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Subconscious Secrets to Success with Guest Marshall Sylver: MakingBank S3E9


Marshall Sylver

Subconscious Secrets to Success with Guest Marshall Sylver: MakingBank S3E9

with Marshall Sylver

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It may not seem that hypnosis and business have much in common, but today’s guest has brought the two worlds together.

Today on #MakingBank, host Josh Felber invites Marshall Sylver to discuss his journey from growing up very poor with no running water to being a millionaire businessman and performer.

Marshall Sylver is a motivational speaker, author, and performance hypnotist who works primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide. Today, Sylver is recognized as the #1 leading expert in subconscious reprogramming & the master of persuasion and influence.

Marshall has been named “The Millionaire Maker”™ and is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers to date.

So, tune-in to hear Josh talk to Mark about how he started his entertainment career at the age of 7 and how being hypnotized at the age of 16 helped forge his career path and entrepreneurial journey.

  • How he found his mentor at age 14.
  • Marshall’s four basic steps to enlightenment.
  • How his wife gave birth while hypnotized on a live stream in front of 8000 people.
  • 3 defining moments in Marshall’s life.

And more…

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Subconscious Secrets to Success with Guest Marshall Sylver: MakingBank S3E9

Josh Felber:                          Welcome to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top 1%, so you can amplify your life and your business today.

I’m excited and honored for today’s guest. I had the privilege of briefly meeting him about a year ago, about a year ago now, and I wanna introduce you to Marshall Sylver. He’s the millionaire maker, and you may have known him as the number one leading expert on subconscious reprogramming, irresistible influence, and for over 20 years he has entertained, educated and transformed thousands of lives.

He is an author of Passion, Profit and Power and had sold over millions of copies of his personal development programs worldwide. He has led training programs for IBM, Ford, KFC, Pepsi, teaching the management of these leading corporations on how to motivate their employees while also teaching the staff to easily produce higher sales.

Marshall has been named the millionaire maker and is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers to date. One thing I found interesting, he’s on his mission and it’s his big challenge now to win a Nobel Prize for single-handedly turning around the economy of the United States, which we all know it needs.

So Marshall, I want to welcome you to Making Bank.

Marshall Sylver:                 Hey man, thanks so much, and I realized I write really good copy. That was a really good bio, man. But more than that, I’ve been on stage since I was seven years old, seven years old. So that’s 47 years now. I’ve been teaching people for 33 years, so I realize the bio hasn’t been rewritten in a long time.

I love the fact that we’re in really magical times and a lot of people know this and some people are resisting this. That we are in a magical period and whether you love him or whether you hate him, I pray that the President we have, Trump, is the best President ever. I pray that he does amazing things, and the thing that I love about him especially he is absolutely pro entrepreneur. He is pro businessperson, he wants us to succeed, and so anybody that’s considering being in an entrepreneur, anybody’s that’s thinking about launching their own business or growing their own company right now is a magical time.

So I just wanna lead off by saying, if you’re on this podcast right now and you’re listening, just believe, have certainty, get excited, and know that you’re in a really magical time.

Josh Felber:                          All right and you’re 100% correct. I mean, I know you got me by just by a couple of years, so we’re pretty close in the same age. But i remember when I was little, I actually wrote Trump a letter to invest in my business when I was 14. I ended up getting something back from him, so he took the time and got it back and everything.

But it’s awesome to see that we have somebody that is so pro business and you know, I’m as excited as you are moving that direction.

Marshall Sylver:                 And I’m not intending to be controversial, but I’m sick and tired of people fighting progress and fighting what our President is attempting to do. And it’s time for us to come together, it’s time for us to put our foot down and say, “You know what? I’m tired of wasting money on people who are rioting for no reason. I’m tired of wasting money on people that are just protesting for the sake of protesting. Let’s come together. Let’s come together as a country. Let’s do this together. Let’s support each other,”

And that’s where I want this conversation to go from, you know. When I was a kid, I grew up in Michigan and I know you’re Ohio right now.

I’m in San Diego, I’m in a little town called Carlsbad, right on the water, and my main residence is in Las Vegas. I grew up very humble, I had no running water, no electricity, no phone as a kid. My second home was a converted chicken coop, and now my home in Las Vegas is a 17,000 square foot palace. So the reason I’m saying this is no matter where you are right now as you’re listening to this broadcast or watching this broadcast, you can do it. You can make things happen. You can change your life.

But it starts with one thing. Number one it starts with stop complaining, stop being a victim, start being a victor, and start realizing no matter what happens you gotta deal with it. You know on election day, and obviously it’s probably pretty clear right now that I am a Trump supporter and I think it was my vote and it was my vote.

But on election day, I’d already surrendered and said, “Hillary’s gonna be our next President, and when I wake up I’m gonna have to go to work, I’m gonna have to do what I have to do and take care of my family. That’s what I’m gonna do.” So my initial thought and advise to anybody, no matter what you think, make your life great. Just make your life great, so what you need to do to make your life great, and you can’t make your life great by complaining. You can only make your life great by doing something different.

That’s what I encourage everybody that’s you know again watching the broadcast, if you wanna better life, it starts with you. In order for things to change, you must change.

Josh Felber:                          I agree 100%, and I don’t think there’s one person, it doesn’t matter who’s in office, that’s defining who we are and how we can be successful. Like you said, it’s up to us to grab, to take it, to do what we need to do, to make it happen. To take care of our families, to take care of our friends and rally ourselves and the people around us to move our lives forward. So 100%, definitely spot on with you there.

So I got introduced to you, like I said it was bout a year ago, and I got to see some of the subconscious reprogramming. And one of my good friends happened to be up on the stage with you and everything.

Marshall Sylver:                 You were at the ClickFunnels event.

Josh Felber:                          Correct, yes, so I got to see Leon.

Marshall Sylver:                 Yep.

Josh Felber:                          So maybe give us a little bit of background so our audience knows, “Hey, heres what Marshall does,” and it’s not just magic tricks and things like that.

Marshall Sylver:                 Yeah, it’s real magic. That’s what it is, you know. The world knows me primarily as a hypnotist, and my media calls me the greatest hypnotist of all time. And I won’t argue cuz I wrote that.

And the thing that I know is that ultimately everything is hypnosis. What we believe to be true is true for us, and we get to choose that belief. So sometimes people believe that they’re struggling to become rich and when I was in my early 20’s I chose to believe that I was a multi-millionaire who’s money had not yet been deposited in my bank account. Because of that flip, that paradigm shift, everything changed for me. So rather than seeing everything as a struggle, I envisioned myself going through a forest, an evil forest with dragons and demons and all these things that I had to battle. And as I went through the forest, rather than getting more downtrodden and getting more beat up and saying, “Maybe it’s never gonna happen for me.”

Because I was certain that my success was on the other side of the forest, every single dragon that I slayed, every single demon that I downed, made me more inspired and it made me realize, “You’re one step closer.” And so never feel bad about the stuff that you’re going through now, guaranteed it is certain your success is on the other side of this evil forest. The castle is there, the beautiful princess awaits you, or prince, and when you have that belief and it’s not thinking that maybe it’ll happen, when there’s a certainty in your mind that it’s guaranteed to happen you just need to keep going, then you will.

On the other side of that, some people will say, “Yeah, but it’s not guaranteed.” But either way you have to ask yourself the question, “What would be the highest and best use of my time? What would be the best thing for me to believe?” And certainly it wouldn’t behoove anybody to believe that they weren’t going to succeed, it wouldn’t benefit you to think that this is gonna fail. You might as well believe that it’s gonna succeed, whether it succeeds or not, you will play your best game.

So that’s one of the things I tell people. Deal with what emerges. Finding your life less than perfect is a waste of time, because it is what it is and you have to deal with it.

Josh Felber:                          I totally agree, I know that-

Marshall Sylver:                 You can tell I’m halfway through a cup of coffee.

Josh Felber:                          One of the things is you talk about deal with what emerges and the complaining and everything else, too. And that’s on of the things, too, as my kids keep growing older and everything else, they’re eight and six right now, and so it’s like-

Marshall Sylver:                 That’s awesome, I have a six, a four, and a two year old.

Josh Felber:                          Oh nice, you’re the guy-

Marshall Sylver:                 All born at home in the bathtub, by the way, via hypnosis, no drugs, no pain, no doctors. My daughters name is Prosperity and we steamed her birth live online, had over 8,000 people watching, and it looks like my wife is sleeping through the birth.

Josh Felber:                          That’s amazing.

Marshall Sylver:                 There were people that were on the live chat that were saying this couldn’t be real, she’s not actually giving birth, nobody looks like that giving birth, and so when I caught my daughter in my hands in the bathtub, cuz I caught all three kids and cut their umbilical cords, made their belly buttons. When I caught her in my hands on the live chat, this idiot says, “See that’s not even a real baby.”

That just goes to show that everybody’s experience is based on validation.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 So validation creates reality. So if everybody believes that births are supposed to be painful or that making money, making bank, is supposed to be difficult, then that’s what they make it.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah.

Marshall Sylver:                 So I want everybody watching this broadcast to believe that they are people and money magnets. In fact you could even say it. I am a people and money magnet and look around because we find what we’re looking for, what we focus on expands.

Josh Felber:                          So I guess, how did you get started? What took you down the path like, “Hey, I wanna get into subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis.” What got you there?

Marshall Sylver:                 I was a magician as a kid, I started off on stage at seven years old as a magician. At 10 years old, I discovered that I could make money doing what I did, that changed my world. You know this poor farm boy, all of a sudden going, “Holy crap, I just do what I do already and I can make money? This is a good deal.”

Josh Felber:                          Right?

Marshall Sylver:                 And then as my life progressed, at 16 years old, at my high school I got hypnotized. And the hypnotist gave me a suggestion that when he said the words ‘sonny boy’ I would stand up from my seat in the audience, I would walk back to the stage, I’d fall on my butt, I’d roll my pant legs up above my knees, I’d climb on his lap, I’d put my thumb in my mouth and say, “Sing it again, daddy!”

I was socially insecure as a kid. We were dirt poor, I wore my sister’s clothes to school. And so, when I went back to my seat in the audience, I said, “There’s no way in the world I’m gonna do this. That’s never gonna happen.” So I go back to my seat, he says ‘sonny boy’ and I feel like a magnet’s pulling me back to the stage. And I walk back to the stage, I fall on my butt, I roll up my pant legs and I climb on his lap and I say, “Sing it again, daddy.”

My mind is blown, it was one of those turning point moments. My mind is blown and I go home that night and I thought, “Gosh, what the heck just happened to me? Was I hypnotized? Or was I just doing what he told me to do?” And then I thought about it, Josh, I thought what if he told you to get off drugs? Cuz at the time I was a drug addict. I was a cocaine and marijuana addict. I thought, what if he told you to get off drugs and you just did it?

What if he told you to be confident and you just did it. What if he told you to go out and be a multi-millionaire and because he said that I could and I believed that I would, I just went out and took those actions and became a millionaire, I realized that that was hypnosis. If this was hypnosis, it was the most powerful force on the planet.

Josh Felber:                          Wow.

Marshall Sylver:                 So those 1,500 words per minute that are going through everybody’s brain, telling them who they are, who they aren’t, who they can be, what they can do, what they can have, we control those thoughts. We choose those thoughts, and it’s time for all of us to choose better thoughts.

Again, if Hillary was President today, I would be saying, “You know what? That’s fine with the world, we gotta make this happen right now.” And so that’s the thing with all of us, as entrepreneurs, as business people, as people that want to make bank. There are people making bank right now. If there are people making bank, it’s possible for you and for me.

With that in mind, we need to start saying, “Okay, not what’s wrong, we need to say what’s right,” focus on that, expand that and go that direction.

Josh Felber:                          And so, for me even for the longest time, probably up until I saw we were at that ClickFunnels, you always kind of think of hypnosis as kind of like hokey, is it just real or not. Luckily, Leon was up there and I was like, afterwards he was like man, didn’t remember it, and later, I think it was the next day or two days later or something, one of our friends, Darren was there from Australia. You probably know him, he does hypnosis, too, and I’m like, “Oh man, I can’t be hypnotized,” and he did Leon there as well, and I got “oh you gotta do it.”

So he did and he said I was harder but then like I literally could not move my arms, like he had it to where they were frozen. And I was thinking about it, and I was doing it, but I could not literally. And I’m like, “Wow, this is actually really, really cool.”

Marshall Sylver:                 It’s a powerful process, and so if you kind of dissect it, what you believe to be true is true for you, nothing has any power except the power that we give it.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Marshall Sylver:                 And last night I was having dinner and we, my wife and I, we like to do escape rooms, and I don’t know if the audience knows what an escape room is. They lock you in a room and the room is filled with clues to help you escape from the room, so it’s a pretty cool thing. We like doing escape rooms, we did an escape room last night. And it was a challenging one, it was tough. We almost always get out of the escape rooms.

In fact last time we were at this particular place, one of the other rooms, we crushed it. We got out 15 minutes early, and this one last night, we didn’t get out by 30 seconds. I mean, we were right there. We had the final clue and I just didn’t have the right order of things, and we were close. My wife was a little bummed cuz we like to win, everyone likes to win.

I was talking about it and I thought you know sometimes people say how hard their life is, and what I realize is everybody’s life is challenging. Everybody’s life is challenging, on some level. Even billionaire kids, we’re seeing it right now, even billionaire kids have challenges. I mean with great power comes great responsibility.

I want anybody that’s being challenged right now, rather than again focusing on the challenge, you say, “Hey you know what? This is my life. These are the cards I was dealt. How do I play them best? How do I win this hand by playing the hand that I have best?” And I think that’s really important for people to do.

Josh Felber:                          And I know one of the things you’ve mentioned is growing up not having anything, and really trying to-I guess how did you break free from that limited, that mindset you were in?

Marshall Sylver:                 Well, the first thing is I stopped resenting wealthy people. You know, I have nine siblings, 10 kids in my family.

Josh Felber:                          Wow.

Marshall Sylver:                 Very poor, mom worked three jobs to provide for us so we almost never saw her and it broke my heart. I loved my mother so much and it broke my heart. So I would resent, hate wealthy people, and you know they have it all, it’s not fair. There was a point though where I stopped resenting and I started asking myself the question, “What are they doing? What have they done that I need to do?”

And so luckily for me, at 14 years old I found a mentor. He was 23, he owned a magic shop, my family had left Michigan because we had no money, we couldn’t afford another Michigan winter, we couldn’t buy oil to heat the house. So we loaded up the station wagon, drove to San Diego where my mother’s mother was, my grandmother, and within two days I got a job. I’m 14 years old and I’ve got a full time job 40 hours a week working at a magic shop.

The man that owned the magic shop was 23, loved his mother deeply, just like I loved my mother, so I could identify with him. I watched him in the course of five years, go from struggling to being a multi-millionaire. He reinvented Halloween. This man is the reason that Halloween is different now. It used to be that Halloween was a costume shop that was there 12 months out of the year that only did business two weeks out of the whole year.

He’s the guy that invented the concept of having a Halloween shop in a big brick and mortar building for one month and then it would go away. That’s his idea.

Josh Felber:                          Wow. Okay.

Marshall Sylver:                 So what I realized, when I watched him become a millionaire from being like me struggling, was that it was possible. And so just that spark of possibility of being a millionaire in a fairly short amount of time, made me realize, “Stop being angry, come up with an idea. Come up with something that fills other peoples needs, give them value in a way that’s meaningful to them, solve their challenge, get out of your own head, Marshall, get into your life, it’s not about you, it’s about them.”

So everybody watching right now, I want you to just ponder that thought, that your solution, the answer to your challenges, are not about you. It’s about serving other people. So how can you serve better? You know this podcast, this broadcast, that’s what this is about. This is about serving other people without an expectation of getting anything back, just planting seeds that later on could come back as something big.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 If more people do that, if more people realize there’s four basic steps to enlightenment. Number one forgive everything. Forgive yourself, forgive the world, stop being a victim.

Step two surrender. Find your life perfect because finding it less than perfect is just a waste of time.

Step three and this is a big one utilize your life versus tolerate your life. No matter what’s going on, don’t just put up with it, ask yourself, “What’s great about this?”

I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world, she is my one true wife. I was married twice before my one true wife, and while some people might not want to go through a divorce, I’m glad I did.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Marshall Sylver:                 Had I gone through those, one of those was horrible, one of them was just okay one of them was a horrible relationship. Had I not gone through that, I wouldn’t know the gift my wife is.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 And I’ve been rich and I’ve been broke and I’ve been rich and I’ve been broke and I’ve been rich and I’ve been broke. And I’ve realized they’re all temporary and being attached to any of those states, it’s enough to drive you crazy.

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Marshall Sylver:                 So realizing you can get through the poor times and really appreciating the rich times, is a really good thing. And then step four. So step one forgive, step two surrender, be in the now, step three utilize. The fourth step to total enlightenment is to serve others. Find a way to serve others. The more you serve others the more your life will be rich.

What’s wonderful about that process is that it comes full circle. When you live a life, like what you’re doing right now, Josh, when you live a life in service to other people, you get everything you want.

I’ve had so many people that come from a selfish point of view, that they don’t do that. They don’t serve others. They say what can I get, how much can I take from this other person? And they end up killing their golden goose again and again and again and again.

Josh Felber:                          I know, I think that’s awesome. I mean, forgive, surrender, utilize your life which is really interesting. I like how you phrase that and the concept with it. And then serving others is huge. I think with so much now with entrepreneurship and everything we’re going, people don’t think of them in that order. It’s like how can I help myself, how can I help myself, but you’re saying hey figure out a way to serve people first and then that’ll help enrichen your life over all.

Marshall Sylver:                 And that’s the reason it’s in that order. Part of the challenge is most people are broken, and because they’re broken they’re focused on their brokenness. And I don’t know about you, you’re probably perfect but I am not. I’m a major puff up and I’ve screwed my life up so many times and in so many ways it’s uncomfortable.

For me though, the hardest thing was forgiving myself and going, “Okay so you made mistakes, you gotta keep getting up, you’ve gotta keep doing your thing, you gotta keep moving on.” You know, now that I have kids, now that I have a six year old, a four year old and a two year old, it’s not about me at all. It’s 100% about them and everything in my life is about service to them and making sure that their life is better. That’s why I want the Nobel Prize.

I don’t want my kids to mature in a broken world. I want them to grow in a world that was the world that I grew up in, you know? I’m a baby boomer and in my world there was lots of opportunity and there was lots of promise of something better on the other side. And I think that’s the reason a lot of the millennials these days are angry. They’re angry because, in due respect, they’re being handed a broken world. And while being angry doesn’t serve them, if they had a right to be angry which it doesn’t really matter, they should be they have that right. The world’s broken, except some of them are smart enough to say, “I’m not gonna be angry, I’m gonna be proactive, I’m gonna do something to make it better.”

That’s again what I keep encouraging everybody watching this broadcast, don’t be a victim, be a victor.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome so tell me what were three defining moments in your life?

Marshall Sylver:                 One certainly was that mentor and being in his presence and realizing all he did, he came up with an idea and when he came up with an idea that idea made him tens of millions of dollars and is his life even today.

in my early 20’s I started pondering what would be an idea and one of the ideas that I had was that as an entertainer I did hypnosis as a show. I realized though that the application was far greater than just entertainment. That the application as a life changing module, as a means of people reprogramming their brain. You know if you think what a millionaire thinks, you will automatically do what a millionaire does and you will produce a different result.

That was another life changing moment for me. And then finally, the thing we talked about before. When I stopped resenting wealth, when I stopped resenting people that had a lot when I didn’t and realized that you know what? If you just study them, because the resentment made me look the other way altogether, I didn’t look at them. I was so angry at these people that had everything that I put my attention somewhere else.

When you put your attention on what you want, rather than being angry and I said, “Okay. What are they doing differently? Number one they’re happy so stop being so angry. Number two they are taking whatever comes up in their life,” like I said they’re utilizing, which I will admit I had some setbacks. It happens. How do I deal with this?

Again, and I don’t mean to make this so political, but I do want this to be something that inspires people. If people stopped attacking Trump right now and just said, “Look let him do his job. Let him do it. Let him fail or succeed based on what he produces.” I was looking at a survey this morning on promises. He’s got 40% of his promises already. He’s done what he said he wold do.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 I don’t think I’ve seen a politician ever, in the first month of holding office, do something like that. And so that’s the same thing. When people are doing what they say they’re gonna do, there’s always gonna be critics, so realize that we get back what we send out. So whe I honor you, when I respect you, when I support and nurture and hold you up, the likeliness of you doing the same for me is great.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 And so, you know, I just encourage everybody, don’t be a hater. Be somebody that says, “You know what? I’m proud of you. I’m glad for you. I’m happy for you.” And then observe what are they doing that I might be able to do?

[crosstalk 00:24:25]

Love your life.

Josh Felber:                          That’s right. So do have, a lot of entrepreneurs I talk to interviews and everything, they have different success strategies maybe or things that they do on a daily basis that has led to it. Obviously I know you do a lot with mindset and looking at different ways to change your thought patterns and to help move yourself forward. What are maybe some other success habits you do on a daily basis?

Marshall Sylver:                 Avoid MWA’s. Avoid minimum wage activities. Stop making your bed. There’s no reason to make your bed. Nobody is gonna walk in your bedroom during the day, you’re the only one that’s gonna see it, stop it. If you’re cleaning up around your own house, if you’re doing all those minimum wage activities, hire a maid.

Yeah, rich boy, easy for you to say. Hire a maid, $20 an hour, in two hours they can do what you would do in 10 hours.

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Marshall Sylver:                 Hand that stuff off. As an entrepreneur, your focus should be one thing. You should be focused on IGA’s income generating activities. You should be focused on the things that make money. You need to learn the skills of irresistible influence. And irresistible influence isn’t getting somebody else to say yes, irresistible influence is getting someone else to ask you for what you’re selling. And here’s the part that’ll make you tingle, your job is to get them to ask you for what you’re selling and have them believe it was their idea.

And so, should you just learn that skillset, that skillset will make you wealthy. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, I’m guaranteeing you Elon Musk, these are people that I promise you don’t know the technology the way their employees know their technology. But these people, these gentlemen and rest in peace Steve Jobs, knew that in order for you to become wealthy one of the best things you can do is harness creative people’s abilities. Harness their abilities.

You know that’s the thing, I’m weird. I kind of straddle the creative management fence and I’m embarrassed to acknowledge that I’m more creative than management and it’s a downfall actually. The fact of the matter is, people that can manage creative people are the wealthiest people on the planet. And the reason is creative people don’t tend to be disciplined. We’re motivated, we wanna accomplish something, we’re not disciplined.

What I mean by that is, creativity must operate on a clock, and a lot of creative people get creative whenever they’re creative, and no it doesn’t work that way. Steven King says “writers write, so in order to be a good writer what you need to do is you need to sit down at your computer at nine AM and you need to stare at a blank screen until something appears. And you do that on a daily basis because if you don’t do that on a daily basis, if you wait to be inspired, you;; never sit down at the computer.”

I have a belief. My belief is put out crap and then put out crap 2.0. It works for the software industry.

Josh Felber:                          Right?

Marshall Sylver:                 One of the things that stifles creativity is people want things to be perfect and perfection paralyzes. You’ve gotta be willing to put out things that are less than perfect, so that it gets better over time. I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if you’re manufacturing cars or building software or being romantic. You’ve got to do whatever it is you can do in the moment and then get better next time.

Rehearse, review, revise.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome. I hope you guys are taking notes. Marshall’s dropping some awesome wisdom today. We’ve got a few minutes left. Where can people find more information out about you, and give us a little insight there.

Marshall Sylver:                 We just had an article in Huff Post, so that’s kinda cool. We just had an article on Forbes, so they can go to those sites and check me out. My personal site, Sylver S-Y-L-V-E-R dot com. And I’d like to give your viewers a gift.

Josh Felber:                          Oh sweet.

Marshall Sylver:                 I have a two hour training, we sell it for 200 bucks, but if they go to prosperityalliance, and give me their data, then I will bribe you and I will give you a two hour training called take action now.

And it talks a lot about what we’ve been talking about. It talks about self mastery, it talks about the proper tools for getting tasks done, and then it talks about taking action now. Which ultimately is the thing which propels us to where we wanna go.

Go to download the DVD, and enjoy the training.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome and we’ll have the link right here to the side, so you guys’ll be able to click right here and go. So let’s just say, do you offer any training, say I wanted to reprogram my own subconscious, do you offer a training in that or where would you say somebody should go to learn more about that.

Marshall Sylver:                 Yeah certainly, come to me. I’m the best in the world. I’m very humble about it, too. The turning point, I have a two day program, in fact we’re getting ready to teach it right here in San Diego over the next two days, tomorrow and the next day, the turning point teaches you how to reprogram your subconscious mind with the thoughts of a multi-millionaire so that you’ll take similar actions, shows you how to get rid of the bad programming that was placed there. Whether you knew it was bad programming or not, it shows you and teaches you the skills of irresistible influence, and then finally, and this is important, it turns up your wanting-ness.

You know a lot of people live a complacent life. Millionaires and billionaires, we get what we want. A lot of times the reason people aren’t getting what they want is they’ve turned down their wants to balance out what they think they can have.

So as a millionaire, I don’t want something because I can afford it, I want something because I want it. Even if I cannot afford it, I say, “Okay, I can’t afford it, how can I get it?”

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, for sure.

Marshall Sylver:                 How do I afford that? And so many people, I would say 95% of the population has fallen into a place where they say, “You know what? I’m not gonna want to have private jet travel, I’m not gonna have a house on the beach. I’m gonna be happy with what I’ve got.” And I just look at that and I say, “Please, no. That’s what’s wrong right now.” If everybody wanted more, there’d be less time for complaining, everybody would be more motivated, everybody would be working harder. And what’s wrong with our economy right now has nothing to do with the amount of money in the economy.

We have more money in the economy now than in the history of the world. The reason the economy is stagnant has to do with velocity, it has to do with a lack of movement, a lack of dollars trading hands. And so the more money moves, the more the government can tax it which means the government is funded. If I buy from you and you buy from them and they buy from them and then they buy from me, the more that money moves, the more everybody wins.

So what’s wrong with most peoples personal economies they’re not spending enough money, and I know that sounds simple and ridiculous, you know that is it. You want to make more money, you gotta spend more money. As you sow shall you reap, which plant grows.

Josh Felber:                          Definitely. Well awesome. We just need to wrap up and I really appreciate your time today. It was an honor to have you on Making Bank. I love to definitely either come out interview in person and really dive into a whole lot more, so that’s be really cool.

Marshall Sylver:                 I would love that.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome, well thank you again for your time today, and it was an honor to have you on Making Bank.

Marshall Sylver:                 You’re awesome, Josh. Thank you so much for having me and have a fantastic day.

Josh Felber:                          Thanks, Marshall. I am Josh Felber, you’re watching Making Bank. Get out and be extraordinary.