About Josh

I’m dedicated to giving parent-preneurs time freedom by leveraging the knowledge of the top 1% and living an integrated lifestyle.

About Josh

I’m dedicated to giving parent-preneurs time freedom by leveraging the knowledge of the top 1% and living an integrated lifestyle.

Podcast personality, Emmy award winner, Inc. 5000™ winner, best selling author, contributor to Forbes magazine, loving husband, father of three, serial entrepreneur, tv producer, featured in television & movies and more Josh Felber is the definition of a busy entrepreneur!

You know what though?

No matter how much Josh has on his plate, he always seems to have TIME.

TIME for his faith … TIME for his kids and wife …TIME for his businesses … and TIME for his fitness.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “How is that possible?”

Well here’s a little secret, Josh’s life was not always this way.

Like many entrepreneurs out there he started young. He created his first real business at the age of 14 and has owned 15 more in the 30+ years since. Before the age of 25 he had already achieved one of his lifelong goals of becoming a millionaire. As he went from a young bachelor to a husband and father of three, Josh’s most valuable resource, TIME, began to disappear.

He realized that no matter how quickly he worked he couldn’t get everything done.

His business neglected, his relationships declining, his faith and fitness no longer a priority… Josh knew he needed a better way. He felt scattered, rushed and as though he was unable to make significant progress in any area of life.

That’s when he realized something…

He had always divided and conquered his daily outcomes. Chunking each task into a different block of time and handling it individually. Looking at his list of focused outcomes Josh did the math…

He realized that accomplishing all of them every day was impossible!

The discovery that there weren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill his obligations was overwhelming, but Josh didn’t give up. He persisted, knowing he would find a solution.

After working the challenge on his own for months Josh decided to reach out to his mentors and friends. Working through the issue (with a little external perspective) he finally discovered what he needed to do…INTEGRATE!

He began finding ways to integrate his faith, his family, his fitness and his business.

What did this integration do?

It gave Josh back his TIME and his freedom.

Over the past decade, he has been perfecting these integration strategies and developing systems to teach others how to use them.

If you’re looking to excel in any one or all of these areas:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Entrepreneurship


You’d like to understand how to succeed at all 4 while still having TIME then you need to check out the amazing resources Josh provides.

Josh will give you what it takes to cultivate your own personal INTEGRATED LIFESTYLE.

He offers many different ways for you to plug into his content and start learning!

Check out his thought provoking books and educational master classes in the “Programs” section of the website.

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to his top-rated podcast “Making Bank” where Josh interviews the top 1% of entrepreneurs giving you their strategies and mindsets necessary for success.

Josh and his wife, Trina an entrepreneur as well, reside in Akron, Ohio with their daughter, Mia, and twin sons, Cash and Roman.