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Ambitious Media Success with Guest Greg Rollett: MakingBank S2E39


Greg Rollett

Ambitious Media Success with Guest Greg Rollett: MakingBank S2E39

with Greg Rollett

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Every entrepreneur wants to create a business that powers their life, but only a handful succeed.


It certainly isn’t for a lack of ambition (simply getting started as an entrepreneur requires a ton of that).

And it isn’t for a lack of a lack of guts (also a big requirement to make the leap to entrepreneurship).

Aspiring entrepreneurs fail because they lack the resilience to power through in the face of “no,” after “no.”

They fail because they don’t know how to take matters into their own hands when the market refuses to give them the opportunity their talent and skill deserve.

Remember—it takes a hard-nose and a stubborn mindset to wade through the incessant negativity that opposes nascent entrepreneurial ideas, and wading through that negativity is the only way to transform ideas into success stories.

When it comes to moving past negativity and grabbing the bull by the horns, today’s guest on Making Bank is a certified expert.

His name is Greg Rollett, and he’s an Emmy® Award winning producer, best-selling author, and marketing expert with his own company Ambitious Media Group. (He’s also a former rapper, but we’ll save those details for the show.)

Greg spends much of his day utilizing the power of new media and blending it with direct response marketing to help successful brands (like Coca-Cola) and personalities (like Jake Paul) attract more followers, and create more financial freedom.

His expertise in the world of modern media is so well-established he’s written for people including Jack Canfield, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, James Malinchak, Robert Allen, and Ryan Lee, and been featured on major outlets including FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN.

So, sit back and join host Josh Felber for this inspiring and enlightening interview, where Greg explains how he went from selling CDs for $5 a piece to running a widely successfully media company.

Greg will also share…

  • Why production quality cannot be understated for video
  • What it takes to transform your “video” into a “show”
  • How he determines what to cut from any web video production
  • What is the right frequency to produce and release new content

And more…

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