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Hacking Your Brain For Success

with Jim Kwik



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In this episode, Josh teaches you how to improve your focus, productivity, and memory recall. He gives you great tips and tools for becoming a more productive and efficient leader. Later, he interviews Jim Kwik — CEO of Kwik Learning and Co-Founder of Superhero You — about his story and some of his tips for success. Jim shares some amazing stories, including the work he was able to do with the X-Men cast, and gives you a look into a world you’ve never seen before.  Jim lays down some awesome content on techniques to improve upon learning and retaining information better and faster.  He gives you some of the same training that he provides to clients, such as Elon Musk.  You are guaranteed to walk away from this episode with some empowering self-improvement techniques.


Welcome to the Whatever It Takes Network. I am Josh Felber and you’re watching Making Bank. What if you could get more done, read, and produce results two times faster than you currently do now and it’s not a sale gimmick? One of the things I want to talk about is hacking your brain for success. What do I mean by that? What can we do to improve our productivity, to improve our memory recall, our focus? How much is it worth to you if you could remember the person that you met from three months ago and be able to recall his name and the different facts and details that they told you, and it helps you close a business deal? Or the CEO that you met and you remember the birthdays of his kid that you happened to come across in conversation? What value is that to you? One of the things that is going to help us start being successful in today’s society with so much going on, as entrepreneurs, you become overwhelmed. You become … There’s so much busy work and so much stress and things going on in your life. How can we become more focused and more productive within our lives? For me, some of the things that I do is I exercise and I meditate, and my nutrition. I make sure my nutrition stays dialed in, as well as supplements. Utilizing those pieces helps my brain become productive and do more and do more better and faster. I want to talk to you about six points today, six key points that I think that are going to help you get better results faster.

One of the things is we want to eliminate unwanted or negative habits. You have so many negative habits. We just tend to hold on to those instead of eliminating them. That’s what’s going to help get rid of some those distractions in our life and help our brain calm down.

Number two, use a productivity cheat sheet. What I mean by that is I have a productivity cheat sheet that I fill out every evening for the next day, or first thing in the morning is what my purpose is for the day. What my tasks are, what do I want to accomplish, as well as who I want to contact, who I’m waiting to hear from, and then those action steps that I want to take to make that happen.

Number three is stop multitasking. I know you think that multitasking is the way to go and if I’m doing this and I’m doing this and I’m doing this, I’m getting more done, but recent studies have come out to show that it does not make you faster, smarter, and better. It actually decreases your brain activity. It decreases what you’re able to accomplish and it distracts you from focusing on one task and really getting that done. That was one of the big things that I needed to eliminate. I thought I was a super multi-taker and I’d have all these different windows open and screens open on my computer and a laptop over here and the phone here, and doing multiple things at once, but when I was able to take that and schedule my day out and then focus on one specific task at a time, I was able to get done two to three times more and become more productive that day than when I used to try to multitask throughout the whole day.

Number four, a big piece of this is nutrition and exercise. What I kind of fall under nutrition and exercise is eating right. There are certain foods that are superfoods that supercharge your brain. Those are beets and spinach, that real dark chocolate, the bee pollen, celery, a lot of good nuts and needs, coconut oil with the MCT or MCT oil is really good. That helps your brain, as well as exercise. Exercise is going to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters and everything in your brain that is going to help you with productivity, memory recall, and different things like that, as well as meditation. This is the time to supercharge your brain, relax. If you do at least 30 to 45 days of continuous meditation of seven minutes on average, your brain actually starts to repair itself and become more productive with more neural connections.

Number five is sleep. I know they say sleep four hours, five hours, yeah, I’m great, but seven to nine hour time frame is actually the right amount of sleep that is going to give your brain time to repair itself, decompress itself, and be able to supercharge and reinvigorate itself. One of the things that I utilize as well is supplementation. I use neurotropics, a product called Brain Boost. Through that, that helps create that extra focus, mental energy, and mental stamina, as well as memory recall that I need on high situations, whether it’s in trainings or negotiations and things like that.

Number six, one of the things that we can utilize is increased memory potential, is finding your super power with brain performance training. What I mean with brain performance training, this is going to allow us to read faster. This is going to allow us to do memory recall big numbers. It’s going to help us memory recall the person and what their likes and dislikes and who they are, and what the exact conversation with that is. With brain performance training, that’s something that’s just like exercise you have to do daily, a few minutes every single day to start to increase your overall brain performance. By doing and implementing these six to seven strategies, overall it’s going to increase your productivity for your brain two times, increase your overall output, and help you become more efficient in what you do. One of the things that I’m super excited about to have up next is Jim Kwik, founder of Super Hero You and Brain Performance training expert. We will look forward to speaking with him right after the break. I am Josh Felber on the Whatever It Takes Network and you’re watching Making Bank.

Welcome back. You’re watching the Whatever It Takes Network. I am Josh Felber, host of Making Bank. I am so excited today. We have Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning, Super Hero You. He’s a world expert in speed reading, memory learning, improvement and brain performance, as well as accelerated learning. For two decades, Jim has served as a mental coach and advisor to many of the world’s leading CEOs, celebrities in entertainment, technology, and business. After childhood, a brain injury left Jim learning-challenged. Jim created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brain power to learn everything and anything faster. Jim has worked with top organizations and clients, including Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity University. Jim has students in over 140 different countries that utilizes on-line courses and training. Jim, welcome to Making Bank. I am so excited to have you on today.

Jim:                  Thank you. Thank you so much, Josh. I’m excited about this conversation and thank you everyone who is joining us.

Josh:                Awesome. Jim, can you tell us a little bit more on your background, touch base on why you jumped into all this, but fill in a little bit of that and you moving now into …

As an entrepreneur and some of the techniques and things that you utilize and teach to help our audience become more successful as entrepreneurs.

Jim:                  Okay, well the quick of it, pardon the pun, is my name is Jim Kwik with Kwik Learning and I help people learn quickly. The question I always I get is about my last name. My last name really is Kwik, K-W-I-K. With a name like Kwik, you know my destiny and my life is pretty much planned out. Back in school, gosh, I had to … It was a lot of pressure when it says Kwik right on your shirt.  He pulled me over for speeding, as the words came out-

Josh:                Put it on a license plate?

Jim:                  Exactly. My mission, my passion, is helping people learn faster any subject or skill or technique. It’s one of the most important skills, especially with how it is and as you mentioned, how I got started on this was I actually was a very slow learner. I had a serious accident when I was in kindergarten, a head injury and some learning challenges that came from it. It took me … My focus … I had no focus to speak of. I couldn’t understand what people would say to me. It took me two extra years how to read and I struggled and in order … After that, I came up with these tools and these techniques to be able to compensate and that’s what I teach now. One of my loves is actually sharing this with entrepreneurs because I think entrepreneurs are the modern-day superheroes. Superhero for me, I use that metaphor a lot because I taught myself how to read by reading comic books. Something about the stories and the illustrations just brought them to life and so I use the metaphor of superhero because a superhero to me has two qualities. I think entrepreneurs are superheroes. A superhero is somebody who taps into their strength, their unique ability, their talent, that super power if you will, but just having a super power doesn’t make you a superhero. You have to use that power for some kind of making a difference. I love entrepreneurs who not only go out there and not only just make a dollar, but also to make a difference in a very big way. So, that’s what I do. I go around the world teaching people how to unlock that part of their mind so that they could go out there and be more, do more, have more, share more with the world.

Josh:                That’s awesome, Jim. As entrepreneurs, like you said, I think the more productive and the more efficient we can be in getting things done, moving for … Whether it’s obtaining information, even remembering someone’s name …

Jim:                  Absolutely.

Josh:                That plays a huge role in setting yourself apart and making a difference with all the different competition and everything out there in today’s society. Even with the digital age, with everybody having phones and everything else, and you walk up and somebody you haven’t met in months and you’re able to remember their name and remember different parts about them and their family. It just shows a lot more credibility as who you are.

Jim:                  Yeah, I think entrepreneurs nowadays, they wear this cap called business development and a lot of it is based on relationships, so it’s really hard to show somebody that you’re going to care for their future or their family or their finances and their health, whatever you are offering as an entrepreneur, if you don’t care enough just to remember things like their name. Because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That’s really … I do believe that learning and remembering something like … Especially today’s digital age, right? We live in this 21st century, the Age of Information. I think of knowledge as power and I think learning is an entrepreneur’s super power. Your ability to accelerate your learning will accelerate your earning and then your ability to improve your memory can also improve … Memory actually makes you money and I think an entrepreneur, what they’re doing is they’re adding massive amounts of value that wasn’t there before, and I love that. I get to work and I just… Recently, I got to introduce two of my entrepreneurial superheroes, in my mind … Stan Lee, who, as you know, created Spiderman and X-Men and Avengers. I got to introduce him to Richard Branson over dinner.  I’m picking up Stan at his home … a ten-minute ride in LA took an hour. But while we’re in there, we had this conversation and I asked him simple questions, like “Who is your favorite superhero?” He says, “It’s Ironman” and I had this collage of Ironman … I don’t know if you can see it.

Josh:                Yeah, nice. That’s awesome.

Jim:                  Who’s my superhero, he asked me and I said, “It’s Spiderman” and I said with great … and I say “Spiderman” and he says automatically, “With great power comes great responsibility” and in my mind, I have… I was like “Yeah, you know, you’re right, Stan” and in my mind, I just reversed it also. I said it’s interesting that with great responsibility comes great power and the opposite is also true. That when we take responsibility, which is what an entrepreneur does, they have a lot of power to be able to change their environment. I really do believe that entrepreneurs … There are two kinds of people. There are thermometers and there are thermostats. What I mean by that as a metaphor is there is a thermometer on the wall in an office or in a home. A thermometer is just something that reacts to the environment. It reacts to the environment and it’s not a cause. It’s more of a victim to a … But a thermostat is something different. A thermostat is something that you set it and once that thermostat is set, it’s a standard and the environment changes to meet that standard. I think that’s what an entrepreneur does, they take the invisible and they make it visible.

Josh:                We’ve got to cut to break. You’re watching the Whatever It Takes Network. I am Josh Felber, host of Making Bank. We’ll be right back.

Welcome back to Whatever It Takes Network. I am Josh Felber, host of Making Bank, and we’ve been talking with Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning, and he was telling us an awesome story about Stan Lee and him and Richard Branson and Ironman and Spiderman. So, I’m excited to hear how this wraps up and Jim, welcome back.

Jim:                  Thank you, Josh, thank you. The point of it is more that when we take responsibility … With great power comes great responsibility and with great responsibility comes great power. That’s why I love entrepreneurs is they take responsibility. They’re a thermostat, if you will, to their life. They set a standard and a goal and a dream of taking visible and they make it visible and they use their imagination. And that’s … All of these super powers is what we like to showcase with learning because … It’s funny, like in school, if anyone’s watching this and they’re stressed or overloaded or overwhelmed, too much to learn, too little time. You have books on your shelf you haven’t read yet. You have more than 10, 20 emails a day, you can’t keep up. It’s not your fault. It’s because you’ve all grown up with this 20th century education that world that doesn’t exist any more. One of my clients, Elon Musk, who’s a very powerful entrepreneur, I work with him and the engineers at SpaceX. We live in a world … He’s creating electric cars and spaceships that are going to Mars, but how we learn nowadays is like the horse and buggy.  You know what I mean? So, the world has changed so much but how we learn … They say if Rip Van Winkle woke up today, the only thing he would recognize is our school system. School’s a great place to learn what to learn. Math, history, science, Spanish, but no class is on how to think. How to focus, how to concentrate, how to be creative, how to solve problems. How to listen, how to read faster and how to remember things. I always thought remembering should have been the fourth R in school. Reading, writing, rithmetic and recall, retention, because there is no learning without remembering. Maybe we can go through some really quick tips on how everyone can improve their memory so they can grow their brain and grow their business?

I believe that two of the most costly words in business are I forgot. I forgot to do it. I forgot to bring it. I forgot the meeting. I forgot the conversation. I forgot that person’s name. I’m going to give you some brain hacks on how to fix this.

There are three keys to a better memory. I call it MOM, M-O-M, and people could just write this down if they’re watching, listening, just kind of remember it. MOM, it’s the mother of all memory skills. Usually if you forget something, one of these three things is missing. The M stands for … Well, when we ask people, most people say they are horrible with names. I think it’s the number one business etiquette networking skill on the planet. Let’s say there’s a suitcase here of $10,000, $100,000 cash if you just remember the name of the next person that you meet. Are you going to remember that person’s name? Of course you are, right? And so the first M stands for motivation. And notice it has nothing to do with your capacity or your potential. You could do it. You just weren’t motivated to do it. So, the first tip on how to remember names, for example, ask yourself why do you want to remember the person’s name because if you can’t come up with one reason, you probably won’t remember the person’s name because reasons reap results. If people are going to tweet something, hit reasons reap results. Always come up with a reason why, start with why. Check your motivation.

The second thing, the O, is observation. Observation. A lot of people blame their memory on their retention, but it’s really their attention. Observation is kind of like … I learn to learn through role modeling and I get to spend a lot of time with some amazing individuals. Someone who has an incredible memory that people might not know is President Bill Clinton. Every time I’ve had opportunity to spend time with him, he remembers me, he remembers things that are important to me, and he’s like a true, true leader like that, regardless of your political position. Everyone knows he has this charisma, he’s a connector, and he’s a great communicator. He’s got an incredible memory. He’s got this powerful presence, but I think that his powerful presence and his memory, his powerful presence comes from being powerfully present. You know what I mean? A lot of times in business you’re with somebody but you’re not really with them. You’re looking over their shoulder, seeing who else is in the room, and can that other person feel that? Completely, right?You’re like talking to yourself. You’re not even … Most people aren’t even really listening. What they are is they’re thinking about how they’re going to respond to that other person. One of my early mentors and superheroes was Dr. Stephen Covey. Famous book, everyone should go buy it and read it, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the habits is seek first to understand, then be understood. Really listening. And if you look at the word, listen,  memory, if you scramble the letters in the word listen, it actually becomes the word silent. Just being calm and being present there to pay attention. Then the M, the final M in MOM, is the mechanics. Mechanics are the tools, the techniques, the tips, the strategies, the recipe on how to … the routines on how to actually remember a name. How to learn another language, PIN numbers, pass codes, all the stuff that we teach. Psychology, though, I still think 80% of success is this inner game. Your motivation. Are you paying attention? And then you go into the tips and tricks and the techniques after that.

Josh:                Awesome, man. That’s some excellence. We’ve got motivation, observation and mechanics, or MOM.

Jim:                  Yes, that’s the tips. The quick tips. I can give you a really quick tip on how to remember names, for example.

Josh:                Yeah, definitely.

Jim:                  Next time you’re at a networking event, a business event, I want you to remember, be suave. You check yourself in the mirror, you check your tie or your makeup, I want to say, say to yourself, “I want to Be Suave”. The B stands for believe, because you believe you can or believe you can’t. Either way, you’re right, so get rid of the negative self-talk. Because here’s the tweetable, your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk, so you want to eliminate the negative self-talk about “Oh, I have a horrible memory. I’m not good with names”. Get rid of that because your mind is always listening. The E is exercise, physical exercise, because people more physically active will do better on mental acuity, a better focus, have a better memory, but they need practice because practice makes progress. Practice makes progress. Practice memory name. Practice for 30 days and you’ll be a memory champ when it comes to names. After that, Suave. S is say their name. You meet someone, say their name right away. “Josh, it’s a pleasure to meet you”. You say their name. The U in Suave, use the name. Use it in the context of the conversation. Now, don’t abuse it. “Josh, thank you so much for doing this interview. Josh, what do you want to cover?

Use it three or four times in the context of the conversation. The A, ask. This is a really good one for people when you meet someone and their name is a little bit different, everyone’s favorite subject is themselves, so ask about a person’s name. Where is it from, how do you spell it, what does it mean? I was doing this at the largest insurance company in the country, [inaudible 00:21:59] director’s name was [Nankeeta 22:04]. Nankeeta. I was like “That’s a beautiful name. Where’s it from, how do you spell it, what does it mean?” She says, “It’s graceful falling waters”, and I asked, and that’s a room full of over a hundred people, “How many people knew that’s what her name meant?” Not one person raised their hand. That was one of my biggest clients. Name is the sweetest sound to a person’s ears. They love hearing it [inaudible 00:22:23] a day. The V in Suave? Visualize. So many people are better with faces than they are with names, right? You go to someone and say, “Yeah, I remember your face but I forgot your name”. You never go to someone and say the opposite. You never say, “Hey, I remember your name but I forgot your face”. We remember what we see, so try seeing what you want to remember. So if his name’s Matt, imagine you’re using their tie as a doormat. If the person’s name is Mark, imagine putting a big check mark on their forehead. First name’s Mary, imagine they’re carrying two lambs underneath their arms. Person’s name is John … And finally, the E in Suave is end. End saying their name because if you can walk into a room and meet 20 strangers and leave saying goodbye to every single one of them, who are they all going to remember? They’re all going to remember you and that’s a skill for our new superhero.

Josh:                Awesome.  That is just some great pieces to memory for learning and totally understanding. I think as an entrepreneur it’s a definite plus to be able to recall a name, especially at a networking event and everything else, because the more people that you can create that memorable status of who you are and that you express interest in caring in that other person, they’re more likely to connect with you later, do business and that sort of thing. That’s awesome. I really appreciate it. I know what you’re doing, you offer a variety of different online courses and mentorships and trainings as well, so not just the high level people of presidents and actors and Richard Bransons and Musks can access you. You have opportunities for just the average entrepreneur to get out there and connect and start learning from you as well, right?

Jim:                  Yeah, thank you, Josh. Anyone who’s watching this that feels a little overloaded or overwhelmed … You feel like you have so much to learn but you don’t have enough time. You want to read more. A lot of our clients, they read a book a week, or some people actually read a book a day which is phenomenal. Because if someone took the time to put their knowledge, let’s say a decade, to the experience of business and they sit down and they put it into a book and you can sit down in a day or two and read that book and absorb it and retain it and learn it, then you could literally download decades in a day. So, I think two of the most important skills to master in the 21st century is the ability to read faster. Not skimming or scanning and skipping words, really read and understand. The other one is memory, like a superhero memory. Remembering names, faces, [inaudible 00:24:53], giving a speech without notes, learning languages for people who want to go abroad, conversations, facts, figures. It makes you an expert. Because nowadays we live in the expert economy, and so those are the two skills … We created the most comprehensive speed reading and memory programs online and it’s the best of what I’ve learned in the past 20 years, if you will. You don’t have to go out there and read every single book and every research paper and everything because I’ve done it for you and put them into these really easy to learn online programs that people can access at, We have students now in over 150 countries that go through it and people are just reading two and three times faster. The average person, entrepreneur, has to read four hours a day just to keep current. Four hours a day. Emails and texts and websites and journals and newspapers and books. Four hours a day. If you could just double your reading speed and save two hours a day, two hours a day over the course of a year is how many hours? Just take one hour a day over the course of a year. 365 hours for an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, your time’s your most valuable asset. 365 hours. Now, how many 40-hour work weeks is that? That’s like nine 40-hour work weeks. Imagine you as an entrepreneur getting nine weeks, two months, of productivity back, saving just one hour, and that’s what speed reading could do. I think it will make you a superhero and put you at the top of your field. Advance your career. Help you to grow your minds. You could grow your bank account, your new business. So people could find out more about that there or follow us on social at JimKwik or JimKwikLearning, Twitter, Instagram and then Facebook, that I enjoy following their work also as well. That’s what we do, Josh. We wish people the most amazing life filled with lots of love and lots of laughter and always lots of learning.

Josh:                That’s awesome, Jim. Just for me, being able to interact and engage with you and pick up some training, and just to tell everyone out there, it’s awesome and I’ve only kind of touched the tip of the iceberg. Excited to absorb more and learn more myself. I know you have a really cool story that you want to share with our audience from your superheroes.

Jim:                  Yeah, I’ll give you a lesson, just as entrepreneurs, we go through a lot of struggle and sometimes the reason we go through struggle, it becomes strengths for us. For me, about a year and a half ago, I had a corporate training. I do these brain trainings at corporations and this was for Fox Studios, 20th Century Fox, and I’m doing it for the CEO of Fox. I go to the boardroom to upgrade their brains, make them read faster, improve their focus, improve their memory, and I see all these movie posters, the movie posters of all the films we’ve seen. Titanic and Star Wars, Avatar, and I start going into this childhood state. It’s Friday and seeing this stuff brings me back. I think that childlike curiosity and fascination is really important for entrepreneurs. How it manifested and turned out was I did my best training ever because it came from that kind of place, that place of playfulness and fascination, where we trade our cleverness for bewilderment. Sometimes as we grow older, we feel like we know everything. We don’t learn quite as fast. Anyways, it’s my best training and afterwards the CEO gives me a private tour of the lot, of the studio, and says thank you. I see out of the corner of my eye a movie poster of Wolverine and this is the second Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman and I’m such a huge Hugh Jackman fan. I’m obviously an X-Men fan and I was like, “Wow, I can’t wait for that movie to come out” and he picks up his phone and then five minutes later, I’m in his private theater with 3D glasses, eating popcorn and watching Hugh Jackman take on the super ninjas. Afterwards, he comes and asks me some market research like entrepreneurs do, and how’s the movie, and all that stuff. I’m telling him all about it and because I’m still in this state and maybe because it’s Friday, I’m still like that little kid who’s saying, “You don’t know this but when I was a kid, I couldn’t read and I taught myself how to read over a couple of years by reading comic books”. My favorite comic books were X-Men because X-Men, they weren’t the strongest but they didn’t fit in. Growing up with learning challenges, I felt like I was broken all throughout junior high and high school and I didn’t fit in. When I was a kid, I definitely didn’t feel I fit in. The highlight was one night when I was seven, eight years old looking at a comic book, I saw that the X-Men were … Their school, their school for the gifted was in Westchester, New York and that’s where I lived. So, on the weekends, I would ride my bike around trying to find this school because I wanted to run away and go to that school and find my super powers, if you will, discover and develop those powers. I’m telling this to him like a little kid and he’s like, “Jim, I didn’t know you like superheroes. Do you want to go to Comic-Con?” And Comic-Con, as you know, Josh, is this huge mega-gathering in San Diego of superhero fans, and I go from an eight year old in my mind to an 88 year old, you know what I mean? I just think, “Oh, traffic, and I have nothing to wear and I’m going to have to wait on line, I have all these meetings”. You know, acting old. I think it’s not a chronological age. I think it’s a mindset, right? He’s looking at me, he said, “Jim, do you want to go? I’m going tomorrow morning”.  I’m like, “Oh yeah, if the chairman of Fox is going, I want to go with you”. So he picks me up Saturday morning, the next morning, 8:00, and we get on the Fox jet. I’m on the plane, I swear to you it’s the entire cast of X-Men. There going to surprise Comic-Con.

Josh:                Wow, that’s awesome.

Jim:                  Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, I mean the works. I’m sitting between Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry and I’m thinking, “Wow, this is amazing”. I spend the entire day with them at Comic-Con. We come back to LA, the chairman asks, “How was your day?” I was like “It was the best day ever. Thank you so much”. He was like “I have something else for you.” I was like “I don’t want anything else.” He was “They really loved you. How would you like to go on set?” I was like “What do you mean?” He’s like “We have another month of filming X-Men Days of Future Past.” I was like “Oh wow, I’d love to do that. How can I serve you?” Because that’s what entrepreneurs … How do you serve and support people? He was “Oh, just teach them what you … share your super powers. Teach them how to speed read their scripts, memorize their lines, and be focused and present on set.” I’m like “Oh yeah, I can totally do that.”

I’m on the plane the next morning and I’m brain training and brain hacking and I get to go on set. Every day for 12 hours a day I get to see my superheroes come to life, right in front of me. Anyway, that’s a deeper story. When I get home, there’s a package waiting for me the size of a plasma TV. I unwrap it and it’s this photograph of me with the … Let me just see if I can show you this … It’s this photograph. I don’t know if you can see this, but it’s me with the cast of X-Men. That’s Jennifer Lawrence, this is the chairman of Fox and Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart and Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. Anyway, that’s my cover photo on Facebook and I’m never going to change it because it is the most magic … It reminds me of like … Here’s the … Especially even more important than the photo was this note from the chairman and it says this. It says, “Jim, thank you so much for sharing your super powers with us. I know you’ve been looking for your school. Here is your class photo.” I just get mind chills thinking about that because it’s just … That came from just being there, present and open and even more authentic, like a child. But here’s the takeaway: For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it’s about … It takes place in the future where Patrick Stewart, Professor X, he’s the leader of the X-Men, this mentalist brain guy and he says … The future’s very bleak and it’s like Armageddon, so he sends Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, back in time to talk to a younger version of Professor X, the younger version of himself, to give him advice on how to go and change the future. My question to you is this. We opened this conversation with imagination is more powerful than knowledge, right?  I want you just to imagine what it’d be like to go into the future a year from now, two years from now, three years, five years, ten years from now in your life and in your business, and you’re in that current state and what’s the advice you would give yourself right now that you need to hear? What’s the advice your future self would give yourself right now that would change the course of your life and your business forever? I think imagination is a super power that we all have inside of us. I think the ultimate coaching is self-coaching. Bruce Lee, who was one of my mentors of the mind, if you will, talks about all knowledge is self-knowledge. I think we learn really well from mentors. I listen to every podcast and I go to events. I read these books, but also listen to yourself as being the expert, being the superhero to you.

Josh:                Wow, that was an amazing story, Jim. Very cool. I really appreciate your time today. It was such an honor to be able to have you on my show, Making Bank, and sharing your insights and some techniques and tricks, mental brain performance hacks that people can utilize to increase their performance for recall and everything as well. Again, I appreciate your time today and thank you.

Jim:                  Thank you. I wish everybody who’s watching this to find out more about your super powers and I wish your life be filled with lots of light, lots of love, lots of laughter, and always lots of learning. Look forward to connecting with everybody real soon.

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