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Balance and Integration

with Jeremy Weisz



MakingBank S3E23 with Dr. Jeremy Weisz

Being an entrepreneur, you are constantly spinning plates, struggling with various amounts of success to keep everything in the air. In the health field, maybe more than any other, you have to be client focused. Your practice, your driving force needs to be geared towards helping other people achieve a healthy life, but in that pursuit, a majority of health professionals end up sacrificing their own well being and end up overworked, exhausted, and at capacity. The plates crash to the ground.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz gave us a refreshingly honest window into the day-to-day struggles that surface being an entrepreneur and health professional admitting, “I don’t know the word balance. I struggle. I struggle with it a lot because I never feel balanced.” A sentiment I am sure a lot of us can relate to.

He touched on four cornerstones we can all benefit from giving extra thought to: Perspective, Gratitude, Balance, and Legacy.


Dr. Weisz’ grandfather had a serious impact on how he views the world and how he filters conflict, struggle, and difficult times. After losing his family during the Holocaust, and surviving living in a concentration camp, Jeremy’s grandfather abided in the idea that “you just have to love people.”

Even after surviving a horrendous fate, he maintained a position of love, which ultimately gave his grandson the perspective he needed to filter what is important in life and what isn’t. Finding and maintaining something that gives you perspective in your own life can mean the difference in persevering or giving up. It is paramount to your success.


Social media has taken “keeping up with the Joneses” to a global level. You can see everyone’s success, and it can feel impossible to not use Instagram and Facebook as a measuring stick for whether or not you are doing well.

Dr. Weisz encouraged us to keep in mind that people are always struggling with something. Instead of comparing yourself to people on social media and focusing on what you don’t have, try and use it as a tool to see what you do have. When you redirect your focus through the lens of gratitude it gives you the ability to push through challenges in a positive and effective manner.


We all want it, we strive towards it, we know it’s important, but it still feels evasive and unattainable. It especially feels further away when you don’t have a reference for someone who has achieved it. Finding a mentor you admire and surrounding yourself with people who put value in striking that work/life/health balance helps you know not only that it’s achievable, but that there are people who can help you get there.

Integrating your pursuits can spike your productivity and grow your relationships. We often compartmentalize our lives, thinking everything has to have its own uninterrupted devoted time, but relationships are about experiencing life together, and there’s no reason you can’t fuse the two. Bring your family into your work world, and pursue a healthy lifestyle together.


Everyone needs help getting where they’re going. You’ve been on the receiving end of that help, make sure you’re giving back without expecting anything in return. Live the 100% zero life Dr. Weisz discussed. Share your challenges with others remembering that you learn from when things go well, but you learn a lot more when they don’t.

Keep learning, and be generous with the knowledge you gain.

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