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Sober Success: Clear Mind, Clear Business

with Justin McClure



Welcome back to Making Bank. In today’s episode, we have Justin McClure and in this episode he will teach all the amazing things that he knows about entrepreneurship. He will teach you how sobriety helped him be a better entrepreneur and a better person. Make sure you do not miss this episode of Making Bank.

(5:44) Modern Day Poisons
We live in a world where everything is getting toxified. We are killing ourselves every single day with the things we use on a daily basis. There are too many people taking too many resources and we are all suffering from that.

(9:35) 11 Years Sober
Justin talks about how he realized he has hit rock bottom. He felt pathetic and he knew he needed to stop drinking. He stopped drinking for a year, then he went to therapy, he started volunteering and then he started shifting his energy somewhere and his life got better.

(16:49) Success On Youtube
He had a very creative background of knowing how to make more, less. Whenever you create content, you need to put yourself in the mind of the viewer so that they will be entertained by it. You need to figure out how to create a story with something that will be most impactful.

(20:00) Family And Business
Justin shares about how professional he is with his family when it comes to doing business. If he sets a timing, he will be strict with the timing and then the whole family contributes and commits to the project. One of the many reasons why he is successful is because he and his family are very committed and hardworking.

(30:40) Revenue
You need to look in all the different verticals of where you can actually make money. If someone is on youtube, it will be Ad money. But you need to know your Target audience and all those things. You need to find out what products will be better in the space that you’re in.

(36:18) New Product
Have something you love and then figure out what is something you can add to this that will help someone out too. It could be any product that you use daily. Then figure out what you add to it to make it better.

(40:55) Daily Dad
Do check out the book Daily Dad by Ryan Holiday.

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