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Learn, Build, and Master Digital Ad and Traffic Strategies

with Vince Reed



#MakingBank: S3Ep33 with Vince Reed

When you are looking to build your business, having a specific, tailored traffic strategy makes a world of difference in the quality and return you yield from your advertising. Vince Reed, Internet entrepreneur, and traffic expert created an incredibly effective framework to help entrepreneurs learn, implement, and master the art of digital advertising that drives massive amounts of traffic to their sites.

Where do you begin? You’ve heard it before, and Vince drives the point home again—“today from a social media perspective, Content is King right now.” Whether it be putting out videos teaching strategy or a tutorial of your products and services, creating content is a major chunk of driving traffic and gaining leads, but you don’t necessarily need to crank out hundreds of videos.

Think quality over quantity. “I don’t want people to think that I’m saying don’t do a bunch of content. I’m just saying you should have a reason for why you’re doing it.” There are three important elements or reasons to consider before mass producing content that wastes your and your audience’s time.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

When you start driving traffic to your business think about your avatar. Who is your ideal customer? Who do you want to work with?

What can you put in front of them to put that ideal customer in a buying decision?


Once you know the answer to these last two questions, then you can move forward with producing content.

Now ask yourself, what is the point of your content?

Think about:

  • What the person wants.
  • Why they would want to watch it.
  • How it would benefit them.

Create 5 pieces of good information that entices and applies to the customer you want to work with.

Your videos should answer each of those questions above and I recommend starting with something manageable so you don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed and put this on the backburner. Make one video or piece a week, with the goal of getting to those 5 solid pieces of content.

Build the videos out in such a way that you could turn them into an ad. Something that will eventually function as your front end content to build your audience.

When you do this well, it primes people in your industry to dig deeper into your content and bite on what you’re offering.

And then make sure to end the videos with a call to action—“if you got value from this — go here.” Give them an obvious way to get more info.

Buying and Stopping Keywords

For driving your traffic, painting in broad strokes is not effective. Get specific about who you are targeting. Instead of searching “small business owners” on Facebook or whichever platform you’re using, target specific job titles instead: “dentist” “yoga instructor” “chiropractor,” etc.

Your audience shrinks, but your target is more effective. Instead of getting a massive pool of people who may or may not be looking for what you’re offering, you’re drawing specific people, who will actually utilize what you’re bringing to the table.

From a traffic perspective, knowing who you are and who is interested in what you have to say will make you more efficient and profitable. “Once you get profitable then you can play around and worry about your brand and waste money.”

Branding in Reverse

 In working with entrepreneurs, Vince found most people do things backward. They think the brand is important, but if you build the brand from the audience you’ve attracted as opposed to building a brand and then searching out an audience, it’s more efficient.

To hear more from Vince, you can find him on virtually every platform as @VinceReedLive or check out his website at