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Marketing Mastery with Guest Nicholas Kusmich: MakingBank S3E17


Nicholas Kusmich

Marketing Mastery with Guest Nicholas Kusmich: MakingBank S3E17

with Nicholas Kusmich

A couple of weeks ago we talked about Going with the Flow with Steven Kotler. He gave us some great insight on possible ways to reach optimal state of consciousness where performance goes through the roof. This week we’re taking a more practical approach to defeat writer’s block and the feeling of “stuckedness” that so often comes with entrepreneurial endeavors, specifically in regards to marketing.

On this week’s episode mass influence specialist Nicholas Kusmich, gave us TONS of fantastic advice on how to breakdown your Facebook marketing strategy to make it feel a little less daunting, and a lot more doable using some simple techniques.

According to Nicholas, every ad needs three main categories: LOOK, HOOK, and TOOK

When it comes to LOOK, the main takeaway is that your image needs to capture attention. We are inundated with so many images on a daily basis, it’s easy for people to keep on scrolling and miss your ad. In order to persuade and influence your audience, you have to draw an audience in the first place — make them stop on your image.

“We’ve got to realize that we live in a world that’s heavily distracted, especially on social. People are doing multiple things at the same time, and we can’t just expect that someone’s going to stop and look at our ad.” Nicholas goes onto say that nearly 80% of success in any ad comes down to the image. How can you halt the scroll and make people look? Increase the contrast by 30%. Your image will stand out from the rest and people will stop to see what’s going on.

HOOK is all about the connection. Your copy should communicate, “I know how you feel, I felt the same way until I found this.” People are hungry for connection. It is especially important to remember that you are advertising on a social network, emphasis on social. Remember that people aren’t going on Facebook to buy things, they are there to interact with their friends. So in that way, your ad needs to get on their level.

If your ad can make someone stop and see themselves, if they feel understood, you’ve done your job.

And finally, we have TOOK — or the call to action. It’s simple. It seems too simple, but you tell them what to do. “Click to Download.” “Click to Learn More!” “Click to Buy.” People need to be told what to do, even if it seems obvious. Take the guesswork out and tell them the next step.

Following this simple framework helped streamline Facebook marketing for Nicholas Kusmich, and can help you as well. Above all Nicholas encouraged the listeners to stay focused, “Don’t get distracted by shiny objects!” It’s easy to want to try a thousand different tactics to see what works. To find true success in marketing, but also entrepreneurship on the whole, it is important to find the thing you are good at, double down on it, see it through to the end, and only then move on to the next endeavor.

To learn more about more including targeting specifics watch this week’s full interview.

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