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The Success Mindset

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The Success Mindset #MakingBank #S7E18
This episode of Making Bank is a compilation of previous episodes showcasing the mindset and the success strategies of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. If you feel that you are one of those people who never get close to achieving your hopes and dreams because you just end up dreaming without much of a plan or strategy then this episode is just for you. In this week’s episode, we get to listen to multiple successful people sharing their great, awesome ideas and strategies to become successful and thrive in this world.

Make sure you check out this episode and listen to Josh and all the other guests discuss The Success Mindset:

(0:52) Key To Achieving Dreams
Many of us do not have a clear-cut goal. We also tend to associate ourselves with the idea that we are not worth it. If we want to achieve our goals we need to know exactly what we need and want. We need to know what we are doing it for. This is our first key to achieving dreams.

(2:27) Mindset Of Service
Many say that having motivation due to hunger, money, etc, etc is important and it is but if those are unattached to service, it won’t get you out of bed for 10 years. It won’t be enough to get you out of bed when the day is bad or when the business fails. Having a mindset of service is also very important.

(3:41) Gratitude As Your Main Fuel For High-Level Performance
Sometimes we keep so many steps, we follow so many strategies to become successful that we forget the most important and simple thing of all and that is gratitude. Being grateful for the things we have in life will drive us a lot farther than we anticipate and with the right skills and mindset, it will help us become successful.

(5:15) Discipline First – Motivation Second
We cannot expect to be motivated to do anything unless we are disciplined with our goals, our plans, and our rules. First, we have to be disciplined, then only we can motivate ourselves to become successful.

(7:11) Be All That You Can Be
Never bypass opportunities because you feel like you are not worthy or do not have the experience. It’s all nonsense. You can do anything you want in the world. If you wanna do it, you can do it. Just be all that you can be.

(8:59) Extreme Busyness Isn’t Worth It
You have to decide busyness isn’t worth it. There has to be another way. And once that decision is made, then all the other pieces can fall into place. Staying busy all the time should never be practiced.

(10:10) Imposter Syndrome; Idea Muscle
We spend way too much time thinking someone is better than us and we void ourselves of opportunities thinking we won’t be good at them anyway but in reality, we are all just figuring it out. No one is born smart. Everyone is just trying to figure out how life is. That is why it is also so important to exercise the muscles in our brains. We need to keep exercising our brains with ideas so that we can thrive and make it out in this world.

(13:41) Love The Culture And Have Relentless Pursuit
It is very important to also love whatever you do, whatever business you start, and make it like your own culture because when you do that, productivity just increases tenfold. It is also very important to keep having relentless pursuit. Rome was not built in a day. Constant pursuit is the key to success.

(16:01) Loyalty; Negative Mindset
All fortune is in the follow-up and follow-through. If we are not loyal to our choices, our ideas, and our goals we will never achieve success. Having a negative mindset is also something that can ruin our success. Sometimes we can achieve so much and still feel empty and unhappy. This is because we have a negative mindset. Changing the mindset will change the entire narrative of our lives.

(19:27) People Are More Important Than Things
Never forget to have a good relationship with family and friends. It does not matter if you are the richest and most successful person if you are all alone with no one who loves you. People are far more important than things.

(20:26) Believe In Yourself
Always believe in yourself especially when others do not. If you have this quality, you will succeed someday.

(22:16) Don’t Build Your Prison
Every entrepreneur or creative person tends to build their prison. These are in the form of new ideas, new methods, deadlines, and many more. Never imprison yourself with these. Remember to also have a good life.

(23:15) Having A Healthy Wealthy Life
Life won’t always be colorful. It will be full of ups and downs and that is the best part about it. We need to remember that. We also need to have a balance of time, energy, relationships, and money. We need to remember that leadership starts from within, we need to have a good amount of sleep and rest and lastly, we need to build our personality and have a bold outlook on life.