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Changes and Challenges in the Tech Industry

with Brian Burke



Ever sold or bought a Mac online? You probably bought it from Brian. 

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Brian discusses SellYourMac, what have been the challenges in the tech space, and what he’s learned. In an industry that’s constantly creating new products and competitors, Brian must stay on his toes to stay number #1. He focuses on customer service, SEO, and improving. Listen to the episode to hear more of Brian’s advice, as well as about his charity Trading for a Purpose. 

Listen to Josh and Brian discuss the tech industry:

Brian’s Background (2:42)

Ever since he was a child, Brian has found to earn money, from cars to stocks, to eventually his site, SellYourMac.  

Fueled by Passion—Even in Tough Times (4:49)

Over the years, Brian has learned it’s all about passion. Find something you love and learn to make money off of it. If you can do that, your work will feel rewarding and it will reward you.

Constant Change (9:07)

Brian touches on the challenges of a business that needs to keep up with constant new inventory, new competitors and salaries raises for its team. The tech space can be cutthroat, but Brian has successfully managed to stand apart from the crowd.

Clients (12:41)

Brian’s company, Sell Your Mac, buys and sells to individuals, giving them a product that they otherwise might not be able to afford. 

Brian’s Team (14:03)

Starting with just himself, Brian has now built out his team to about 20 members. When it comes to hiring, Brian has had a great experience and great team—which he’s found through Indeed. 

What to Focus On (17:47)

Brian shares two areas he has prioritized that have helped him compete in a tough industry: customer service and SEO. SellYourMac has been the number one in customer service in the world for tech resell, and they continue to uphold that title. Second, Mac emphasizes the importance of content creation and SEO, which helps his company always be the number one listing on Google for certain terms. 

Top Three Drivers (19:50)

Brian discusses his top three drivers and you guessed it—passion. With a passion for people, Apple products, and his family, Brian gives all he can and feels rewarded in return. 

Trading for a Purpose (21:06)

Brian talks about his project Trading for a Purpose, which gives underprivileged youth access to Apple tech. By using the code or donating your computer directly, Brian gifts students with laptops. Students have started businesses, written novels and done so much more with their gifts.  

LinkedIn Leader (24:11)

Recently, Brian has started helping founders optimize their LinkedIn Profiles, teaching classes as the best way to navigate and engage with the site.  

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