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Age-Defying Entrepreneurship: Hormonal Mastery For Optimal Success (Part 1)

with Jay Campbell



In this episode you will learn how to optimize your health with Jay Campbell. He will dive into how to understand and know from a hormonal standpoint where your deficiencies are and then what you can do to improve that.
Make sure to listen to the end! You don’t want to miss this episode!

(5:47) Background Story
Jay Campbell talks about how he was always an athlete. He played soccer, basketball, and baseball. His knees started causing him later on so he couldn’t play soccer. He also moved a lot, and would keep changing schools. Later on he got into film and entertainment.

(13:33) Age Is A Mental State
There is actually no such thing as slowing down. Most people tend to limit themselves because of their age. However, age is just a mental state. If you take care of yourself properly, there is no reason you cannot live till your hundreds. You can either do nothing and stay old, or you can continue to work on yourself.

(15:03) Hormonal Deficiency
80% of men and women do not know their functioning with a hormonal deficiency. Hormone deficiency is almost the ideology of all disease states. When the hormones are not functioning properly it leads to breakdowns.

(19:28) Testosterone
There was a study that showed the catastrophic decline in fertility rates. The indirect effect was also massive cloning of testosterone levels. The average man under the age of 30 today is skinny. Most of them may not be aware of their testosterone level.

(21:57) Staying Optimal
Ask the experts who can help you the most with your health. 75% of men under the age of 20-40 have very low testosterone levels. You need to get it checked and keep taps of how you live your life and try your best to stay healthy.

(24:14) Visceral Fat
Most people don’t realize this visceral fat is holding on to the contaminants of the modern day particulates that are destroying and destructing the endocrine system. If you have visceral body fat, the chemicals will stick in the visceral fat. You can’t get rid of them until you get rid of the fat.