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Get Real Marketing with Guest Billy Gene: MakingBank S2E49


Billy Gene

Get Real Marketing with Guest Billy Gene: MakingBank S2E49

with Billy Gene

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There is no shortage of digital marketing agencies in the world but how many of them offer to get you results before you pay them? That is exactly what Billy Gene Is Marketing has done and they’ve had astounding success working with local businesses and large franchises. 

Today on #MakingBank, host Josh Felber invites Billy Gene to talk about his journey from living at his mom’s house to running a successful digital marketing agency in San Diego. He shares what he’s learned along the way and how he has set his agency apart by leading with results.

Billy Gene is one of the top online marketing influencers, educators, and practitioners in the world. Through his one-of-a-kind online courses and Facebook live-streams, he is revolutionizing the education system by teaching important and necessary entrepreneurial skills that schools aren’t teaching.

He spends up to $200k/mo on his personal brand leveraging unique video content and ads on billboards, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. With 22 world-class employees, his ad agency has worked with some of the world’s largest franchises and is sought after for their repeated proven success in turning “clicks into customers”…the most lucrative skill set in the world.

So, tune-in to hear Josh and Billy talk all-things entrepreneurship and marketing, as well as…

  • How Billy made a results-first model work for him.
  • Why developing a skill set trumps hustle.
  • How to build a team and find people who are truly a fit for your business.
  • Why it’s so important to invest in your team.

And more…

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Get Real Marketing with Guest Billy Gene: MakingBank S2E49

Josh Felber:                          Welcome to “Making Bank.” I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top one percent so you can amplify your life and your business today.

I’m excited for today’s guest, right here from San Diego, California.

Billy Gene:                             Wooo! Wooo!

Josh Felber:                          Billy Gene from Billy Gene Marketing. Welcome to “Making Bank,” man.

Billy Gene:                             What’s up? I got to correct you, man. It’s, Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Josh Felber:                          Is Marketing. All right.

Billy Gene:                             There’s a difference, right? Billy Gene Is Marketing. It’s an equivalent.

Josh Felber:                          Makes sense now. Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah man, what’s up?

Josh Felber:                          Well cool. Thank you for coming on the show today.

Billy Gene:                             Thank you for having me.

Josh Felber:                          For the maybe one or two percent of the people out there that don’t know who you are, give us a little bit of your background, what you have going on and why is Billy Gene marketing?

Billy Gene:                             I get paid to help businesses find customers, period. Whenever you hear of like a digital advertising agency, the truth is agencies only get paid for one thing. You either make people more money than they’re paying you, or you don’t.

A lot of times they like to get complicated and say, “I build websites,” and da, da, da and so forth. You help people find customers. If you’re shitty at this, you don’t make money. That’s what it is, that’s what I do. I’m the best in the world at it.

Josh Felber:                          Did you wake up and just say, “I want to go do this?”

Billy Gene:                             Yes. No, not at all. I was working at an online school and I’ll never forget this. I found out the CEO of the company made $25 million in one year.

Josh Felber:                          Wow.

Billy Gene:                             Basically, their business model was this, put 3,000 people inside of a box ability and have them cold call people all day long until they find people who want to go to college. Then once they said yes, they’d give them a user name and a password, and they’d give them access to a bunch of PDF files. I said, “What the … How much, like what is going on here? This is crazy.”

At the same time, like all online education schools, they go through so much regulation and legal x, y and z. I’m like, “I don’t want to deal with any of that stuff, but I do want to teach people online,” that was fascinating to me. I quit the very next day when I found that out.

Josh Felber:                          Nice.

Billy Gene:                             I said, “I got to figure this stuff out.” Then I started licensing these people’s program to sell courses online and then I realized to do that you had to have this thing called marketing.

Josh Felber:                          Oh [inaudible 00:02:20] what’s that?

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, exactly. To me, marketing at the time was like finding customers. Like sales was different than marketing, because you can sell somebody if they’re in front of you, but how are you going to get that person in front of you? Which is the biggest gap in all of traditional education. They don’t teach you that, which is so weird.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             Because all of the other [inaudible 00:02:38] you learn about business doesn’t actually exist until you have someone raise their hand and say, “Yes, I’m interested.”

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             That’s what I do.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome, man. I know one of the cool things I remember, I’ve watched a lot of your stuff and different content and everything out there, is you put yourself out there. You’re like, “Look, let me get you people, before you even give me money.”

Billy Gene:                             Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Like, “I will get you whatever, x number of leads or people that walk in your retail door.”

Billy Gene:                             Dude, I follow this process, which is crazy. A lot of people may believe it but like, “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             Right now if someone came up to you and said, “Hey, give me thousands of dollars to run ads,” the only thing you’d want to know is, “Are you actually going to get me results?”

Why not take away their biggest fear and objection and say, “Hey, I’m going to do you one better. Let me get you results in advance, and when I do, you’re going to owe me a [inaudible 00:03:24] load of money.” You’re going to be happy to pay it because you’re making a lot more than what you’re spending.

Josh Felber:                          For sure. I know one of the things too I noticed is, and we’ll get there in a minute, but is the culture that you’ve created as you’ve been growing this. We’ll talk a little about that in a few minutes. You’ve worked with some bigger companies out there.

Billy Gene:                             Some of the largest franchises in the world, any franchise you can think of, we’ve done it. Especially in like the yoga, like literally any franchise you can think of, we’ve probably done their advertising at one point or another.

Josh Felber:                          Cool. How did you get so good at what you do?

Billy Gene:                             Talent there. Like this is not some master-

Josh Felber:                          You didn’t give up right away?

Billy Gene:                             Dude, this was no master plan where I had like some crazy mentor who was like, “Billy, you need to focus on this.” Then I took two years and I studied all … That’s [inaudible 00:04:08] Nah, man. Like I need cash. I’m living at my mom’s house, I’m trying to meet girls, and they ask me like, “Oh, so where do you live?” I’m like, “My mom’s house.” It was a lot, it was a lot of excuses. It was, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve got roommates, but like it’s not a big deal.”

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             You don’t need to know who my roommates are, so wait a minute. I had roommates at the time. It was, “Yeah, yeah, you don’t know my roommates, yeah, they’re cool.” Yeah man, like I was trying to get out of that situation, and so throughout that process of like trying to sell these online courses, I learned about marketing and I realized how many people didn’t know about this thing called Facebook advertising.

Josh Felber:                          Okay.

Billy Gene:                             I would talk to these local business owners and I’m like, “Yeah, I can write ads on Facebook, and I can do this.” They’re like, “What? I thought Facebook was just posting and boosting stuff.” When I came with this whole like other backing, usually it was a win, it was a closure day.

Josh Felber:                          Cool, that’s awesome.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          There’s this Me Note about, there’s a variety of say Facebook ad courses and different things out there. How do you separate yourself from kind of all the noise?

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, it’s really easy. I’m the best in the world.

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome.

Billy Gene:                             This is how that’s defined, is because we actually do it.

Josh Felber:                          True.

Billy Gene:                             This is how most courses work right now is they say, “Hey, I got a client results one time, here’s what I did. Let me teach everyone to do … I’m that [inaudible 00:05:33] one trick pony or whatever it is that I am doing. I’m going to [inaudible 00:05:35] sell courses and make money.”

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Billy Gene:                             I was the guy who, I didn’t get paid unless I got results. I didn’t know about this agency world and this whole Internet marketing world or anything like that. I needed to make cash because I was tired of living with my mom. That was it, man, is like I actually, everything I’ve ever taught, even everything that my team does is, no one does anything that I haven’t done before, period.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, that’s awesome.

Billy Gene:                             I think the biggest separator with us is like, people like to work with us because we’re leveraging the things that we actually do. Hey, I have an agency. People pay me every single day and offer large sums of money to do this for them. The little [inaudible 00:06:14] guru or whatever the [inaudible 00:06:17] you guys call it, like god it’s crazy to me, like it’s annoying, man. Like we do this.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, and you’re doing it day in and day out.

Billy Gene:                             Day in, day out.

Josh Felber:                          The cool thing is I’ve noticed what you’re doing day in and day out, you’re actually, you’re live streaming it out there like, “Hey, come watch me do it.”

Billy Gene:                             Some people call me like the most transparent marketer ever because literally, if you ever come to my office in downtown San Diego, you’re definitely not invited, but if you were for some reason …

Josh Felber:                          Thanks for my invite.

Billy Gene:                             You’re invited. You can come in, I’ll show you around, but like don’t just show up at our office. I’m saying it because it happens. We have 10 cameras going at any time, so if I’m having a meeting with Tina over here-

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome.

Billy Gene:                             … We can say, “Let’s just go live and put it out.” Because again, we actually do this.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             It changes all of the time. Sometimes we’re working with a chiropractor, sometimes we’re working with a dentist, sometimes we’re working with a real estate … It doesn’t matter. Sometimes we’re selling courses. We always have something to talk about because this is our life.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             We’re documenting as opposed to creating.

Josh Felber:                          What’s kind of your sweet spot of where you’re focused at with that?

Billy Gene:                             Local businesses.

Josh Felber:                          Local businesses.

Billy Gene:                             Right, so like actual brick and mortars who have been surviving off of print advertising, radio, et cetera, but, but, but they have no idea how to swim in this digital climate. To me, and if you see it traveling at Conversion Summit, like that’s what everyone is talking about right now is how this whole shift is coming, but no one’s bringing solutions.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             Everyone knows the [inaudible 00:07:37] college education system is [inaudible 00:07:37] people every day. They know it’s not made for entrepreneurs and business owners, however, it’s all we know, so we tell people to go to college because by default, where else do you go? These keys I’m wearing around my neck, I’m plugging my own [inaudible 00:07:50] on your show right now.

Josh Felber:                          That’s all right.

Billy Gene:                             Keys Vs Degrees. I’ll challenge anybody right now [crosstalk 00:07:54] Yeah, yeah, holler. If you go to right now, I promise you right now, I will mail you one of these keys for free, I literally won’t charge you anything, and I promise you-

Josh Felber:                          No 3.95 shipping, handling or anything?

Speaker 3:                              No, it’s free.

Billy Gene:                             I will pay the shipping. Yeah, I’m crazy.

Josh Felber:                          [crosstalk 00:08:09] care.

Billy Gene:                             Literally charge you nothing, no shipping, nothing, whatever. I will pay and I bet you, you learn more about marketing and business in 2017 than any college in the entire world, including Harvard and all that other fancy [inaudible 00:08:20] will ever teach you, period. Let me prove you wrong right here.

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome. What do they unlock?

Billy Gene:                             Each key is like a different scale. This last month, I think we taught Facebook Messenger ads.

Josh Felber:                          Okay, awesome.

Billy Gene:                             You can’t go to any college campus in the world and say, “I’d like to know how much do the Facebook Messenger ads cost right now?” Yet 1.7 billion people are on it.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             They move so slow, colleges, they can’t keep up so I guess their loss is our gain, and your gain too. Guess what? For these keys, I charge like 150 bucks a month. How much did you pay for college tuition? Shut up. You’re still paying it off. Shut up. Should I tell them?

Josh Felber:                          It’s the truth.

Billy Gene:                             Shut up! You’re still paying it. Knock that [inaudible 00:09:05] off. You’re still paying it. “I don’t have 150 bucks.” Shut the [inaudible 00:09:10] up. When it was debt, you were cool with it but now that you’re making payments, it’s a little different. They don’t want to hear the truth, they don’t want to hear it. They’re not interested.

Josh Felber:                          You can send them a key.

Billy Gene:                             Yup. One every month.

Josh Felber:                          They’ll learn, and they can go implement.

Billy Gene:                             Here’s the thing too, is we don’t teach theory. Because we’re an agency, our teaching’s like this, “Hey, here’s what we recently did for a dentist. Copy it. Go to a different dentist, get paid, pay your bills.”

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             “Buy some [inaudible 00:09:42] for your family. Go travel. Do whatever the [inaudible 00:09:43] you want because you have a skill set.”

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome, yeah.

Billy Gene:                             “You have the ability to do something that others can’t.”

Josh Felber:                          I’m going to start doing it tonight.

Billy Gene:                             Dude, I’m serious, right? [crosstalk 00:09:50] Because I’ve seen some of the other guests you have on here, I love them, I respect them, they’re fantastic, but you know what they are? Great motivators. You don’t come to Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. oh, to get motivated. “I’m so excited, let’s learn. Hoo, wah, hoo, wah, get pumped up. Hustle, hustle.” Shut the [inaudible 00:10:11] up.

Josh Felber:                          Hustle.

Billy Gene:                             [inaudible 00:10:14] the hustle, [inaudible 00:10:14] the hustle. You have to get extremely good at something. Imagine if a doctor that’s about to do open heart surgery on you and you said, “Well dude, what’s your background?” He’s like, “I had to [inaudible 00:10:25] hustle my ass off. I’m going to do this open heart surgery because I hustle.” “Listen doc, I don’t give a [inaudible 00:10:31] about your hustle. Can you actually do open heart surgery?” Because-

Josh Felber:                          Because you’re fast.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, exactly. “Don’t hustle about my heart, man. Do it …” I mean, it’s such a crock of [inaudible 00:10:41]. Everyone’s planting the seed of like motivation, “Pump up. Watch a video.” You get riled up, you say, “Damn, I’m going to take over the world. I’m going to be rich tomorrow,” da, da, da, but you don’t have [inaudible 00:10:51]. You don’t have any skill set. You don’t have the ability to do what others cannot do and that’s why you’re broke.

Josh Felber:                          Listening to all this I know, all right, people are watching, maybe here like on their Facebook Live, dude-

Billy Gene:                             Are we live right now?

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Billy Gene:                             Man, the edit, there’s no edit on this. What’s up? We’re talking about it.

Josh Felber:                          They were seeing your rear end over there.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, yeah. They’ve been good, yeah. We’re talking about it.

Josh Felber:                          They’re like, “Man, you just make it sound so easy.”

Billy Gene:                             Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          I mean, what are some of the couple of challenges or dozens of challenges that you ran into as you’re building this? Did you get out of your mom’s house? Now that we’ve got an open move going.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, I did get out of my mom’s house. Shout out to moms though, like she cooked so it was good.

I think hardest loop is this. Without getting hoorah, as I just explained, it’s very simple. People who are successful, this is the truth, you want the truth, I’ll give you the truth. People who are successful do things that, when I say you, like anybody, you will not. That’s it.

When you decide to go out for the weekend, or you decide to go [inaudible 00:12:01] party, or you decide … When you lie to yourself and say, “I work so hard, I just [inaudible 00:12:09] money to throw away, I’m busting my [inaudible 00:12:10] ass.” You know what winners say? They don’t say anything. They’re just busy working on Saturday and Sunday.

Josh Felber:                          Right, yeah.

Billy Gene:                             When your habits look exactly the same as the next guy/girl, I can almost guarantee you I know what’s in your bank account. Now when people tell me weird [inaudible 00:12:26], “I haven’t talked to him in like 78 days. I don’t even know what’s going on.” What are you doing? Go invest, go invest. You need something. You out there. Go Invest. You’re doing some weird [inaudible 00:12:37]. I like it. Right? That’s the truth.

Everybody wants their magical bullet but it just doesn’t exist. Like every dollar that I earn, whether it’s somebody coming to the office and paying $10,000 to come hang out for six hours to learn some [inaudible 00:12:51], it’s all the same thing. It’s, “I know something that you don’t know.”

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             That’s the game.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Billy Gene:                             “I will pay money to not have to figure it out by myself.”

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             That’s it. I always say like, I’m not the smartest guy. I’m not some like super wizard. I’m just willing to do things that most aren’t.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             That’s it, man. One of those things is I’ve dedicated myself to understanding this lead [inaudible 00:13:17] right? Like this Facebook advertising, the Facebook Messenger ads. I still sit in webinars all of the time. I still come to conferences all of the time. You know what the truth is? I’ll sit in a conference and 93 percent of the things, “Oh my god, you’re really repeating this right now?”

Josh Felber:                          It’s the same thing.

Billy Gene:                             “Oh my … What the [inaudible 00:13:38]? Are you kidding me? That’s my lesson. I’m listening to my own [inaudible 00:13:40]. Wow, you’re teaching my stuff, that’s good.” That seven percent, if I can get seven percent every single conference, seven percent every single article, seven percent every single video, I will [inaudible 00:13:50] anybody up. The fact that we actually do it and the data that I’m going from is from our community, ourselves actually testing.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             No one can touch us, in the world.

Josh Felber:                          I know you said, I’ll loop back and that, good point is as you built your team, because, obviously, you said you started out, it was you and everything you’ve done, you’ve worked on it yourself. I mean, how difficult was it to really start to build and curate the right kind of team around you?

Billy Gene:                             Number one, when you’re first looking to hire a first employee, the reason why you do it is because you have such an overwhelm of responsibility, and it’s actually slowing down the growth of the company.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             Once you start to feel that tug of like, “We’re not growing because I’m doing all these things that I should really be giving someone else who’s there.” The reason why most agencies, most online entrepreneurs can’t grow is because you’ve been doing [inaudible 00:14:45] for the last three, four, five years by yourself, and you’ve learned so much through your mistakes.

Then you teach someone and they don’t pick it up within the first, [inaudible 00:14:53] three weeks and you go, “They’re so stupid. Oh gosh, these employees,” da, da, da. When the truth is, the only person whose fault it is if your team is not doing what they need to is you, but it makes you feel better to go, “These [inaudible 00:15:05] people, these millennials, they don’t want to work anywhere, and they’re just [inaudible 00:15:08] lazy pieces of [inaudible 00:15:08].”

It makes you feel better. That’s why you’re [inaudible 00:15:11] mad at your company. That’s why you’re broke. That’s why you’re mad at your bank account. You log in, “Oh [inaudible 00:15:14] I feel shitty.” That’s why.

Josh Felber:                          Like how do you fix that?

Billy Gene:                             Like yes, you invest in the people. All of 2015, I literally could have been making five times as much money as I was making if I just said the road of, “I’m going to sit back, and I’m just going to work by myself. I’m going to do some consulting work, and I’m just going to make money.” What you realize is this, money doesn’t [inaudible 00:15:36] make you happy.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Billy Gene:                             Tell this story, but it resonates with me, because I asked my buddy who was ahead of me at the time and he says, I said, “Hey man, what made you decide to go from doing this by yourself to building a team?” He said, “I’d rather build a dream with my friends as opposed to by myself.” I was like, “Damn, that was deep.” He like threw some emotion at me.

Josh Felber:                          That was good, yeah.

Billy Gene:                             He was completely right. Like dude, like there’s nothing fun about making money by yourself. Because at the end of the day, you always come back to the same thing, which is once you have money, you want to do [inaudible 00:16:13] with your friends.

Like it always comes back, you want to take care of your loved ones, you want to buy your girl something nice. You want to give your daughter like … You have these things but you realize every single action that you want to do involves other people, right?

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             I made the decision like, holy [inaudible 00:16:28], like [inaudible 00:16:30] the money. Like you get a certain confidence about you once you start making money that, “Guess what? I can make money forever.” If my whole [inaudible 00:16:36] team left me tomorrow, cool, I would readjust and I’d be fine. I’d make the same amount of money, it doesn’t matter.

When I started hiring people, I realized that I have to invest into them. Meaning, I’m not going to get a return on my money, employee money, sometime later. Maybe a year, maybe a year and a half.

The first people that I brought on, they were shitty and it wasn’t, I thought it was mine. They were shitty because they don’t know what’s in my mind yet, right? How am I, have this crazy expectation like, “You should just know this. What do you mean you’re not a mind reader?” You guys are married right now, when your girl’s like, “How did you not know that? Of course I meant that.” It’s the same [inaudible 00:17:11].

Josh Felber:                          It happens all the time.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, it happens all the time, right? You realize that, and you own that and you say, “Okay, fine.” Find someone that’s in it for the long-haul. That’s what I really found. I think that’s why our culture goes there, but it goes both ways. Anybody who I hire, they know this, “You’re not stuck at the pay that you make.”

Some people, you’re out there [inaudible 00:17:32] paying your people hourly. You have no intentions of giving them benefits, but you want them to be all in, and they’re lazy. Well what? To make you [inaudible 00:17:41] rich? Shut up you selfish [inaudible 00:17:44]. Can I say that? Really. You selfish [inaudible 00:17:48].

Like really, you think people are going to respond to making you money, that’s their motivation. “Well, why don’t they just work hard and go out there …” Why don’t you go back to the time they had slaves? That’s what they’re saying, that’s what they’re saying. Why don’t you just go back and have slaves. It’s stupid. It’s completely self-absorbed. That’s what it is.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             The second you let go and say, “How can I [inaudible 00:18:14] better them? How do I position all this in a way, even though it’s temporarily going to make me less money, but now how in 2017 I can be almost completely hands-off with the agency, with our school, with everything that we do, and the team can run it?”

Because when I was in 2015 training people who you might have said, “What are you doing hiring these people?” I was making the sacrifice that you weren’t willing to make. I was willing to train people when you weren’t. That’s it, man.

Josh Felber:                          I think that’s awesome, is training through whether it’s empowerment, specific skill sets that you want them to have, everything else. One of the things I noticed is you guys, it’s always like fun. You guys, like you watch a live stream and everybody’s …

Billy Gene:                             I make the same joke every time. If I’m on camera, slave shop after. We go back in, slaves …

Josh Felber:                          I knew there was something weird going on.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah, yeah, like no, camera’s off, soon as this red light goes off, “Shut up, get back to your stations. Nobody talk.”

Josh Felber:                          [crosstalk 00:19:21] over there.

Billy Gene:                             Like it’s this, it’s I think you don’t have to like make people work extra hard when there’s something in it for them.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             You know what I mean?

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, yeah.

Billy Gene:                             That’s the thing is like, whenever I’m giving a message to any of my team, it’s never, “What the [inaudible 00:19:38]? Why don’t you guys make me more money? How dare you not make me more money.” It’s, “Do you not give a [inaudible 00:19:43] about your future?”

Josh Felber:                          Right, sure.

Billy Gene:                             “Here you are at this company who’s growing and we’re rapidly moving, we have this great placement. Do you not give a [inaudible 00:19:51] about your future?” I’d love to tell them stories about me five years ago. I wasn’t thinking about these things.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             I would’ve loved to find someone who was actually incorporating me in a conversation, and so I think that’s it more than anything is probably the biggest challenge that I have is having conversations with the team that I know they’re not having with their spouses, and I know they’re not having it with their friends.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, that’s important.

Billy Gene:                             It’s uncomfortable sometimes because here I am preaching different lessons, then you go home and that growth conversation stops.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             Now maybe it feels a little like, “Is he pulling me away from my spouse?” Maybe, I hope I am if that person’s not bringing you up.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Billy Gene:                             You know what I mean? I just make it really clear, like all I know is this. Humans are exactly the same. We are not unique, we don’t have unique desires at all. We all want the same thing. We don’t want to have to worry about money, we want to be secure. We want to be able to take care of our families, et cetera.

It’s just a timeline, so like when you’re 23 you’re like, “Life is fine because I have no responsibilities. I just want to get [inaudible 00:20:53] up and make out with this dude or that girl.” That’s how it goes, that’s what it is, right?

Then you [inaudible 00:20:58] grow up and you say, “Ah, [inaudible 00:21:03]. I have to [inaudible 00:21:03] I still owe money to my rent. Help me to pay my bills. I don’t know what to do. This is crazy.” Right? You know the next stage for them is that, ah, you’re going to get to this point where you get over the roommates and you’re going to want to live by yourself.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             It’s the natural progression, and yeah, you’re going to get over living by yourself if you’re lonely, and you’re going to want a partner. It’s the natural progression. Then when you have that, you’re going to be like, “Ah, I guess I’ll get married.” It’s the natural progression.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             Then after that it’s, “Oh, we’re going to have some kids.” It’s the natural progression. Let me tell you what else is the progression. Every single step costs more money.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, that’s true.

Billy Gene:                             If your ambition didn’t increase with your responsibilities of being an adult, you’re [inaudible 00:21:38].

Josh Felber:                          Yup.

Billy Gene:                             That’s when people look in their 30s, they’re like, “Oh my god, I’m having a mid-life crisis. I don’t know what to do. I have zero skills because I [inaudible 00:21:47] around the last [inaudible 00:21:47] decade and I don’t know what to do. Oh my gosh, help me, this is bad, this is bad.” Unwilling. They were unwilling to with-go that process and that’s why they’re [inaudible 00:21:59] now.

Josh Felber:                          That’s deep.

Billy Gene:                             It was.

Josh Felber:                          That’s all I got for you there now.

Billy Gene:                             It was, it was.

Josh Felber:                          Actually, when you really think about it and you look back-

Billy Gene:                             That’s it, yeah.

Josh Felber:                          I mean, that is a path, and like you said, if you’re never increasing your ambitions and you’re never really focus like, “Where am I going to be? Where do I see myself? Where do I see …” You’re growing and moving into each of those positions or spots as you’re going along, you do wake up, you’re like, “What happened? How did I get here? Where am I at?”

Billy Gene:                             They’re looking at 40, 50, and they’re just, they’re living this deep state of regret, and regret turns into bitterness. Bitterness actually trickles down to like a negative impact into the rest of the people around you.

Because then you come to the point where you say, “Well, [inaudible 00:22:46] it. I didn’t make it, you’re not going to make it either, because you’re not better than me. Because if you make it, that means I did something wrong. Then I have to accept that, and I feel worse about myself.”

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             What we’re really good at is lying to ourselves. It’s like probably the greatest self-defense mechanism that a human being has is lying to yourself about the truth. The truth is you were too [inaudible 00:23:06] lazy. You were unwilling to give up x, y and z and that’s why you’re [inaudible 00:23:12] broke and unhappy, and there’s not an other reason in the world. End results, end results.

Josh Felber:                          Boom, right, so … I meant no, what we’d like to do, let’s extract some of your skills.

Billy Gene:                             Okay.

Josh Felber:                          All right.

Billy Gene:                             Have them.

Josh Felber:                          Woosh. Keys. Yeah, keys.

Billy Gene:                             Buy them, buy them.

Josh Felber:                          No, so how about give us maybe with the way Facebook, we’ve got Facebook Messenger, everything else.

Billy Gene:                             Want me to give like a tactic?

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, yeah. Let’s dive into maybe a couple of tactics for people right now.

Billy Gene:                             What you’ll learn about me that’s different than all the other [inaudible 00:23:42] quote, unquote, gurus, I’ll never class myself as that, that you follow is they’re so in the clouds that they forget what it’s like to actually do the work.

My team is only 20. I’m still very [inaudible 00:23:55] involved in the execution. I know this [inaudible 00:23:57] super [inaudible 00:23:57] well. I teach about it every Tuesday.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             I understand this stuff, so I’m going to give you … Can I hit them with some real stuff?

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             This is called the lazy challenge. Here’s how it works. I’m going to give you a bulletproof plan that works and you’re not going to execute because you’re lazy, but then later you’re going to be mad because you don’t have enough money. What you guys don’t realize is this, what people don’t know will get you paid, because you can get them a result a lot faster without a lot of the pain that comes with trying to figure things out on your own.

I’ll give you a fantastic example for all you … “You’re a hustler, you want to hustle? Wooo, wooo. You want to be motivated? Uhhh.” Let me give you some [inaudible 00:24:39] actions to put you behind that, okay?

Within Facebook’s platform, within the power editor, you have the option to advertise to people based on their birthday. Meaning you can advertise to people if they have a birthday coming up in two weeks. You can advertise to people if they have a birthday coming up within a month.

You can walk up to restaurants right now and say, “Hey, I have a program where when people have birthdays who live within three miles of your place, you offer them a free sundae or a free beer, and then you can have that lead, name, email and phone number, come to the person who [inaudible 00:25:20] books private events.”

You can have leads spitting out every single day. “Hey, would you like to come in for a free sundae?” That person calls and follows-up and says, “Would you like to just book your whole birthday party here and schedule an appointment?” There are so many restaurants who have no idea about the targeting capabilities to do so. If were to just get off your lazy ass, make a demonstration within, on your computer so here’s what you do.

I’ll give you real tactics. Go to It’s a free service, for 30 days I believe. You can make a screen capture video, which gives you the ability to record your screen. Once you have downloaded that, which is completely free for 30 days, then you can record your screen.

Now I want your cheap ass to go to Amazon, stop drinking, whatever the [inaudible 00:25:59] it is for a minute. Go to Amazon, get a microphone, plug it into your computer. Maybe, if you have a halfway decent computer, it has a microphone.

Then what I want you to do is go to a restaurant’s website and I want you to record yourself going through their website and telling them how you have the ability to advertise to everybody who’s got a birthday coming up in a five mile radius, and you can give away these coupons for free.

Then what I want you to do is go to, They have graphic designers on there or, who will build you a [inaudible 00:26:34] coupon, that looks all cool for the restaurant, for $5, you cheap [inaudible 00:26:36]. Okay? $5.

Then what I want you to do is go to ClickFunnels and do a free trial. I think they have a 14-day free trial and in literally three clicks, you can drag, drop and place some [inaudible 00:26:48]. You can have a webpage that collects someone’s name, email and phone number in two seconds.

Then what I want you to do is go to MailChimp,, and you can actually have a place, when people put in their information, that information is dropped to the other place. From your customer’s perspective, all you’re doing is this, you’re giving them a user name and password to MailChimp, which is the place where the leads drop and say, “Hey, I want you to check this, [inaudible 00:27:15] that.

You can actually give them text message notifications that they just got a brand new lead. What you tell the customer is this, “I’m going to build out this birthday advertising campaign for you that’s going to continue on 365 days of the year, and book you private events. All you have to do is respond to your cellphone when you got a notification that says, ‘Oops, I got a lead.’ That’s it. Mr. Restaurant, can you do that? Great. For me to provide this service, it’s going to cost you $1,000 a month.”

Then I want you to take $500 of that and put it in the advertisements to make this thing go and $500 and put it in your pocket and buy your girl something nice or buy your man something nice, and that is it. If people literally, right … Nowhere else … People saying, “Well, why isn’t the restaurant owner going to do that themselves?” Because they got other [inaudible 00:28:06] to do.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             They got other [inaudible 00:28:08] stuff to do. They don’t want to do what you’re doing, I promise you. That’s it.

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome.

Billy Gene:                             I can recap those steps for you, very simple. Advertise on Facebook, target people who have upcoming birthdays. Offer them a special to come into that restaurant there. Then when they get their name, email and phone number to get that coupon, call them. Ask them if they’d like to bring the entire group on. Now you’re bringing them private group revenue, and you’re bringing them revenue from when they validate their coupon, and they’re going to buy more stuff than just a free beer or whatever that you give them.

You sit down, and you go to Google and you type in “restaurants.” When you get the name and email from them, I want you to [inaudible 00:28:44] type them out in a Google sheet, which is also free. I want you to type every single name out, and then I want you to [inaudible 00:28:49] lock yourself in a room and I want you to dial again and again and again and again and again and again until you get the desired income that you want.

If you’re unwilling to do the things that I just said, that’s why you’re [inaudible 00:29:00] broke. That’s it. It’s no [inaudible 00:29:03] mystery. You’re lazy.

Josh Felber:                          Those are some awesome steps. Super simple.

Billy Gene:                             We’ve done it. It works.

Josh Felber:                          Maybe too many steps.

Billy Gene:                             Maybe. I can simplify it.

Josh Felber:                          Maybe not.

Billy Gene:                             Go get an ad, get a coupon, sell some shit.

Josh Felber:                          There you go. [crosstalk 00:29:18] Steps.

Billy Gene:                             That’s it, that’s it. Then the ad sells itself. That’s it. That’s it, yeah, exactly. That’s it guys, yeah, that’s it.

Josh Felber:                          No, that’s awesome. Guys, I mean hope you guys are taking notes for this interview. You can chunk out certain words if you need to.

Billy Gene:                             Probably, guys. [crosstalk 00:29:32]

Josh Felber:                          Really, I mean this is actionable steps for you guys to take. Start your own side business if you need to.

Billy Gene:                             Be a perfect restaurant guy.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah. I mean why not? It takes, I mean you probably have all that done 35, 40 minutes tops, and there’s not really any technical knowledge.

Billy Gene:                             If you spend one week just actually learning those softwares and going through the free tutorials that all those links have on their website, you’ll be fine, you’ll learn that, but you won’t make the calls because you’re lazy.

Josh Felber:                          Or call Billy Gene.

Billy Gene:                             Or just call us, we’ll do it for you, whatever. We’ll take you on that process, we’ll show you step by step, it doesn’t matter. Just give us money. [crosstalk 00:30:08] Give us money.

Josh Felber:                          Key.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah it does, yeah. Send us a check.

Josh Felber:                          Cool. Tell me one piece of technology that you can’t live without.

Speaker 3:                              X-Box.

Billy Gene:                             She’s right. X-Box guys.

Josh Felber:                          X-Box.

Billy Gene:                             X-Box. No, no, she’s serious. When I come home from work and stuff, like I’m around people so much, whether it’s teaching or like my team or even like my family, like it changes the way you feel about your family when you come home because you want to be excited to talk to people but you’re [inaudible 00:30:33] exhausted, so like-

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Billy Gene:                             I’m going to say X-Box is my like peace of mind to get out of that and like to make my brain go somewhere else to like be … You know what I mean? You got to have your de-stressor or it gets very heavy on you. You have to find your ways to do that, so X-Box is my thing but that could be whatever it is for the audience.

Josh Felber:                          Cool, man. Then how do you integrate, kind of like life, work kind of integration? I don’t really say balance, but integration?

Billy Gene:                             Well, it’s hard. I mean put it this way, with me, our daughter, my girl all living together, I don’t work on weekends anymore, which is very challenging for me actually. Matter of fact, I’ll go into that a little bit like it’s actually very hard because this is going to sound weird, but for true entrepreneurs, you’ll get it.

I feel the same obligation that I have to, a good obligation, but that I have to my girlfriend, that I have to my daughter, as I do to my customers. That’s real. Like when you believe you’re living for a greater purpose, like when you’re spending time with your daughter, there’s a part of you that feels guilty because you’re lacking on your customers of giving them something.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Billy Gene:                             When you’re spending time with your customers you feel like, “I forget about my daughter.” There’s a lot of things you feel guilty about so that’s a game changer.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, for sure. I mean, integrated, making sure everybody feels the presence, just like we do here. We got the presence and everything else.

Billy Gene:                             I would say the best thing is communicate because my relationship’s not your relationship. Communicate and find out like what your partner needs. When I say partner, I mean your customers, I mean your girlfriend, your boyfriend, whatever it is. I mean your children. Like find out what their currency is. All right. Find what their currency is, and a lot of time that’s time.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome having you on the show today.

Billy Gene:                             Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Really got some cool information. I think we got some great insights. Whether it’s employees to some tactical steps to just business life in general. I appreciate you coming on “Making Bank,” and it was an honor to have you, man.

Billy Gene:                             Hey, thank you for allowing me to come rant. I really wanted … I apologize if anyone was offended, but like sometimes I feel like you guys may see interviews and I don’t know, I just wanted to be really honest.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah. Got to be authentic man, [crosstalk 00:32:47].

Billy Gene:                             I just wanted to like, “This is how it actually is.”

Josh Felber:                          For sure. Well cool. Well, thanks again for coming on.

Billy Gene:                             I really appreciate it. This is awesome. Thank you.

Josh Felber:                          I am Josh Felber. You are watching “Making Bank.” Get out and be extraordinary.