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The Art Of Storytelling In Business

with John Livesay



The Art Of Storytelling In Business #MakingBank #S7E31
Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have John Livesay, AKA, the Pitch Whisperer, who is an incredible keynote speaker. His TEDx Talk, “Be the Lifeguard of your own life”, has over 1 million views and was featured on the Larry King Show.
He has an innate ability to motivate companies, sales teams to turn mundane case studies into compelling case stories so they win more new business.

Check out today’s episode with John Livesay on Making Bank.

(2:41) Background
John Livesay majored in advertising and he realized that the commercials that stood out to him were the ones with emotional connection. That’s where he launched his speaking career and he has been on his own for several years, getting hired by tech companies and healthcare companies.

(4:05) Storytelling
John says that he uses storytelling in his sales because many times people tend to react to any product, service, jobs emotionally. So when you learn to tell a story that other people see themselves in, that’s where the magic happens.

(12:49) Creating The Story
These are the questions you need to ask, “Who’s the person that made the decision to hire you? What was their problem? Do we care if the problems aren’t there?” Ask yourself these questions and eventually the story will be created.

(16:22) The Pitch Whisperer
John Livesay became known as The Pitch Whisperer because during one of his talks that he was hired to do he asked them what if he stayed after his talk and could whisper in people’s ears something from his talk that they got stuck with. Ever since then he became known as The Pitch Whisperer.

(18:03) Sales Struggles
The most common mistake made was that many forget that people buy a business or company first. Most salespeople jump right into selling their products, explaining facts without allowing the people to know them first. You have to sell yourself first and the best way to do that is with a story of origin.

(21:04) Be Your Own Lifeguard
John Livesay talks about how he has always been his own lifeguard and this is very important because in times of need we cannot expect anyone to come help us. We have to figure out ways to get out of difficult situations ourselves because if we cannot be our own lifeguard, life will get very difficult.

(22:35) Key Takeaway
Get off the self-esteem rollercoaster. You’ll only feel good about yourself if you’re winning and you’re hitting your goals. Think of yourself as the movie director of your own life. Cut, edit, change the location if you do not like how it is going. Never get stuck where you are if you do not like it and always strive for a better life.

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