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The 7 Beliefs To Close All Sales

with Cole Gordon



In this episode of the Making Bank podcast, we welcome guest Cole Gordon to talk to us about the 7 beliefs your prospect needs to have before buying in phone sales. Cole is one of the top closers in the high ticket industry, having sold over 10 million in consultancy, coaching, and agency deals. He then scaled his own consulting company to over eight figures in less than 18 months. Currently, Cole builds, trains, and consults the sales teams of hundreds of seven and eight-figure companies online through his company He has even been able to work with groups such as Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and others.

This week on the podcast, Cole dives into what your customer needs to believe in order to close a sale with them. He breaks it up into seven fundamental beliefs that allow your prospects to believe in what you’re selling.

Listen to Josh and Rylee discuss the 7 key beliefs of sales:

(2:21) Cole’s Start As An Entrepreneur And Entry Into Sales
Cole dropped out of medical school because of a book he read that shifted his focus to becoming an entrepreneur. He felt that he needed to start an online business and started with SEO and blogs, but he couldn’t find any success doing that. By buying courses and finding mentors, he came across Facebook ads, and that’s where he first had his initial success in sales. He brought in around 30k a month, which fueled his belief that sales were his talent. Eventually, that would lead to Cole joining a team as a high ticket closer.

(6:19) What Makes You Good At Sales?
It took Cole some time before he could find success as a high ticket closer. He credits his success to his solid work ethic and discipline. The other members on Cole’s team were much better closers than he was. However, he decided to shift his focus to becoming the best he could be at sales. That amount of dedication required discipline and consistency — he hired coaches and invested in himself, and eventually, by staying consistent, he was able to become the best on his team

(9:36) The 7 Fundamental Beliefs
Cole explains that objecting to your customers doesn’t bring in sales. The idea is to reverse engineer a deal whereby at the end of the call, your customer is basically enrolling themselves to buy what you’re selling. He discovered the seven fundamental beliefs a prospect needs to have to buy are pain, doubt, cost, desire, money, support, and trust. Pain is the problem they have. Doubt is the lack of surety of whether the problem can be fixed. Cost is the consequence of leaving a problem unfixed. Desire is the compelling payoff of fixing the problem. Money is the funds required to fix the problem. Support is if the people around them are willing to stand with them and support the fixing of their problem. Finally, trust is if they believe in your specific problem-solving methodology.

(13:37) The Biggest Hurdles When Teaching Sales
The most common hurdle is a person’s beliefs about selling. Do they look at selling as evil? Do they think it’s a bad practice? Are they unable to be assertive? To train someone in sales, you must teach them that selling isn’t about doing whatever you can to sell a product. Instead, it’s you selling your prospect on a way of thinking. A new salesperson can always be trained in tactics, but the most essential aspects are their beliefs, mindsets, and character traits.

(16:28) Focus On What You Naturally Gravitate Towards
Don’t over consume information. Instead, find the industry that you naturally gravitate towards. Then focus on getting any job in the best company in that particular industry. No matter your position, focus on dominating and doing your very best at that position. Your passion is what will allow you to accelerate your growth.

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