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The Power Of Afformation

with Noah St. John



In this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Noah St. John talks about what you can do to change your life in less than 5 minutes a day. Noah has published over 17 books that can help you succeed. He’s a legendary mental coach and is also known as the Father of Afformations; which is his method of using the question form of affirmations. 25 years ago, Noah would have an epiphany: he realized that our subconscious mind reacts and responds more effectively to questions rather than statements, and that’s how he came up with his afformation method. Today Noah has been able to help his clients earn more in 12 weeks than what they would have in 12 months.

This episode covers the difference between affirmations and afformations, Noah’s 4 A Formula, and his Core 4 Formula. Listen to the episode to learn more about how you can earn more and live better using Noah’s methods and formulas.

Listen to Josh and Noah discuss afformation:

(2:30) Noah’s Story
Noah grew up in Kennebunkport, Maine, one of the wealthiest communities in New England. However, he wasn’t wealthy at all, and eventually, his family would lose their house to foreclosure. Growing up, Noah spent a lot of his time with books, but none of the self-help books he read seemed to work for him. He was so frustrated with his life that he reached the brink of suicide, but that’s when he set out to find his purpose in life, and he had two significant epiphanies that changed his life forever.

(6:47) Afformations Instead Of Affirmations
In 1997 Noah changed his outlook on life; he’d been through multiple self-help books, most of which honed in on affirmations. Noah realized that we could state affirmations most of the time, but they mean nothing because we don’t believe in them. That’s when he developed afformations: rather than positive statements; he found that our brains responded better to positive questions. With his afformation method, he’s been able to help hundreds of people worldwide find not only success but also overcome addiction.

(13:01) How You Can Change Your Life In Just 5 Minutes A Day
As entrepreneurs, we’re all looking for success. So how to achieve success by doing something for just five minutes a day? Through afformation — you want to sow thoughts that matter. Every single day we think about the events in our lives. If we fail, the natural reaction is to ask yourself, “what went wrong?” or “why did I mess up.” Noah talks about how we’re always asking ourselves lousy questions, and in turn, we get awful answers. Don’t sow lousy thoughts; instead, plant thoughts that will bring you success. Use positive afformation in your life for just five minutes a day, and you can change your own financial future.

(15:39) 4 A Formula
There are four steps in Noah’s formula for afformation. The first A is to ask yourself what you want and find your end goal. The second A is afforming that what you want is already true; you want to afform the fact that you’ve already achieved your goals. Earlier, we mentioned that affirmation doesn’t work because we don’t believe; that’s why the third A is to accept the truth of your new questions. Finally, the fourth A is to take action — the first three parts of the 4 A Formula are useless if you don’t put in the work.

(17:54) Core Four Formula
Noah discusses the next steps after using his 4 A Formula. That’s where his Core Four Formula comes into play. The Core Four Formula is related to the action-taking process — the four cores are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Noah explains the process in detail and why it matters. A simplified version of the process is: you start by reading afformations. The second step is to write down those afformations by hand, and then third, you move on to saying those afformations out loud, and finally, you listen to afformations. Noah has a website called iafform audios, where you can listen to afformations in the background to reprogram your subconscious thought patterns.

(21:20) How Noah’s Clients Earn More In 12 Weeks
Noah talks about how he’s been able to coach multiple clients to earn more in 12 weeks than they would have in 12 months. Noah’s process is different from others; rather than putting in hours and hours of work and leaving little to no time for anything else. He explains that in order to be more successful, you need balance. The four things you need to balance our time, energy, relationships, and money. It’s great to have money, but without the time, energy, or people to enjoy your money with, having money becomes obsolete, and that’s why balance is so important.

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