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Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Game: Pro Tips & Tricks

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Welcome back to Making Bank. In today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Ross Hamilton, Pace Morby, Brad Barrett, Dr. Eric Holsapple, Rylee Meek, Cole Gordon and Greg Rollett and in this episode, you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:47) Ross Hamilton
The world has really taken a huge turn into social media. It has taken over everything today. Nearly every business today is surviving because it has a good social media presence. You need to constantly amp up your social game.

(7:50) Pace Morby
Whatever profit you gain from your business you need to find a way to be able to use that profit to fund your life. If you cannot find a way to do this then your business is of no value to you.

(13:29) Brad Barrett
Many great entrepreneurs are successful because of their love for creating something. The day you find yourself enjoying creating something rather than just consuming it, you will be able to become a successful entrepreneur one day.

(18:24) Dr Eric Holsapple
A huge part of your journey will only consist of you searching for the one thing you are good at. Try to find this ability as soon as you can. You will find success if you can use this unique ability of yours to match your passion.

(22:57) Rylee Meek
It’s not wicked to have wealth. Money is not the root of evil. It is simply a tool. Only if you have an obsessive love for it, is when you should check yourself. Also, remember that the wealthier you are, the more you can help others.

(26:30) Cole Gordon
Many people have the talent, but they fail to have the discipline. As a result, they tend to fall short of any kind of success. You need to figure out a way to be disciplined so that way you can start doing really good with the talent you have.

(32:27) Greg Rollett
You better get your life sorted out fast when you are still single. One day when you are married, everything becomes double the amount. You will realize everything is twice as expensive. Always be prepared for the future.