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Amplify Video Traffic and SEO Hacks

with Syed Balkhi




MakingBank S3E31 with Syed Balkhi

Want the video traffic ninja trick that bumped Syed’s subscribers on Youtube by 20k in a matter of months? Most everyone who has been a guest on #MakingBank for the past few months has been singing the praises of video. Why? According to Syed, “The reason we want to embed videos is, number one: It’s very high engaging. It increases the time spent on site, SEO and whatnot. 2: it increases your YouTube subscribers.”

But how can you get in the video game without feeling like you’re wasting time on a fruitless task you have neither the skills nor the patience to do well?

Start by asking, what on my site is already getting traffic? For Syed, he had a collection of blog posts with high engagement, so he took those blog posts and created videos with the same title, then embedded the video underneath the blog post with a call to action (CTA) to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Now, not everyone has the capacity to create their own videos, but the CTA works even if you are embedding other people’s videos.

You’re taking all the organic traffic that’s coming to your site, upping their engagement by adding a video, and then adding subscribers with a one-click call to action that is set right below the video. The secondary benefit with this method,  and why it’s beneficial to create your own original videos, is Google likes to show YouTube videos with “long tail keywords” (key words with at least three or more words to target niche demographics), so you’re upping your potential to become the top two positions in Google searches.

If you are already a WordPress user, you can start using this TODAY. Just go to the WordPress plugins directory, it’s called Youtube Subscribe Bars, grab the link and start gaining subscribers.

Syed offered some really great SEO hacks, in addition to his incredible video engagement trick this week. If you’re looking to build out your SEO strategy Syed recommends coming at it from a long-term content play perspective. It’s what he has been doing for the past 8 years, and it has been working.

Simply start by looking atthe questions people are asking and answer that. One great resource that Syed employs is called When you get there, there is a hilarious old man staring and shouting at you. Add whatever industry you are into the search bar and it will return the highest ranking searches on that topic.

Once you have those results, take the keywords, analyze them by volume and start your content strategy that way. It takes the guesswork out of what content to create next and makes your strategy extremely systematic.

After you have created a fair amount of content, you can look at the overall picture and wherever there is overlap, you can combine the content and repurpose it into an ebook as “The Ultimate Guide to [XYZ].” Then you’ve created a thorough, resourceful article that covers all the topics people are searching for without having to generate any new content.

It’s “being a little bit creative and systematic about your strategy, not—’well, what should I write about today?’” Remember what Syed said at the beginning of the interview as the thing he learned as a 12-year-old entrepreneur, “whatever is listed, isn’t the only way. How can I figure out a way that really allows me to be creative with the deals I am doing.”

Get out there, combine that systemization with creativity, and find what works for you. To learn more from Syed, head over to to read his blog and get tons of free resources for everything from conversion optimization to email marketing. You can also find him on for all things business and philanthropy.