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Level Up Nation: Guide to Crushing Life, Business & Relationships

with Jeff Fenster



Welcome back to Making Bank. Today’s episode we have Jeff Fenster, who was named a top 100 entrepreneur in America under the age of 35, he was also named a top 40 executive under 40×40 Business Journal and also a recent finalist for CEO of the year. He also has a podcast on the entrepreneur Network combining his two biggest passions, Entrepreneurship and Healthy Living. Jeff created the foundation, Everbowl, which has been built on his personal philosophy of making friends and having fun and not only translated into a fun vibrant culture at Everbowl but also becoming the company’s true heartbeat .

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(5:07) 4 Years In 4 Minutes
Jeff’s main company, Everbowl, just opened their 87th store around the country. They have 400 units that will be developed over the next four years that are sold. They’ve been able to provide more health and wellness opportunities to communities all around the country.

(9:48) Success Traits
Successful people are naturally curious. They never think they know it all. Do not have an ostrich approach, where you only concentrate in your industry and no longer know what’s coming. Ask good questions and always interested in different areas.

(17:41) Getting Over Fear
Face your fears head-on, regardless of potential disruptions. Remember, if you don’t succeed, you won’t be remembered. Don’t waste time striving for perfection only to hide without attempting. Give it your all, persist until you succeed.

(23:38) Pivoting
Just dive into learning how technology can enhance your field. It might feel daunting at first, but don’t let fear stop you from taking the leap. Many people hesitate, but remember, inaction won’t lead to progress.

(27:08) Building Relationships
Always prioritize holding yourself accountable. Strive to elevate your expertise, ensuring it’s the best it can be. This readiness ensures you’re prepared to seize opportunities when they arise, especially when meeting influential individuals who could impact your business or life.

(34:02) Lucky Opportunities
Life’s just one big game. It’s ongoing, every single day. So, just go out there, be friendly, make connections, and have a good time. That’s the golden rule: make friends and enjoy yourself. One day, luck will find its way to you when you least expect it.

(39:50) Being Your Best Version
Remember, you’re the one writing your own story. Everyone should be their best selves out there because it makes life better for all of us. So, strive to be your best, and make this world a better place for everyone.