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Tactical Storytelling that Converts

with Mike Koenigs



Who are you? What do you do? Why are you doing it? Three simple questions, the answers to which make a HUGE difference in whether or not people want to work with you.

Mike Koenigs gave some pretty astounding examples of the impact good answers to these questions can yield — people closing deals within 3 hours of starting his workshops, a client jumping from making $80k deals to $425kKocoaching with him, Roland Fraiser building half a million Facebook followers on less than $15k, simply by taking interesting people to lunch and sharing their stories.

Is it deceivingly simple, or is honesty literally the best policy and sharing your story is what can make all the difference?

“The human brain is a story receptor. Storytelling has always worked. It just works” A self-proclaimed story fanatic, Mike converted his love for story into a vehicle to attract higher quality customers willing to spend more money and spend it consistently. He stands by the belief that selling more isn’t better, selling bigger to better is what really works and makes everyone happier.

So how do you answer these questions yourself? How do you tell stories that will make you the most amount of money in the least amount of time? Mike follows three main principles.

1. Your strength lies in your failures:
“Tell a transformational story of who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do complete with an authentic dip.” Let people in on the secret, the failure in your life that led you to where you are now. No one’s path is smooth and straight. When you let people in on the dips your journey took, it builds trust and empathy while giving hope that they too, can achieve a better life.

2. Customer transformation:
Tell 3 stories of customers you helped to succeed. These should be examples of your ideal customer — people who found you, listened to what you said, implemented what you said, saw positive results, continue to be customers, and have brought other customers in. (Think of the story Mike told of his client in the drug industry and her success to the tune of 425k)

**bonus points if you realized Mike used his own technique on us**

Each customer example should represent a different customer with a unique objection they were able to overcome that resulted in a positive experience with you. By telling these transformational journeys, your circumventing the habitual objections potential clients will make regarding your offer.

3. Close with a Call to Action:
Keep it simple. Make it something easy to say yes to.

The entire speech/pitch should hover around 10 minutes. Practice the pitch! Gather together with people you trust and respect and rehearse the speech, varying the customer experience stories to get a feel of what works best. Know that it will take some time to hone in on the right offering for what people really want.

The important thing is to not get bogged down in the mire of planning, but to get on the phone, meet people in person and actually try things out.

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