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Finding Purpose and New Goals

with John Madsen



John Madsen didn’t make his high school football team. A few years later, he was playing in the NFL.

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Joe Madsen talks about fitness, mindset and goals. After a career in the NFL, John started his successful online fitness course, supra human. In taking the lessons he’s learned on the field, he knows how to keep moving, keep growing and keep improving. Today, he chats about how desire and goal setting keep you disciplined, diligent and performing at your best.

Listen to Josh and John Madsen discuss fitness:

From Bench Warmer to the NFL (2:50)

John Madsen never made the football team. Years later, he would play in the NFL. John recounts his high school experience and the moment that convinced him to change his body and his life.

Always Keep Striving (8:41)

John discusses what helped him reach the NFL and entrepreneurship: his grit and his mindset. The first year John played football, he was terrible—but he kept pushing. When he reached the NFL, he learned his second most valuable lesson: goal setting. Once John reached his goal of the NFL, he felt lost. He needed another goal.

Desire vs. Discipline (14:02)

John breaks down how desire is the key to reaching the next level. While discipline is important, it will be difficult to maintain if there is no purpose to it. He also draws in how parental support, prioritizing and hard work can make all the difference.

Deep Purpose (17:25)

In looking at those he coaches through his fitness company, John talks about those who stay motivated for 12 weeks vs. 12 years. He talks about tapping into that deep desire that will drive you to get up every day and work on your business or yourself.

Add to Your Life (19:46)

One of the things John stresses is that fitness should only add to your life, not take anything away. Any activity you do, in fact, should add to your life. If by working out you clear your mind and improve your focus, that can translate to your business. If you’re working out every day it’s

taking too much time or making you miserable, then you need to scale back. It’s all about prioritizing your time and energy.

Determine an Outcome to Determine Your Plan (23:07)

When it comes to starting a fitness routine, John encourages everyone to first determine their outcome. How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? Pinpoint your result and build a plan from there. If you’re going to be working towards something, it needs to be in the right direction.

True High Performance (29:19)

John talks about his opinions on “peak performance.” While many people believe peak performance is doing your best at one thing, John likes to challenge that. He thinks that real peak performers are those who excel in business, family, fitness and other cherished areas in life.

Invest in Yourself (34:26)

Before wrapping up, John talks about the importance of persistence. Too many times people quit right before they meet their goal. He urges every entrepreneur to go into every venture with a growth mindset. Not every set back is a failure—most of the time, it’s a lesson on how to get better.

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