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3 Ways Speaking Your Passion Will Help You Reach Your Goals

with Rashawn Copeland



with guest Rashawn Copeland#MakingBank S4E17

So you have this incredible business idea. You’ve been thinking about it for months, maybe years. And not just any business, but your passion project. This is your baby. The big idea that keeps you up at night, gets your heart racing, and you know it will be a success. Except no one else knows about it. 


So often the projects and ideas we are most passionate about stay locked up in our minds because they are too close to our hearts to release into the world. These are the ideas we could talk about for hours, but instead, find ourselves feeling nervous or afraid to tell people about them. It would hurt too much to be met with criticism or indifference. Instead, we try to convince ourselves the project will never work. Or we get started on putting a plan in place and choke when it comes to reaching out to our network for help or support. 


We play small and still end up feeling disappointed and like failures because our passions never take off – not realizing we are the ones blocking our own success. 


The good news is we are making this whole thing much more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. We don’t have to turn our passions into a weird sales pitch or hustling to convince uninterested people into supporting us. You are already fired up about this idea. You know how awesome the service or product is going to be and how it is going to help people. One of the most powerful steps you can take in reaching your goals is speaking your passion into the world. 


That’s it. Talk about it. Frequently. There is power in our words and speaking your passion can catapult your business to the next level. We are going to explore how using the power of words can help you get clear and focused on your vision, allow the people around you to help you, and get you aligned with and recognizing resources you might not have noticed before. 




Refine your vision 


Have you ever noticed that the more times you tell a story certain details start to fall away and others start to stand out and get highlighted? This is the first benefit of using the power of speaking your passion to reach your goals. Something sort of magic starts to happen when we actually start talking about our goals and passions. We start to refine the vision for our business naturally because we begin noticing the things that don’t feel totally authentic to our stories. The portions that don’t make sense or that we were holding onto because that’s what we thought others wanted to hear. 


Through the act of actually talking about your goals, you feel more confident about what is truly important and what you really need to focus on. The more you talk about it, the more specific and real the goal gets. Your vision starts to come alive and you can really feel and see what you want to accomplish. 


Getting support 


Another awesome thing starts to happen when we talk about our passions – we begin connecting with other people who share our passion and vision. It is easy to feel like the only person in the world with this crazy idea when we guard it fiercely. But once we start putting the idea out into the world – whether in normal conversation, social media, blogs, or however else you can think to share your story – we start to realize we aren’t alone at all. 


Not only are other people interested in the same things, but they are also desperate to get involved. To support you. To help. When we stay stuck in fear mindset we have no idea what kind of connections we are missing out on. Our story becomes one of self-prophesying isolation and failure because we never gave anyone the opportunity to connect with our passion and get involved. 


You will be amazed at how quickly you will start linking up with the perfect person to help you with different aspects of your passion project. And they might even be people already in your network that you had no idea shared your vision. Taking the time to shift your mindset and trust in the power of your words can give people the opportunity to support you and help you on your journey. You will reach your goals so much faster this way! 


Recognizing resources 


The third way of speaking your passion can help you reach your goals is getting you into a more open mindset that will allow you to recognize the wealth of resources available that you might have otherwise missed. This goes hand-in-hand with getting connected to people who want to help you reach your goals. Maybe they know someone who can build an incredible website, or maybe they have heard of other people or organizations that might be doing something similar that you can reach out to for guidance. 


We have to shift into a more open mindset in order to be vulnerable and share our passions with the world. This openness can open your eyes to people, places, and resources you might have otherwise missed. So often what we need is right in front of us, we just weren’t ready to see it for the incredible resource it really is yet. 


Putting our ideas out into the world can be terrifying and exhilarating, but it is exactly this energy that will light a fire under you to keep going. You will naturally begin to align your life with your words. Maybe it’s a month or a year later, but as you speak your passion you will start to see your vision materializing in your life. 


You might be scared and that’s ok. Start small if you have too but believe in the process. You will get a clear vision. You will get connected to the people who want to help you. And you will find the resources you need to reach your goals!