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The Growth Mindset: Shaping Your Business For Success

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Dr. Noah St. John, Brett Berish, Bob Moesta, Cameron Herold, Rudy Mawer, Kyle Mcdowell & John Livesay and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about how to successfully shape your business for growth and success.

(2:41) Dr. Noah St. John
Your business’s success story highly depends on these three main things. What do you offer? If you don’t have the right offer, nothing else matters. The next thing is you need the right funnels, which is how you sell it. And lastly you need the traffic, which is getting your offer and your funnel in front of the right people that you know will give you money.

(5:46) Brett Berish
You have to have a little bit of everything and work really hard in order for your business to excel. The reason being is that sometimes you may offer the best service or have the best looking product to sell but if your marketing is bad, it won’t do you much good. Or it’s the other way around. You have good marketing but your product has nothing to offer. It’s important to have a little bit of everything.

(8:58) Bob Moesta
People don’t buy products. They hire them to do a job in their life. So figure out what the job is then you can design the product .Focus on the demand side, where people want to make progress, but can’t. And after you know this it becomes relatively easy to pull the technology together. Always understand the demand first and then figure out how to shape a product to fit demand.

(12:13) Cameron Herold
When your business grows, the people around the company need to grow as well. You will need to start hiring people for different roles and responsibilities. This method can be done using the ones and threes. You go from one to three, from three to ten, ten to thirty and thirty to a hundred. At every stage of the company, you need to invest in people. The more you grow their skills, the more they grow their confidence, the more they’ll grow the company for you.
(15:37) Rudy Mawer
Many people experience burnouts in their business journey. A burnout is when you lose a bit of the vision or the path forward or the future. A huge part of it is also physical, however the more progress you make, the more work you will have to do so you need to keep working on your vision because that is the one thing that is going to keep pushing you even when your workload increases. ‘

(18:39) Kyle McDowell
Think like the founder and you’ll recognize many opportunities for improvement. If you see someone’s not pulling their own weight or they’re phoning it in, as a founder you are not going to stand for that. So if you think like the founder, you take on ownership, which may be an uncomfortable word for a lot of people, however it is very important if you want to be successful and lead a team and a culture of excellence.

(25:09) John Livesay
You have to be your own lifeguard. No one is going to come help you if you are in trouble. You cannot expect people to drop everything they have on their own plate to come save you. You have to pull yourself through. Get educated, learn things, learn from mistakes, improve yourself. Do whatever it is you need to do in order for you to be able to save yourself in case you ever land yourself in trouble.