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Importance Of Leadership

with Kyle McDowell



Importance Of Leadership #MakingBank #S7E29
Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Kyle McDowell who is a best-selling author, speaker, and leadership expert. With nearly three decades of experience leading tens of thousands of employees as some of the largest companies in America, including UnitedHealth Group, CVS Health, Bank of America. Kyle’s passion for people and proven track record for cultivating truly authentic and courageous leaders was born from an unwavering belief that there’s a better way to thrive in corporate America.

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(2:30) Background
Kyle tells us about his early working life where he spent nearly 30 years in corporate America. For his first job he worked in a regional bank in Tampa and this was the start of his life where he was thrown into a lot of work situations where he got to notice how much he can give from a leader’s perspective.

(4:25) Boss Vs Leader
A boss is someone that checks boxes, they are always ready to call you out or point out your errors and tell you where you’re lacking in terms of your delivery. A leader is also the same but the major difference is the leader actually cares.

(8:07) Vulnerability
Being vulnerable involves recognizing faults, recognizing areas of fear, recognizing that we don’t have all the answers. It’s inauthentic for us to act like we’re not concerned or we don’t have faults. We need to be authentic. We need to just be us.

(11:00) Principles
The most important principle that we all should follow is to always do the right thing. This will matter a lot because if we deviate from our ways we can always go back to the foundation of doing the right thing.

(14:37) Common Issues
Most common issue faced is obsessing over activity and judging ourselves based on our activity versus the outcome. Kyle talks about this one issue that even big companies faced in today’s world.
(18:33) Taking Ownership
We need to think like the founder whenever we do any project for a company or organization because when we do this we take ownership completely of the work we do and we will automatically give our best and try to shoot for maximum excellence.

(24:49) Setting Clear Expectation
Too many times we expect people to do things and behave in a way that we’ve not really set the clear expectation and then we wonder why they failed or we wonder why they’ve stumbled. We need to do the right thing. We need to lead by example. We need to say what we’re gonna do, and then we do it.