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Intuition & Entrepreneurship: Training Your Instinct and Testing Everything

with Jesse Elder

with guest Jesse Elder #Making Bank S5E34


It’s hard to reach the balance in life in which you’re successful, happy, and have accomplished exactly what you wanted to. Life is full of triumphs and turmoil, and rarely does it ever feel like it’s going totally in the right direction. Trusting your intuition goes beyond just bringing you happiness, but it could be the key to success as an entrepreneur…especially when you learn how to make your intuition smarter. 


Jesse Elder, action philosopher, time piercer, and author, joins this episode of Making Bank Podcast talk about how to achieve the success you crave while keeping you the best version of yourself. Growing up as a homeschool kid in Texas, Jesse had a lot of time and opportunity to explore the world around him. Eventually, he realized that the life he wanted was something beyond the way that he was living day-to-day. So he got up, and he did something to change that. 


Now, he’s achieved higher a state of being while helping his career. Making millions of dollars, Jesse has accomplished life of love, creativity, and peace. Learn how he managed to achieve all of this and make himself the best tool to use for his accomplishments here! 




Training Your Instinct 


As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to stick to your instinct. But how can you make sure that your instinct the one leading you to the right choice? “Make your intuition extremely tactical, practical, reliable, trustworthy. And so, when you get those together, not just what you’re seeing and observing, but what you’re feeling – when those are harmonized, these giant ideas that just don’t seem giant [anymore]. It seems like, oh, of course, this is the next step.” Jesse says that when an entrepreneur maximizes his logical thinking with his passion, that it can turn into a weaponized intuition. 


Jesse believes that every single person can access a reality in which they are doing the things that they dream about – the things that they think aren’t reachable. By putting limits on perception, entrepreneurs often cut themselves off short. 


When you apply your skills and the tools that you have to the goals that you want, suddenly the leap might not seem as big. Learning is an endless opportunity to better yourself and your mind. Taking advantage of that can also sharpen intuition. By doing this, you can train your brain by creating habits that encourage the way you think positively and handle the situation. 


Having a super clear vision of what you want and staying curious can contribute to achieving this intuition and reality. Taking a step back to understand how things work, how you can apply what you’re good at to achieve your goals faster, and brainstorming how to make certain things possible is a way that you can make your vision something easier to picture. 


Testing those goals and visions out is important too. Know that things aren’t going to always instantly make sense and work right away, and that’s half the fun of discovering what is going to work out in the end. Jesse likes to test paradigms and beliefs, learning from the world around him and pushing the boundaries of what he knows, and thinks is possible. 




Testing Everything  


As an entrepreneur, oftentimes you’re curious about things. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, especially if your business is in a field in which there are many other companies already built up. However, if they’re doing it a certain way that’s successful to them, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch up tactics, or that it’s the best tactic for you. 


Jesse learned this quickly. “I learned early on in life, not to trust anything, but to test everything. And when somebody would tell me something that would sound good, I immediately began to like, run through this filter of qualification. Is this person qualified by their example? Not by what they are just saying or showing me, I want to see how it performs under pressure.” Along with trusting intuition and fostering instinct, Jesse also questioned the successes of the people around him to understand things better. 


By doing this, it allowed him to take a peek in the world and look at what was already out there. How could he improve it? How could he change that? Entrepreneurs are constantly evolving with creations and how to do things more efficiently. That requires testing and changing things, even if they seem to be working out well. 


When he would observe the people around him, he would take the advice and the ideas that people were using from those who were more successful than him and turn them into his ideas or apply it to his concepts. Others that weren’t as successful as him he didn’t bother to listen to because he set a certain standard of success up for himself.   


“So, this whole concept of testing versus trusting led me to test and question everything.” Jesse looked into all the different parts of his life that made him the way he was, questioning the world around him. In doing so, he created himself to be an accomplished man who is living the life he dreamt about.