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Choosing the People You Listen To with Guest Lisa Sasevich: MakingBank S1E42

with Lisa Sasevich



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Whatever the product…

Whatever the service…

Understand that profit is directly tied to sales.

If you don’t sell, you can’t have profits.

But here’s the critical distinction—that doesn’t mean it’s your job to convince potential customers to buy your products or services…

It means your potential customers need to convince themselves that they need to buy what you’re selling.

And that means your offer needs to be irresistible—something people feel powerless to resist and forced to act on.

With that said, today on Making Bank, we welcome the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich, onto the show.

Lisa will leave you with a three-ingredient recipe to create a truly irresistible offer—one that can radically alter the performance of your business.

She will help you see how the main, the bonus, and the limiter, are explosive triggers that inspire customers to buy, buy, BUY!

You’ll also discover how Lisa took her business from $80,000 to $2,000,000 in sales, and how that massive spike in sales gave her the freedom to balance business with life as a busy mother.

Listen in to as Lisa shares her secrets for:

– Creating that completely irresistible offer
– Growing your business by utilizing online resources
– Inspiring your client to make a decision
– Reverse engineering your sales system

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I am Josh Felber, and you’re watching Making Bank, where we uncover the strategies, the successes of top 1%, so you can take them and start applying them to your life today, your business, to start generating massive success for you to transform who you are, where you’re going, and your destiny. Welcome to Making Bank. I want you to ignore the 99%. You need to get out there, and put those earmuffs on, and ignore the 99%, of what they’re saying to you. You’re like, “Oh, what do you mean by that, Josh?” Listen. Most people’s opinions are simply reflective of social bias, so look for references and signs of expertise before taking on any advise.

A lot of times, so many of us, me included even, is you hear advice, and they seem like they’re genuine, or maybe they’re a expert, so-called expert in their field, but, hey, they’re not. Maybe it’s personal trainer, and he’s overweight, or she’s overweight, and it’s like, okay, well how they can they teach me how to be fit when they’re not even fit themselves? Money advice, or financial advice from a broker, or someone of that nature, that doesn’t even invest money themselves, or money advice from somebody that’s always broke all the time. Would you listen to relationship advice of somebody that is not married, doesn’t have a family, and maybe has not had many girlfriends in their life? Probably not.

That’s what I’m saying, you got to ignore the 99%. Select the people that you listen to carefully. That’s going to dramatically enhance and change your life. Many people out there think they know what they’re talking about, because they’ve experienced a little something. Then they feel that they’re experts in that field. So many people that I’ve come across with, whether it’s been in the internet marketing world, whether it’s been in the business financial world, have always come across, “Ah, I’m an expert here. You know, I’m gonna get you … ” Let’s say internet marketing. “I’m gonna get you tons of traffic. I’m gonna help you create your marketing and your sales funnels, and it’s gonna just … You’re gonna crush.”

Lo and behold, after you spend $100,000 later, none of them knew anything. Some of them were new. Some of them have never even done anything like that to be able to generate those results, even though they said they did. I’m at fault for that, and listening to those kind of people as well, so don’t blame yourself, but you just have to do a little more research, find a little more insight, look for references, and get some references, and go straight to the top. A lot of times, we think, oh, this person’s a little cheaper over here, so I’m going to go ahead and go with them. Those are the ones that may not even have had that experience, so go straight to the top. Look for the best in their field. Find out through other people that maybe you solely trust who they worked with, who they worked with that are experts in their field, and then double check them as well.

One of the best things you can do is find out. I want to eat healthier. I want to get my blood pressure down. I want to get my sugar counts down, everything like that, but do you go find people that eat at fast food every single day, and eat out all the time? Or do you look for people that cook at home, and have a consistent, healthy diet overall? You want to think, hey, how do you think? How do you think about your nutrition, and how are you eating? How do they eat? Do you come over to their house, and it’s just tons of carbs, and not much protein, and not much fruit and vegetables, or do you go over to their house and they’re eating high quality salmon, wild salmon, and tons of raw vegetables, and greens, and lots of good fats?

That’s probably the person that you’re going to want to learn from, as well as then, how do they train? Do they work out at all? Do they not even work out? Do they run? Do they do crossfit? Do they do yoga? What pieces of that do you want to model yourself after? If you want to get healthy, and have a great diet, all right, have a great nutritional plan as well as become healthier, then you’re going to want to follow and learn from those people that actually practice it and do it day in and day out. The same goes for the wealthy, the same goes for, how do I learn, how do I model myself after the wealthy people? The way they manage their money you want to take a look at. Their spending habits. Are they going out spending money all the time, like I said, on dinners, or going out and spending money all the time on buying clothes, and buying all these materialistic things that are never going to take them anywhere?

How much do they read? Do they actually read books? The top most successful, wealthy people read multiple books every single month. Some of them even read a book a week, maybe a book every couple days. I know Tony Robbins reads a book every couple days. What do they like to talk about? What is that they like to talk about and discuss with others? How much do they actually watch TV? You’ll find it is very minimal. Most people that are successful and wealthy watch less than an hour or two per week, and then when they are, it’s information that is actually going to help them, actually going to help their knowledge, and actually be able to help them move forward in their life.

I want you to figure out what behavior in your life, what behavior that you want to excel at, and make better, and how will you transform your life for the best? You got to get out, find a mentor, somebody that knows what they’re specifically doing in the field that you want to excel in, and ignore the other 99%. I am really excited today. We have an awesome guest on the show, and she has been able to build her business in a multimillion dollar business, with several kids in tow. That means all the way up from when they were babies, to now they’re older and everything, but she’s been able to build this business from home, creating multimillion dollar business, helping other people out there, helping other people transform the way they sell, helping other people transform what they do in their businesses, whether it’s speaking. They want to get out and speak. Whether it’s being able to sell without selling.

I’m really excited today to be able to have Lisa Sasevich. She is coming up next, so I want you to stick around, and we’ll be right back. I am Josh Felber, and you’re watching Making Bank. Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success, strategies of the 1%. I am extremely excited today to have Lisa Sasevich with me, and Lisa, if you’re tired of being the best-kept secret in your field, today is your chance to transform that forever. If you love what you do, but hate the sales part, you are definitely in for a treat today. I am thrilled to introduce Lisa Sasevich, known by many as the Queen of Sales Conversion. Proud owner of the number 169th rank of the prestigious Ink 500 list. Wow, that’s amazing. That’s for America’s fastest growing private companies of 2012.

Recently, featured in Success Magazine, and honored as one of America’s top women mentoring leaders by Wow Magazine. Lisa Sasevich teaches experts who are making a difference on how to get their message out there, and enjoy massive results without being sales-y. According to bestselling author Brian Tracey, Lisa Sasevich is one of the greatest discoveries in America today. Robert Allen, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, says she added a zero to my income today just by watching. Lisa Sasevich. Watch that name, and whatever you do, be part of what she’s doing. You’re going to love it.

After 25 years of winning top sales awards in training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, she left corporate America and put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur. In just three short years, Lisa created a multimillion dollar home-based business with two toddlers in tow. Lisa is the undisputed expert on how to make big money doing what you love. Welcome, Lisa, to Making Bank.

Lisa: Thank you so much. I love Making Bank, both literally and figuratively, so it’s an honor to be here. It’s right up my alley. I really, really appreciate it, and I’m so proud of you for your recent accolades. The Ink 500 is cool, but come on, an Emmy?

Josh: Yeah, I’ve always been wanting to make the Ink 500, so …

Lisa: All right, how about, we’ll catch up to each other at some point, right?

Josh: Yeah.

Lisa: These are bucket list things for sure, and I know for me, it wasn’t even on my vision board, Ink 500, Emmy, right?

Josh: Absolutely.

Lisa: When you knew what you love, and what you were made for, the world, the universe, people acknowledge you, see it, and so I’m proud of both of us, right?

Josh: Definitely. For sure.

Lisa: Yes.

Josh: You got to tell me, Lisa. Our audience, we have a lot of entrepreneurs. People sometimes just starting businesses, and it’s so awesome how you were able to create a multimillion dollar business with two kids. I have three kids, and I know how tough it is with my wife an entrepreneur, myself as an entrepreneur. You got to give me a little bit of background, and just how you got to that point.

Lisa: Sure. As you shared when you generously introduced me, I was in corporate, selling millions of dollars for these big companies that fight … I was in the Viagra launch team, right? [crosstalk 00:11:09] Spare yourself. I worked for Hewlett-Packard internationally, and I never sweated it when I went to make a sale, or make an offer. I will tell you, when I left corporate America so full of myself, thinking, why don’t I just do this for me? I got out there the very first time to make my own invitation to work with me, just $100 for an hour phone call of my advice. I was sweating. My hands were visibly shaking. I had pearls of sweat here. I was wearing this silk blouse, and ladies listening, you can understand this. I had sweat rings down to here. You couldn’t even hold your arms down. I was tongue-tied, this person who never thought twice about making my offer, my invitation.

When it came to making it for myself, for my own service, for my own expertise, it was a whole different ball game. It was really kind of the school of hard knocks, just figuring out, look, I’m passionate about what I do. I know I can help people to sell without being sales-y, without being pushy. I already had sort of identified that it had to do with making an offer that’s irresistible, then people pursue you instead of you pursuing them. Honestly, making my own offer was my first hurdle, so I was my own lab. I worked, after leaving corporate, in personal development. I worked in a relationship company that taught women and men how to have good partnerships, just led intros for places like Landmark Education that I had been a student, and just started to practice. What was it to make an invitation for an intangible, for something more personal, not on behalf of another?

All this was happening, and I was having my kids. I was at the age. I waited as long as I could biologically, and so all this was happening when my children were being born.

Josh: That’s amazing.

Lisa: Like many women that are advancing their career, either some women pause, right, and then they have to figure out how to jump back in. For me, I made a decision that I want my kids to grow up watching me live my passion. Even if it means I wouldn’t be there 7/24, I might be traveling sometimes, I had to enroll some helpful angels whenever I could afford help, I want my kids to see what it looks like to go for it. I feel like it’s really paid off. My kids are nine and 12 now, and I’m just hoping to continue to represent that for them. My daughter’s already clicked into her first major passion. She’s in gymnastics, competitive level, and my son, he’s still sampling life, trying different things, basketball. He’s studying for his bar mitzvah right now, so that takes some time. We’re going to Israel in June for that.

Anyway, it was just the path of … The other important thing, I think, is that my then-husband, he was studying to be a heart transplant surgeon, so we did 14 years of having to move every couple years, right? Along the way, we’re having the kids, and I’m trying to do my own business. I think the other thing was learning how that I could get my work into the world virtually, a lot like working right now. Again, it was kind of the mother … What’s the saying? Necessity is the mother of invention. I have learned how to use the internet, learned how to be able to just take my laptop and move to the next town. All those things have equated to still working from home. Like I said, the kids are nine and 12. They’re down the street at … The schools here, we live in La Jolla, in San Diego, which doesn’t suck, so [inaudible 00:15:02] to live here.

I don’t actually travel a ton. A lot of my colleagues who use speaking to grow their business are on a plane 200 plus days a year. The strategies that we teach and that we use are about being able to make your invitation to your ideal client in any situation. Whether it’s on a tele-seminar, where you just pick up the phone, and you can talk to people all over the world, or a lot of people in corporate, and actually in the entrepreneurial space as well, are using webinars very powerfully. What if you could make your invitation to more than one person at a time, so instead of one by one by one, you’re doing a small presentation, or you’re getting on a large stage.

That’s my passion, is I just believe that no transformation, anything you want to do to make a difference, that it won’t happen unless it’s proceeded by a decision that the people that you want to help, before you can help them, they’ve got to get to a place where they decide, “Yes, I’m gonna lose that 30 pounds. Yes, I’m gonna get better health. Yes, I’m gonna save my marriage. Yes, I’m gonna increase my income,” right? Fill in the blank. I think it’s our job to give them what they need to say yes, right, to give them that impetus to say yes. That’s what my life is about kind of in and out of my business, to be honest with you. I can’t not, so I might as well get paid for it. Yeah.

Josh: No, that’s awesome. We got to take a quick break. Can you stick around

Lisa: Sure.

Josh: Awesome. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank, and we’ll be right back. Welcome back. You’re watching Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies of the 1%. Today, we are speaking with Lisa Sasevich, who with toddlers in tow, created over a multimillion dollar business. She’s sharing some of her insights on how she has done this through creating an irresistible offer, how to attract more people to what you’re doing. Welcome back, Lisa.

Lisa: Thank you so much. I really have fun with you. You’re a great interviewer.

Josh: No, thanks. It’s the energy. You just got to have that energy, and it just … Pow. It happens.

Lisa: I feel it. I feel it.

Josh: All right. We’re good.

Lisa: Yeah.

Josh: Tell me a little bit more. You’re talking about attracting more people, building the business, learning all the different things. What was that one key thing, and it sounded like you mentioned it? You learned how to create an irresistible offer to attract more clients in. Can you kind of expand on that a little bit more?

Lisa: Absolutely. It’s my passion, and as we were saying before the break, as I was saying, I really believe for those of us that want to make a difference in the world with our work, in order to make that difference, we have to be able to inspire our ideal client to make a decision, to step forward, to say, “Yes, today’s the day. I’m going to secure my financial freedom, save my marriage, or lose the weight I’ve been promising I’d lose.” Whatever that is that you do, whether it’s in-office, brick and mortar practice, or virtually, we’re doing … We’re all, as entrepreneurs and business owners, spending so much time, and so much money getting out there, doing things to be know, right, to collect leads, to attract our clients.

We’re doing podcasts, and blogs, and we’re on social media, and we’re making videos, and we’re going to events. All of those things are important, of course. I do them myself, but I really would put all of that in the category of, let’s say, lead generation, client attraction. The problem with doing all that is that if you don’t have what I call a sales conversion machine, if all those people that you’re attracting, if you don’t have a system, a way, to make your invitation to offer that difference you make, that transformation, then you’re doing all the heavy lifting, all the hard work, all the expensive and time-consuming part. You’re away from your family probably more than you want to be, and you’re not seeing the rewards.

When I say rewards, I don’t just mean big money, but I mean the rewards of actually being able to help people in that deeper change, that deeper transformation that you know, whether it’s putting a new roof on their house, or showing them how to dress for success. We have to have an offer. Here’s the key, okay? Reverse engineer everything you do, to lead to your offer, and that should be an irresistible offer. If you’re sponsoring, and you got a booth somewhere, or you have attracted one-on-one phone calls, you want to make sure that all of those things were pre-thought out, built backwards, with the irresistible offer in mind.

One of the things that breaks my heart, Josh, and I’m sure you’ve seen this, too. You interview so many people. You get the 25-year veteran out there, someone that’s been doing financial advising, real estate for 25 years, and they’re out there doing the talks, and educating the world, and they’ve got their brochures, and their website. They don’t understand. How does this six month newbie, the ink just dried on their real estate license, how are they getting the business when I’ve been doing this 25 years? I’m clearly the better choice. When you don’t make an offer, which some of our folks who’ve been around awhile resist, right? Don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m trying to help.

When you don’t make an offer, you’re doing all the heavy lifting. You’re educating the market, thank you so much, and the new kid is coming in and using the techniques to serve people on the spot, making an offer. You did all the heavy lifting. They’re getting the business.

Josh: Sure.

Lisa: It doesn’t have to be that way.

Josh: You’re saying what we do is by reverse engineering, we figure out where we want to be at, where we want to get to, and then start treating our path backwards to where we are today to get there.

Lisa: Yes, yes. For our business, I still work from home. We have a very small team. We’re a $6 million company this year, I’m proud to say, which represents that we are serving clients now in 134 countries. I drop my kids off at elementary and middle school today, and we’ll be doing gymnastics and all the things tonight, so I’m around. I’m not traveling hundreds of days a year. You can use this model of having your irresistible offer and then having … This is the key, a presentation that leads to it. Oh. Excuse me. Incoming call.

Josh: There’s one of those offers.

Lisa: Somebody’s right there waiting for … They probably want to make me an irresistible offer, right? Okay. Hopefully they won’t call back right now, but I can’t promise. Where was I? The two keys, what I found. People say, “How did you it, Lisa?” [crosstalk 00:22:18] The key was just, I had to simplify. The key was pointing everything to my offer, so I wanted to actually, just so everybody listening can see how fast that this can work, I thought I’d take a few minutes today and just give you the things you can do right away to start adding irresistible offers to what you’re doing. I have like three tips in mind. Can we do that?

Josh: Definitely. Our audience loves the how-to, how to do this. We want to be able to give them some strategy and some execution, so that way they can get out and start making things happen today.

Lisa: Awesome, awesome. Okay, well, the other thing I’ll say about … It’s a disservice not to make an offer. I think you get it, right? You’re doing the heavy lifting for your competition if you’re not, and you’re also not … You’re opening the door of possibility for people, but you’re not giving them a way to step into it if you don’t make that offer. If we’re going to say, “Well, okay Lisa, I’ll give it a try. Instead of just handing out my business card, or let’s do lunch, I’ll make an offer. As uncomfortable as that sounds right now, I’m gonna listen to you and see how I could fit this in.” My invitation is to really listen for, how can this fit for me? I know there’s some of you listening that are like, “Look, I sell IRAs. I don’t just pull out an order form on the spot and say, ‘Sign up here,’” right?

You make your presentation, your offer might be a dedicated, in-office appointment. The offer is just the next action. Sometimes it’s directed to a purchase. sometimes it’s just a committed, dedicated appointment. I’m thinking, given the time we have, what I’ll do is I’m going to divide this into two pieces, okay? The first piece that I’ll just hand over to you right now is, I want to share the elements of an offer. If you want to make your offer, and make it irresistible, it just has to have three things, and I want to give those to everybody today. I want to show you how to build the presentation that leads to that offer, so whether you’re on a stage, a tele-seminar, a webinar, you know the steps to put the presentation together.

With the time we have, I’m going to give you the how to do the offer now, and if you want to couple that, take that further and couple that with how to do the presentation, I made a special link for your people to get the special half, okay?

Josh: Oh, wow. That’s awesome.

Lisa: Relax and learn, and then go to this link, and you’ll get everything I said, plus all the stuff on how to build the presentation that leads to it. I’ll get that out there now. It’s Got to make sure I say it right. It’s going to give you exactly what I’m about to teach you, about the three elements to making your offer irresistible, and then the part we probably won’t have time for, which is, how do you reverse engineer a presentation that you can do on the phone, or to a group, that leads to it? With me? Okay. Again,

How do you make an offer and make it irresistible? This is so simple. You could be like, “Really?” Try it, and then no charge for reporting miracles, okay? Step one is, every offer needs to have what I call the main dish. The main dish is step one, so the main dish is simply, how do you deliver that difference you make? If you’re someone who coaches or mentor, maybe it’s two calls a month for six months. That’s your main dish. Maybe you do live seminars or training, so maybe your main dish comes in a three-day seminar or retreat. Maybe you’re a chiropractor, and it’s ten in-office visits plus X-rays, right? The main dish. How do you deliver the transformation. Got it?

Josh: Got it.

Lisa: All right. That’s the offer. Let’s talk about the irresistible, and that’s where step two and three come in place. Step two is, you want to think about, what could I add as a bonus? What could I add as a bonus, and there’s two parts to the bonus, little rules that you want to keep in mind. You want your bonuses to be few, like one or two, okay? You’ve seen some things from the older days of selling, where you buy this thing for $47, and here’s $68,000 worth of bonuses, right? There are some models where it’s just part of the way it works, but for the most part, for those of us selling in our business, we’re not going to have $68,000 of bonuses [inaudible 00:26:38].

I’ll give you an example. On our campus, our flagship program is called Speak to Sell. It’s actually where we hold your hand, show you how to build your offer, then build the talk that leads to it, your signature talk. When our clients invest in Speak to Sell, we’re already thinking, “What’s the next problem they’re gonna have,” right? They’re going to get their talk and their offer done, they’re going to be confident and ready, and then they’re going to look out in the world and say, “I need to get booked.” We also sell a get booked toolkit. It’s kind of all my emails and templates for how I’ve stayed booked for six years. You Google my name. I’m booked all over the place.

We don’t even pursue gigs. We don’t even work on getting booked. We just have these things that we do with each gig, to turn it into more. I share all this in my presentation, right, it’s reverse engineered when I’m offering Speak to Sell, and then when I make my offer, guess what the bonus is? I’m going to give you three guesses, Josh, but it’s when people buy Speak to Sell Virtual Boot Camp. What do think it is?

Josh: Probably the book gets yourself booked.

Lisa: Right. It’s the get yourself booked. It’s the Get Booked toolkit, [inaudible 00:27:47] for people who are already knowing they’re probably going to buy that anyway later. They find out this $500 thing, if they buy it right now, they get that. All of that stuff of, should I wait, should I talk to my spouse? Oh, maybe I should just get it right now. That’s what you want to look for in your business, is how can I add a bonus that’s tightly related, and I just need maybe one or two to pop that main dish offer. That’s step two. We’ve got the main dish in the bonus. Did you have a question?

Josh: No. I didn’t know if you were pausing and wanted me to recap, but we’ve got main dish and bonus. All right.

Lisa: Thank you, and feel free. I know I’m going a mile a minute, but …

Josh: No, you’re all good.

Lisa: You need to go like this. I’ll pause. [crosstalk 00:28:29] Third piece, though, which is pretty cool, is, and this would be probably when people start out trying to make an offer, an irresistible offer, this is where they make the biggest mistake, because they don’t do this. You got to do this, and it’s called a limiter, okay? The limiter, and I’ll give you two. I’ll give you two limiters today that you can just plug right in. The limiter should either be time, time limiter, like, hey, this is for this break only, or maybe you’re in a corporate environment, and you say, “This would be good, this special pricing would be good to the end of the month,” right?

There’s quantity limiter, and sometimes there are true quantity limitations. Maybe you’re speaking to a group, and you have in-office appointments that you’re offering to people that want to come and learn more about your service. You only have seven spaces over the next two weeks to be able to see people. That’s a true quantity limiter. Maybe you’re speaking in front of an audience, and this happened to me the other day. I flew to Vegas to speak somewhere. I had 18 of my get booked toolkit physical format on a USB, so the first 18 people that signed up for Speak to Sell Virtual Boot Camp, they got that. Everybody else still got it virtually, but it’s nice to have the package in your hand.

You’ve got the main dish. You’ve got the bonus, and then what makes it really irresistible is the limiter, time or quantity. Just to kind of put this a little deeper in a practice that looks different than mine, I’ll give you an example from a doctor who had a laser … What was it? It was a cosmetic laser clinic, so they did all the laser face, nonsurgical laser face lifts, and hair removal, and all that kind of stuff. He would have so many women coming through there, and they’d get their consults, but they … Doctors, if you’re listening, I know many of you in the health profession, you might be thinking, “I can’t do this in my profession. I’m a doctor. I’m not supposed to sell.”

Let me just give a quick example of somebody with a brick and mortar practice that is using this. I know I gave an example of maybe a more information marketing, coaching, or training company like mine. Some years back, I was consulting a doctor that had cosmetic laser clinics. These were in Beverly Hills, very affluent clients. Women would come in for these nonsurgical face lifts. They do the laser stuff, the hair removal, all of that. Listen, if you’re a health professional, I know you’re sitting over there, like, “How is this gonna work for me?” I appreciate you being here and staying open, because let’s face it, in your profession as a doctor, you’re not supposed to come in, and whip out an order form, and ask people to buy something, right?

In this clinic, they would have women coming through all the time, do the consult, that may or may not come back, but there was really not much of an incentive. Of course, the staff was not making offers. We decided to have what we called cosmetic laser suarees. These were evening. We used the existing facility, the front area where people sit, the waiting area. They used to bring women in for these happy hours, 60 at a time, and they would sell a few packages, but just kind of people wandering up to the desk and paying. Instead of 60, I said, “Let’s bring them 12 at a time. We’ll do your speak to sell talk, your presentation that leads to your offer. We’ll talk all about the different treatments that you have, and then the offer will be that instead of $5,000, if you purchase your nonsurgical face lift today, it’ll be $3,000,” right?

The doctor would do so great with the presentation, and then he’d get to the offer part, like many of us, right? We get right up to it, and we’re like, “I can’t do it. I can’t say the today only.” He’d tell them, “You’d have a week.” Right there [inaudible 00:32:30], I would be like, “Oh,” because like most of us, he couldn’t stay with the tension that needs to arise in someone before they make a buying decision, and that’s a little tip. There has to be a moment of tension, an internal tension, before someone is going to commit time, and money, and energy to something that is really transformational, and maybe they hadn’t planned on. They didn’t know you were going to make that offer.

I’m not talking about pressure. Pressure is what comes from the outside. That’s you saying, “Are you going to buy? How about now? How about … ” The neat thing about the irresistible offer is it raises tension in a person from the inside. You’re cool as a cucumber. You don’t need to add any pressure if the offer is irresistible, and that’s the whole magic of using offers, so that you’re not having to be pushy or nudgy at all. The doctor would give them a week, and they’d walk out the door. I came up with this two-step process for him, that you guys are welcome to borrow. He would make the offer, the $5,000 laser face lift. It’s $3,000 tonight, and then he’d say, “You know what? You can have a week. It’s $3,000. You can have a week, but for those of you that do want to go tonight, if you book while you’re here, you’ve got your calendar, we’ve got ours.

“We’ll save a ton of phone calls. We’ll also give you the $800 hair removal, which happens on the same five sessions, so you don’t have to come in twice. Most of our clients end up coming back and buying it. So you’ve got a week to get the $2,000, but if you’re ready tonight, we’d love to throw in the $800 hair removal.” Bam. [inaudible 00:34:06] Seven out of 12 women buy the $3,000 laser face lift. You can imagine how nice that was for them to be doing, what’s that, over $20,000 [inaudible 00:34:18] little three-hour evenings. It used to just be costly and not bring anybody in, so that’s the power. That’s the power of the irresistible offer, and if you want to apply it in your business,

I also included not just our bestselling book on the topic. You can download it. I’m giving it to you free, but there’s a webinar that’ll actually walk you through the steps. If you want, make sure to register for that, too. There it is.

Josh: That’s awesome.

Lisa: Yeah. Yeah. Could you see it, how fast it took? 60 women used to come through there, and maybe two would buy. We took that group of 60, and made them into five groups of 12, and each group of 12 was bringing in seven new clients, so that was a total game-changer.

Josh: That’s an amazing quick turn around for him, definitely overall. Audience, you guys who are listening out there, is make sure you’re taking notes to this. You see how quickly Lisa was able to put together the whole program by reverse engineering it. You take your main dish, which is your main product. Then you come up with your bonuses that closely tie in and relate with that, and then you have some kind of time limiter, whether it’s number of items, or a certain time frame, weekly, hourly, whatever that may be. You can quickly and easily create that irresistible offer today.

Lisa: Yeah. It’s true, and I’ll tell you. Anyone who wants to send us, I always say, “No charge for reporting miracles,” because when I started teaching this in 2009, I didn’t expect what would happen. This is how we got so big, so fast and got clients like Brian Tracey? Come on. I was like, is this true? I’m still kicking myself. Really, really? Still pinching myself, pinching myself. People would write us and say, “I can’t believe it. I had a 2000% increase in sales,” and we couldn’t even publish the testimonials, because they just seemed almost untrue, right? [inaudible 00:36:25] really take, challenge all of you to give this gift to yourself, really. This is not about people saying …

Here’s the thing when we’re selling our own services, our own programs, our own advice. The shift that we’ve got to make on our mind is, it’s not about people saying yes or no to you. It’s about people saying yes or no to themselves. Our job is just to be able to structure that presentation and that offer so that they have what they need, all the details they need, the inspiration they need, the vision they need, to be able to say yes to themselves. That’s really our job, and that’s really what we’re here to support you to do, whether you want to do it on a live stage, a tele-seminar, webinar, or one-on-one. That is our business. That’s pretty much our product line, you could say. Yeah.

Josh: That’s excellent. That content right there can be a million dollar piece of information for people.

Lisa: It is today.

Josh: Yeah.

Lisa: [inaudible 00:37:29] for you guys to just take that and run with it. Yes.

Josh: Go to the link that Lisa gave you. What was it? Book your sales …

Lisa: Oh. Boost-

Josh: Boost your sales. My bad.

Lisa: Boost your sales book, because it’s our bestselling book,, and if you put /makingbank, you’ll not only get the book, but really, because of Josh’s amazing work here, we put the webinar in there, too. You can have both. Really, cause you’re here, you’re already investing in yourself, so I know that about you already.

Josh: Awesome, and I really appreciate the author. It’s an exciting opportunity for our listeners to get out, get some information, and to really help optimize their businesses, and hit them to that next level so they can send you some testimonials.

Lisa: We have cache clients that I only dreamed of. Whatever industry you’re in. If you’re in the industry marketing space, and you’re following greats like Frank Kearn, Jeff Walker, they’ve all studied our work. If you’re in the health and wellness space, and you are following the awesome people out there right now like JJ Virgin, or Doctor Daniel Amen and his wife Tammy Amen. Again, students of our work, and the neat thing is that when you learn to make an offer, JJ Virgin and the Amens are a great example, it is the core for everything you do in your business. They both do PBS specials. Let me tell you a little secret I learned from them about PBS. You know this. People spend a quarter million dollars putting a segment together for PBS, and they don’t think about that little 15-minute part where they do the fundraising ask.

You could have an Emmy-award winning PBS segment, and it’s going to probably run once and never again if the offer during the PBS pledge drive is not strong, and it breaks my heart to see people all the time putting these masterpieces together, these segments, and not giving due time to the part that’s going to determine whether your show is aired over and over, like Doctor Daniel Amen, the brain doctor, like JJ Virgin, or you’re going to be a one-hit wonder. The offer matters, and it is the key. If you’re more about making a difference … This is Making Bank, so I’m sure your people here, they’re about the money, too.

Josh: Making a difference, though, too, is it.

Lisa: [inaudible 00:39:57] We call our students heart-centered entrepreneurs, because yes, they want to make a difference. That’s why they started their own business, but they get that if they don’t make money, too, if they’re not making bank, they’re not going to be able to make that difference as big and as long as they want to. All the activity you’re doing, what I’m offering you today, is let’s make it pay. You’ve got to have your sales conversion machine. Let’s make bank.

Josh: Let’s make some bank. Definitely.

Lisa: Let’s make some bank. Yes.

Josh: You guys heard it from Lisa today. Lisa, it is such an honor to have you on Making Bank, and I really appreciate your time today.

Lisa: Thank you. I appreciate being able to share, because listen, I have a life that I … You know when you make your vision board? My life now so far exceeds anything I ever put on a vision board. I just wanted to do what many entrepreneurs want to do. I wanted to be able to to make $10,000 a month with my own business. Do you know that that six-figure dream, the year that I really started making offers, and I started learning how to make them what I call your sales conversion machine, both one-on-one, high-ticket, on the phone, from live stages, teleseminars and webinars, right? Also, online. Those are our three categories where we recommend you’re ready with your offer. When my business shot from $80,000 in sales to $2.2 million, ten months later, I didn’t have that on a vision board.

When you start making offers, and maybe you’ll experience what I did, which is like, it took me two years for my dreams to catch up with my reality. Everyone would say, “Lisa, what are you gonna do next?” It was like, I don’t know. I’m going to catch up. My dreams haven’t even caught up with where I am. The thing that makes it the most rewarding is seeing that it is totally replicatable, that we now have thousands and thousands of clients that are retiring their husband from the job he hates, or sending their children to the college of their dreams fully paid. When we come back to why we started it all in the first place, right, it’s those freedoms. It’s those freedoms that we want.

Thank you for what you’re doing. I believe that Making Bank is a direct. The bank that you make is a direct correlation to the difference that you’re making, and I love the topic, so … Could be my Russian Jewish genes, I know, but I love the topic.

Josh: Awesome. Thank you again today. I know you’ve got a tight schedule, so I appreciate you coming on. Thank you guys for watching Making Bank. I am Josh Felber. Get out and be extraordinary.