        Initial, yeah.

Warren Phillips:                Yeah, so Paul Zane said that, so this market’s massive. It’s really easy to make money in it, but is it about making money or is it about making bank, which translates into making a difference, and making your purpose realized for the world.

Josh Felber:        Cool, and so in your guys’ business now, you guys then create supplements, functional supplements to help people recover from illnesses or challenges that they may be having in their life from a health standpoint.

Warren Phillips:                Yeah, you find a hurt and heal it, that’s the sort of thing. So if you wanna grow a billion dollar business, find a billion dollar problem. You hear that right, so we focus on our why. Our why is remove the interference, the body does the healing, that’s our premise. So we’re removing what we call chemical interference. So most of our protocols and what we do surround that niche, versus running off, and then I would use like Primal Life Organics to not increase that toxic load into my body. So I’m not gonna use the toxic skin care and supplements, I wanna use something … your skin is just a big organ, yeah, so you know that from your wife’s business.

So, that’s so important. I do more partnering with others on the supplement side, skin care line, and really just focus on the toxicity issue and detoxification. So I do have a product called Cytodetox, which is only sold through practitioners, it’s a very powerful, powerful product. So we push a lot of our supplements and things we do through practitioners, because we want to create multiple heroes. Instead of going to the public, which I believe is a great market if you’re looking to launch a product, I think the public is really important. You need to really worry about if you’re doing this, make sure you get the right merchant up front, fully disclose everything, ’cause we ran into that trouble over the last years.

You gotta make sure you have multiple suppliers for the ingredients, there’s a lot of things that go into that. Like I said it’s a 3.4 trillion dollar industry, so there’s no maxing that out. You’d think the pharmaceutical side, and let’s get a little controversial here, the pharmaceutical side is a one trillion dollar industry globally. But who’s winning out right now, the natural health industry or the pharmaceutical industry, as far as bringing health care to the world. It’s definitely not the system, and most entrepreneurs aren’t drinking that idea, some are, and that’s fine, we like being controversial.

But there’s a problem there, it creates an issue in my brain with my congruency, why in the heck, if it’s a 3. … and some of that stuff is beauty inside of that, so it’s not all like healthcare, just alternative healthcare, it is about one point … I did the math based on the stats, it’s still like 1.4 trillion, it’s still bigger than the pharmaceuticals. So when it comes to like actually wanting to reach not just skin looking better or body treatments or things like that, it’s lumped into that, that really with modalities that are out to make a difference.

So if we’re going to make a difference, why is this large, we have more money, which drives the market, than the pharmaceutical side, why are we losing? That’s something that I’ve been struggling with, and I think it comes back to getting back to our purpose. Because I think the destiny is, I think the world needs answers, I think many of you watching this, you’re not sleeping through the night. That’s not normal, you’re overweight, that’s not normal and it’s not your fault, ’cause there’s a hormonal issue.

You’re struggling with stress and anxiety, and you don’t have that piece. You do Yoga, we do all these things to combat that, but sometimes I think we don’t have our priorities straight when it comes to our health as entrepreneurs. Even me who is in this business, and I have to be congruent because I’m forced to because I’m in it, so I have to look the part and all those things, I sometimes abuse my body. So it’s really not aligning my purpose correctly with my destiny.

So that’s one of the issues, so is natural health … sometimes am I just chasing money, sometimes am I just falling in the trap of working a hundred hours a week to make that extra money and falling into that entrepreneurial hustle that’s out there. I don’t need to hustle more, I just need to do more, I need to work harder, I need to brag about it on Making Bank and let everybody know how much money I’m making. I know that’s not your podcast, but there are those podcasts out there. The people that you bring on have all had these amazing hearts, because your destiny and purpose and your why is attracting those people with the huge hearts. I think it was Joe Polish I was listening to, was it the other day, the things that he shared, I think I wrote you a text. I’m like if you just picked up on 10% of what he said, and you’re a young entrepreneur and you’re just starting your business out, it would explode your business.

It would literally add another million dollars to your bottom line. So that’s fun and all, but if you get outside of the fun of making money and you forget your purpose and your destiny and focus on the problems, which is resistance, you’re gonna miss your mark. You’re gonna shoot an arrow that’s gonna land far away from where the natural health industry should go. So I feel like we’re failing, and I wanna be part of the solution, so that’s kind of my heart in training practitioners across the world, is trying to-

Josh Felber:        Spread the word.

Warren Phillips:                To spread the word and the true mission of making a difference for those people that are praying for answers.

Josh Felber:        Cool, that’s awesome. I guess kind of along your journey, what are some of the challenges for you that you’ve run into growing your business?

Warren Phillips:                Well there’s been many challenges.

Josh Felber:        Maybe the top two or three.

Warren Phillips:                Let me tell you, my purpose has been good ’cause I believe God gave me that, I had a good purpose, and that’s what pushed me through. I was very resistant, I pushed through problems, problems, problems, problems, but I think the biggest issue, and it think this is one of the … to really scale and grow your business, you’ve done this well. A lot of the people you’ve interviewed on this has done this well, but maybe there’s someone sitting where I was even a year ago where I thought I had this hierarchal thinking meaning that I had to dictate everything, I had to be the one that made the phone call to fix the client’ problem.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, we were talking about this, yeah.

Warren Phillips:                So I had to have my hands on the creative end of everything. I could do it better, I could close the doctors in the event better, just give me five minutes on the phone, it took you an hour, I’ll have that practitioner so on fire to come to my event. So that’s how I used to think, so I created a business that was dependent on me, and all my staff would check in with me because they didn’t wanna make the wrong decision.

So that was one of my areas of weakness, and eventually I did hire a CEO, eventually I did back out of those areas, and it costs me hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes that they were making to learn, but if you can’t allow people to learn, they’re never gonna find out what they can do, and you’re literally stealing away their creativity.

I was destroying them and I was destroying myself, so that was one of the biggest lessons I learned as I scale, and I think all entrepreneurs do this. I was so excited, it’s like a Christian who found Jesus for the first time and their life got changed. You just start acting completely out of passion and emotion, and you grow this business up to two, three million dollars, but in the process, it becomes all about you. It becomes how much money you’re making, how much is going on and the difference you’re making how good you can do. You use the word “I” a lot versus “we.” The biggest shift for me in order to scale my business and grow is move it to we and get away from me, and get away from the I and I can do it better.

So really stepping away, so that hierarchal thinking, what I was saying, I was thinking that I was doing it right. The voice was saying you can do it better Warren, but that’s resistance. That’s a lie, that’s actually stopping you from reaching your destiny. If you look at your purpose, plus resistance equals your destiny. My resistance was high when I’m thinking hierarchically, when I’m thinking I can do it better, I can one up that. That pushes resistance up and pushes your purpose down, because I’m really not thinking of the people, I’m not thinking of when I first started the business, I was thinking man I don’t want a sick kid, I don’t want someone to be … my heart was there, but I started thinking about making it all about me.

So, if you start making it about your team and creating heroes versus being the hero in your business, being the entrepreneur hustle, that’ll drop the resistance in your business, it’ll increase your purpose. So your destiny, which is your business, your business is your destiny. That’s what you’re called to do. Your business isn’t to make money, it’s to change the world. I was talking to, I think it was Naveen, the other day, and he believes, and I believe the same thing, is that the Fortune 500 companies today are gonna fall, and we’re gonna come in as entrepreneurs and pick up those pieces and create businesses that create solutions to problems that literally can transform the world.

So there’s a problem, skincare, like with your product. Skincare, when you put that, that causes hormone dysregulation, that causes cancer, there’s no questioning that. So you’re like look, that’s happening, that’s a problem, I’m gonna create a solution to that problem, you can eat your products, you can eat my products and it doesn’t kill people, it doesn’t cause cancer, but the market calls out for the cheap stuff they can sit on the shelves for 10 years and never die and put it on your skin, great from a business model.

But the same thing with food right, they create food to be addictive, not to be healthy. They do test groups to make the additives go up. So those businesses are doing what they’re doing, but the market is driving away from that. I believe that the millennials that are watching, entrepreneurs you’re probably more successful than me, you’re great entrepreneurs, I didn’t mean to rip on you earlier. If you’re living in your basement with your mom and you’re making a 10 million dollar business, you can say haha, you know Warren, aha, I got you.

Josh Felber:        I got you.

Warren Phillips:                I’m in the basement still, and I got a bigger business than you, but just barely. So I think that we find as entrepreneurs our business needs to surround our destiny. This is what I tell the practitioners that I train. This is a ceiling of limited mindset. Practitioners if you’re watching this, if you have an office and even multiple offices, well I wanna hit that million dollar practice, in chiropractic they see a thousand patients a week. They have these hierarchal thinking, but they’re actually limiting, it’s a limiting belief, they go to that and then I would say to them, you’re having a million dollars impact, big fricking deal.

The local Starbucks is doing on average in a franchise situation, 1.2 million dollars in a little

Josh Felber:        Coffee shop, yeah.

Warren Phillips:                Local coffee shop, so you’re having about the impact on your community as a coffee shop. How does that make you feel? Starbucks, a little franchise, but what are they doing, that’s driving such great revenue, it’s marketing, it’s branding, it’s those sorts of things, those are important and they have a purpose in a why. They wanna sell coffee, they wanna keep costs down, create an experience, so you can learn from those businesses, but ultimately it’s your why and your purpose and that’s gonna be your business. You’re gonna find a hurt and heal it, find a need and fill it.

What’s the basketball coach that said that, I can’t think of it from the Lakers or whatever. I can’t give him credit.

Josh Felber:        Phil.

Warren Phillips:                Phil, yeah.

Josh Felber:        You know as entrepreneurs, we’re all that type, a lot of us are Type A.

Warren Phillips:                It’s normal-

Josh Felber:        We can do it all, we can do everything, we don’t wanna take our hands off of it. Obviously you changed your mindset on how you looked at it, but what was maybe another factor that helped you kind of step back and be able to give more control to your team?

Warren Phillips:                Well first of all, I just wanna say that it’s normal, like I’m not beating up all of us, I’m just trying to give a solution and say I did it personally. That’s normal, you’re successful if you did that. If you grew a one, two million entrepreneur, if you’re watching this, that’s awesome. But if you wanna scale and grow, you have to give away that control.

So, the process was probably the most painful process I ever went through literally, because I had to watch one, my baby, I had to watch the bank account drop for a season until it exploded. I mean literally when I got to this, my company … it was doubling along the way, and then it stalled because it was limited by me. So [inaudible 00:23:53] it was egocentric, you hit that ceiling so in order to grow I had to get out of the way.

So then you watch the pain happen, you watch your staff that just can’t get it. One thing you have to realize, I think that’s part of our DNA, the thing that I had to realize is the mindset side. I had to realize not from an arrogant standpoint that I’m brilliant. The reason I was in so control my business is because I actually was insecure. I was insecure about my abilities, what I was capable of doing, I had to control everything but that was out of insecurity. Because I didn’t wanna let it go, instead of going to the next level, being truly brilliant, creating heroes within my organization, believing that they’re equally as brilliant and their different niches, watching them grow and learn and start getting excited about that.

Get excited about, wow, look what Kim came up with today, look what Mark came up with today.

Josh Felber:        Celebrating the team.

Warren Phillips:                Celebrating your team, celebrating those things, and that helped me change my heart. Because I love people, but I was destroying people because I expected them to think like we think. Entrepreneurs are wired differently, we’re weird. We’re out there, we have this mindset, that’s what takes us to here, but to get to the next level it really is leadership.

I didn’t wanna read a leadership book, ’cause I read it I’m like, I’ll do it myself. But when it comes to influence and getting your team to do things and planting seeds so that they can feel the wind, it’s not your wind, it’s their wind. That was one of the things that helped me start seeing them smile, seeing their lives transformed, seeing them get excited about their idea that made a hundred thousand dollars, and guess what, it made you a hundred thousand dollars. It made your organization, and part of my heart is pulling people away from corporate companies where they’re getting abused in dictator type businesses, and bringing them in and letting this person heal up and letting their creativity flow from that divine flow. Out of them the ideas and passions of what they’re excited about and seeing the success and it ultimately grows your mission your purpose.

You know that that’s important with an organization today. If you can get your team, if you’re passionate about, if you’re on fire, people come around and watch it right. If you’re on fire for your purpose and mission, your team will get around you and they’ll walk through the valley of the shadow of death with you. When things are hitting your business, when there’s challenges, when there’s resistance against what you’re doing. As you grow, people get jealous, so they do things, they try to-

Josh Felber:        Take you down, yeah.

Warren Phillips:                So the next level of business, when you go to that next level, just remember that the resistance is gonna increase. There’s gonna be more challenges-

Josh Felber:        You’re always gonna run into that next level of resistance. Every part of the journey there moving forward on.

Warren Phillips:                So what advice would you give me, because you’ve done this a lot more times than I have. So, as I’m talking about this, what’s going on in your head, because why not get some advice from one of the masters.

Josh Felber:        I guess I’m similar to you, but whereas giving up that control is always the hard piece of things and doing it better and everything. But I guess one of the things is, I never really worry for me personally about risks or those resistance challenges. It’s like cool, I’m just … whatever it’s gonna take, is I’m gonna push through.

I think part of that though is doing it myself to push past what that resistance level is. Even though it may be another level of resistance that I’m bumping into of giving up control, but I think that totally makes sense. The whole fact is as we grow our company and the ones that have done really well and exploded, is letting people have that creativity, letting them make those mistakes and to push themselves forward and everything. So definitely for sure.

Warren Phillips:                And that makes total sense, because the fears that … it’s funny every time you come up against another ceiling in your business there’s a fear. There’s a fear of, and just talking from my heart, it’s like my life is really great right now. I’m killing it in my business, I have the life that I want. I’m getting comfortable, so I’m making a big move. I’ve completely pulled myself out of my local office, I’ve hired a team and I’m gonna go live the life that I believe I’m called to from my destiny. So I’m moving out west, leaving my business, moving into a-

Josh Felber:        You’re not leaving the business, you’re moving out of the actual local operations, yeah.

Warren Phillips:                The operations of the business right and moving out west and it’s a test. It’s hard to walk away from ’cause my life is literally, I love where I live, I love my relationships, I love my children, I have an amazing wife, but if I don’t challenge that, if I don’t take some risks, if I don’t move myself out of that comfort zone, then I’m not gonna go that next level in life.

I believe that I got sick for a reason. I believe that I got my life back for a reason. It wasn’t just so that I could get healthy, so I would be contradicting my purpose and my premise. So a lot of the times when you’re not happy, go back to your purpose and your premise. What is your premise. Even some of the challenges I talk about here they made me rethink.

I made a business decision and it probably cost me quite a bit of cash. Didn’t do anything wrong on purpose, but just wasn’t thinking all the way through all the steps. It was like a day before, it was yesterday actually, before I came here and I got to thinking. I’m gonna get on Making Bank, is that gonna decrease my ability to communicate I’m successful to the audience. Then I’m why in the heck would I even think about that Josh. So I got back to my ego, so I’m here to convince these people that I’ve done really well in the natural health and wellness industry, and honestly, some of my peers and friends have done much better than I.

But in my little world, I’ve done pretty well within my current group and sphere of influence. But for me even to think that thought, means that I’m totally wrong in my serving, I still have too much ego. So if you really wanna overcome resistance in your life, resistance will get you when you have a hierarchal mindset, like if you think I’ve arrived, but also when you’re down too low. Essentially I’m talking about humility. If I come in here and I was only on this show because it was really cool, because Josh is really awesome and he has other cool people that come on the show that are where I wanna be. Then my premise and purpose was wrong. You should delete this right now and be like, I don’t even want that on my show. Because that’s not what this is about, this is about making a difference, it’s about transforming lives through our businesses.

If that’s a billion dollar of influence and change, make a billion dollar business. If you’re solving a billion dollar problem in the natural health and wellness industry, so I’m not gonna stop, I’m just gonna keep finding solutions to problems, in my niche area and keep going for it. I don’t are how big the business gets, but I’m gonna focus on the solutions to the things that people are praying and in need.

Josh Felber:        That’s great. We just got a couple minutes left.

Warren Phillips:                Okay.

Josh Felber:        I’d like to just tell people where they can find out more about you, and then just wrap up with any last thoughts that you wanna share and connect with the audience on.

Warren Phillips:                I guess my main website, I have so many, because we’re entrepreneurs of the day. But the two places I would point them to where they can connect with me, one is I have a supplement store that’s online, that’s my parent company, it’s called Revelation, like in the Bible, then Health, like That’s where we sell supplements, but we’re actually just launching a Shopify, a new Shopify site. So I switched, that’s a good idea, that’s a good point.

If you look at they’re gonna take X more percentage for those using Shopify, but what they offer is gonna make you more money. So I did my … I was using X-cart before, so there’s a little thing. I’m moving to Shopify, sorry X-cart, but I’m going in that direction. So, that’s The other place where I wanna share more for the public to more to make a difference, I launched, it’s gonna be a TV show and a radio show, the TV show it was gonna be launching this fall, but I’m putting it off because I’m probably gonna try to go national with it. But it’s, and it’s called Health Hunters on iTunes. So Health Hunters on iTunes, we have on podcast, but because of that emergency yesterday, I didn’t do my third, but there’s two podcasts actually up there.

That’s it, so we’re just starting off, so that’s Health Hunters, and that’s on iTunes, and then the website for that is Healthhuntersradio.

Josh Felber:        Cool, well it was awesome to have you come out actually in person here for Making Bank. I’ll be able to share your story some with what you’re building and what you’re growing, but also how to push through, move past resistance and how to stay aligned with your purpose and really what you’re doing. So thank you for coming out, spending your time, and it was an honor to have you on Making Bank today.

Warren Phillips:                Well, Josh, I mean from the moment I met you dude, I knew there was something special about you, and any time I have an opportunity just to sit in the same room as you it’s an absolute blessing and I mean that from my heart. Thanks everyone.

Josh Felber:        Cool, you were watching Making Bank, get out and be extraordinary.