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Rags To Riches: Cultivating Habits For Success

with Ross Hamilton



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Ross Hamilton who is a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, and marketer, and best known for building, scaling, and selling connected investors to First American titles.

In his early years, Ross’s passion for BMX led him to train under the legendary, Dave Mira, until an injury ended his BMX career. He then turned his focus on real estate making his first million in his early twenties. Now Ross used the profits from his flips to see the development of connected investors, the social network and investment property marketplace for real estate investors and private lenders.

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(4:36) Background
Ross started his career as a BMX rider and he trained under Dave Mira. He even found his own BMX clothing brand and he would drive around his Van sponsoring other riders. He then got injured and had to stop, so he turned to books to try to understand how to make a living. He then found out that most entrepreneurs do it through Real Estate and that was what kick started his business career.

(8:50) Real Estate Challenges
The biggest challenges in Real Estate investing, can be clubbed into two questions. “Where do I get the money and where do I get the deals?” But the good thing is you can solve this with one answer because if you have a good deal, money is never an issue. But if you have a bad deal then it’ll be hard to get money.

(10:32) Connected Investors
In real estate, the more people you are connected with, the more money you could make. Find an event and go to it. Show up and something good might happen. It’s important to find a group or community that does similar businesses who may have more experience so you can eventually learn more from it too.

(13:34) Ultimate Mind Hack
A great hack for anyone who is into Real estate investing or any other business, is to take what you think is holding you back and then try to turn that into your biggest strength. Also, make sure you write down every step you take along your journey as an entrepreneur because then you will get to see not only your progress, but also flaws which you can then work on to become better.

(16:22) Growing A Business
When you grow and scale a company, your greatest strength as a founder can become a weakness of an organization because you didn’t do a good job building a team of people around you that can do the skill sets that you were really good at. So make sure you take the time to train people so you have a good support system otherwise your superpower can become their weakness.

(20:35) Selling A Business
When you sell a business, there will always be challenges because now you are venturing into new territories. But one great mind trick you can do is change the word problem to project. Now you have a project instead of a problem and this shift in mindset will really help you be more positive and help you overcome more challenges that you will face.

(26:36) Habits For Success
Instead of figuring out so many processes for success, sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and examine your habits, where you’re spending your time, your morning and evening routines. Getting your morning right and your evening right, the start and end of your day, can really add up to get you anywhere you want to be.

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