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Crafting Success: Tales Of Entrepreneurial Victory

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Welcome back to Making Bank. In today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Brendon Burchard, Jason Katzenback, Robert Kiyosaki, Justin Christianson, Chris Record, Billy Gene and Ian Stanley, and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:47) Brendon Burchard
Some people have visions but they don’t have the ambition. You need to have a hunger for success. You need to be attached to that. The second most important thing is competency. Keep on getting good at your craft.

(7:47) Jason Katzenback
Do the things today that others are afraid of so that tomorrow you can do what others only dream of doing. Many people stop themselves from doing something just because of fear. Fear is the biggest barrier to success. Don’t let it stop you.

(12:15) Robert Kiyosaki
You better step back and look at what game you want to play. There are a million ways you can go to heaven but there’s also a billion ways you can go to hell. What happens for most entrepreneurs is they end up in hell because they didn’t have a proper plan around their business.

(17:38) Justin Christianson
A lot of companies overlook their homepage aspect in the e-commerce environment. Some companies will even say they don’t drive traffic to their homepage. Never neglect your homepage as it should have the most traffic because it will ensure your business’s success the most.

(22:25) Chris Record
Focus on personal development, mindset, train what’s inside, because whatever you do inside, is going to come out. Always develop your inner game. Also amp up your physical game. Get in the best fitness of your life, get in the best health of your life, just be the best version of you possible.

(29:57) Billy Gene
The education system today is always preparing people to fail. It’s teaching things that are so outdated, that cannot be applied today. The worst part about this is it’s being done at a price that keeps people indebted for thirty years and nobody’s talking about it.

(35:31) Ian Stanley
The people who are brave enough to buy things at a lower price and skillful at leveraging opportunities at a later time are the real hustlers. They never stop looking for new ways to get creative. In the entrepreneurial world, only people with this amount of determination will survive.