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The Business Growth Guru

with Cameron Herold



The Business Growth Guru #MakingBank #S7E33
Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Cameron Herold. He’s known around the world as the CEO Whisperer, as well as the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron Herd has built a dynamic consultancy. His current clients include a big four wireless carrier and a monarchy. He earned his reputation as The Business Growth Guru by guiding his clients to double their revenue in just three years or less.

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(3:32) Background
Cameron Herold talks about how he coached well over a hundred real companies, typically 50 to 500 employees. He mainly works with companies that are on the verge of having high growth and then teaching them how to scale up, how to actually build strong teams, and how to build strong cultures.

(5:07) Nomad Entrepreneur
Cameron talks about how for him, the first thing is practicing the habit of getting rid of one thing he does not need before getting anything new. Secondly is that he can call anything a home and make it good and lastly he prioritizes who he hangs out with, people that are good for him and help him in his entrepreneurial life.

(7:47) Second In Command
Cameron stated that when you’re then hiring your first Second In Command, the title should be based on the roles of responsibilities and the compensation that you’re willing to pay and the size that your company really is today. Be careful with giving out titles that are too big too early.

(14:50) Finding The Right Person
It is important to hire the right people ahead of time because it’s going to give them time to understand the business, understand you, understand the people to get up to speed, so that in 12 months, they could be a real COO and the good part is they already really know the company well.

(16:42) Working With A COO
You sit down before the COO because you have to advance all the stuff that you’re gonna get off your plate so that you can recruit somebody who’s already good at the business. Then the CEO’s job in the first few months is to make sure that they are available to that COO who’s going to be trying to figure it all out.

(20:14) Business Growth
When you go from 30 to a hundred employees, that’s when you hire your first leadership and they don’t necessarily report to you anymore. They are hired to handle that area. Your job is to align people, to grow people, to remove obstacles from people. We also need to invest in our people.The more we grow their skills, the more we grow their confidence, the more they’ll grow the company for us.

(23:37) Leadership Team
Leadership team consists of people that understand strategy. These are the people that understand and know how to align different business areas while focusing on a functional area.