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Building Connections and Businesses

with Jeff Fenstar



Anyone can scale and sell quickly. 

On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Jeff Fenstar discusses how vertical integration, media attention and more helps you scale. After starting a payroll company around the crash of ’08, Jeff learned the hard way how to survive. After successfully selling his companies, Jeff launched Everbowl, which has garnered the attention of people like Drew Brees. 

Listen to the episode to hear more about how vertical integration and media attention can help you scale quickly and sustainably. 

Listen to Josh and Jeff discuss scalability:

Jeff’s Background (2:55)

After graduating law school, Jeff took a job right away to support his fiancé and child. Despite hard work and a promotion Jeff still found himself waiting around for someone else to give him the check. He decided he wanted to make money for himself. 

Understanding Sales (7:56)

When it came to selling his product, Jeff harnessed his ability to connect with people. He believes that even in today’s technologically advanced world, forming connections is the key to making a sale. You don’t always need to sell someone on the product—sometimes you need to sell them on you. Then, they will start selling you to others. 

His Companies during the Crash (14:13)

Right after starting his payroll company, the market crashed in ’08. Jeff had to pivot his business model and ended up growing the company regardless. He talks about the lessons he’s learned while managing that business, as well as a recruiting business, which he later successfully sold.

Everbowl and Vertical Integration (16:33)

Jeff’s wife encouraged him to start a business in an area he loves, which is how he started Everbowl. Everbowl is a fast service restaurant that provides healthy power bowls. 

Drawing on past experiences, Jeff started a construction company to build Everbowls, which cut costs and helped him scale quickly. 

Media Attention and Meeting Challenges (19:42)

Another factor that helped Everbowl grow so quickly is that he garnered media attention. For this, he encourages entrepreneurs to do something media worthy and shares examples. This builds not only attention, but an allure that brings customers in. 

With that media attention, Jeff was able to advertise Everbowl on QVC and get into franchising during the pandemic. With his vertical integration, Jeff was able to offer franchises at lower costs and fees, and higher profits. 

The Why behind Everbowl (27:42)

Everbowl has garnered the attention of celebrities like Drew Brees in part because of its values. Everbowl seeks to make healthy eating affordable, fulfilling, and accessible. Through their mission, they hope to inspire Americans to eat better and feel better.  

The 4 Minute Rule (33:58)

Before hopping off, Jeff shares a life hack that will transform the way you look at the “I don’t have time” excuse. He says that every day, do something new for four minutes. Learn a new skill or language, read, whatever the case is. In a year, you’ll have taught yourself a new skill in just 24 hours total.  

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