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Making Bank: Leadership Series

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Making Bank: Leadership Series #MakingBank #S7E20
This episode of Making Bank is a compilation of previous episodes showcasing the mindset and the success strategies of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. If you want to grow your business more and become successful in the big world, you’ll need proper leadership skills. This episode of Making Bank will help you acquire the necessary leadership skills one needs in order to become successful.
Make sure you check out this episode and listen to Josh and all the other guests discuss Making Bank: Leadership Series.

(0:55) High Level Performance and Focus
Todd Herman talks about how they function and what are the various things they need to do that allows them to perform at a high level and to be able to focus and give full attention to what they are doing.

(3:41) Opportunities Switches
Russell Brunson talks about how when they started their first business many opportunities switches were created leading to a lot of new things introduced every three months and it was not the most ideal strategy to use for a business.

(5:48) Building The Right Kind Of Team
Investing in the right team is one of the best strategies one can adopt in order to run a successful business. It is of the utmost importance to be able to handpick the right kind of people and also one must understand that picking the right people does not mean they will be good right from the start. It comes with proper communication, training and hard work but investing in the right people is a must.

(10:33) Do Not Let Passion Bury You
Many people will start a business that they are passionate about but then when it happens to fail, it takes them down with it because they are passionate about the business and do not want it to fail. This often results in them going down with it. Never get emotionally attached to any business and always be ready to adapt should the time come.

(14:29) Exercise Your Curiosity
Always set out to look for new opportunities, new relationships. Never plan too far ahead that you won’t even see what is right in front and also never just sit back, relaxed because then you might end up coming up short and wouldn’t know what to do.

(15:34) Personal Development
Chris Record talks about how Personal Development is one of the things that change his entire life. He went from being a person who says ‘I can’t’ to a person who says ‘How can I?’ and that changed his entire life around.

(21:46) Faster You Can Learn, The Faster You Can Earn
Optimizing and building a better brain is really important because your business is really dependent on your mind power. We’re not paid for muscle power. We’re paid for our mind power. Your ideal ability to solve problems, to be able to think clearly and be able to focus, to be able to learn faster because the faster you can learn, the faster you can earn.

(25:55) Mindset Of Scarcity
The mindset of scarcity says that things have value because they’re scarce. So whether it is land, whether it is real estate the value gets higher when it is scarce. But we need to change our mindset from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance. Then everything becomes possible.