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Grow Your Podcast

with Todd Cochrane



If you have a podcast or you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, you have to listen to today’s episode. The original OG of Podcasting Service, Todd Cochran is going to drive in and give you some awesome insights on how you can start a podcast and what you need to grow your show.

Todd is the CEO of RawVoice / Blubrry – a podcast media company that represents 105,000 Audio and Video podcasters in which his company provides advertising opportunities, media distribution/hosting, podcast media statistics, and other services. Todd is a podcast advertising specialist. Executing podcast advertising deals with a variety of national vendors for the past 13 years. Todd was responsible for bringing GoDaddy into the Podcast Advertising Space as one of the first podcast advertisers in 2005.

3:20 – Getting Started In Podcasting
Todd always came from an entrepreneurial background. After retiring from active duty in the army, he fell upon podcasting and soon began to grow a following and business team in podcasting. The company was profitable right from the start. Todd connected with GoDaddy to bring in advertising podcasts which was a new method of content creation and reaching listeners in the early 2000s.

7:43 – Launching Advertising For Podcasting
When we started building the podcast industry, the challenge was not so much with advertisers as compared to content creators. There were not enough podcasters in the space and so there was a lack of quality content in the space that people could actually advertise and invest in.

11:50 – The Growth Of Podcasting In The Last 15 Years
Thanks to platforms like Spotify and Apple, it has tremendously increased access to podcasts. The number of shows and the size of audiences have increased exponentially through the years. The real challenge now it to be able to effectively monetize podcasts and build a revenue model out of them.

14:40 – How To Grow Your Podcast Show
You never build your castle on rented land. A podcast should grow on your website. For content creators, you have to grow your podcast on your Drive most of your traffic from social media and other platforms to your website so that it builds recognition from the original source of content and this is what finally can convert leads to growth.

18:00 – Understanding The Stats Behind Your Show
What content creators are looking for is actual information. If you can track where people drop off and how to keep them listening, you will be most effective in understanding what the audience wants and where they taper off. It’s easy to look at the high numbers in terms of downloads but what you need to look at is the sweet spot in terms of content.

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