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Understanding the Law of Attraction and Universal Principles for Success

with Christy Whitman

with guest Christy Whitman #MakingBank S6E3

If you go throughout your day without thinking about gravity, that doesn’t mean you’ll float into space. The law of gravity is ever present and affects everyone and everything, no matter what. Similar to gravity, there are other essential laws of the universe that continuously impact your life, whether you realize it or not. You can learn to harness and embrace these essential laws to work in tandem with the universe on the path to your success.  


Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader inspiring thousands with her work and writings on energy and abundance. She’s appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, TEDx, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has also been featured in numerous publications and magazines. Christy teaches the law of attraction, energy, mastery, and personal development classes and meditations to help clients feel more aligned with the divine design of wellbeing, abundance, and success.  


During her interview on the Making Bank podcast, Christy provides her top inspiring tips about creating your own reality and cultivating a mindset of abundance. Her newest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature and Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power, is full of Christy’s wisdom about the essential laws of the universe and how to truly create the reality you desire. She is also the author of The 7 Essential Laws: The Keys to Create Anything by Using the Laws of the Universe.  




The Law of Attraction 


Christy shares with podcast listeners how one experience with a meditation teacher profoundly changed her life. The teacher explained that she could create her own reality; that Christy was either repelling things from her or attracting things to her based solely on the way she thinks.  


The law of attraction is the principle that we can attract anything we desire into our reality based on our thoughts and the resulting vibration we’re transmitting outward. However, mastering the law of attraction requires getting a firm handle on your abundant mindset, and unpacking limiting beliefs around old thoughts of lack. Because manifestation and attraction begins with thoughts and words, we have to completely audit our thoughts and words to make sure they reflect the reality we’re creating. Practicing gratitude boosts your success with the law of attraction because it encourages you to appreciate the blessings and abundant aspects that are already present in your life, which raises your overall vibration.  


The Law of Sufficiency & Abundance 


Along with the law of attraction of the law of sufficiency and abundance, which states that there is an unlimited supply of success, resources, and abundance for everyone to enjoy. And, there is enough for you to enjoy independently, again and again, as much as you want. Your abundant blessings will never run out.  


Christy explains this in terms of a pie. She realized she was feeling anxious during a massage one day, and found that the root of her anxiety was the limiting belief that she was using up the last of her “success pie.” Somehow, she’d adopted the belief that she was only entitled to a certain amount of abundance, and she was getting close to her “limit.” But this is not the reality. Christy reframed that belief by telling herself, “I have a bakery, and I can make as many pies as I want!” Abundance is not limited, and it does not run out. There is enough for everyone, and you can have as much as you want. Your success does not take away from someone else’s, and theirs does not take away from your own.  




The Law of Polarity 


One of the beautiful things about the world we live in is that it’s full of contrast and opposites. There is light and dark, up and down, left and right. All things have a natural inverse. The same is true for any experience present in your life at any moment. If you are experiencing something, the opposite of that experience is also possible. And actually, not only is it possible, it already exists.  


You can transmute these experiences into their opposites by shifting your mindset from lack to abundance, practicing gratitude, and fully embodying your desires with your thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs.  


Owning Your Desires 


You are allowed to have big dreams. You are allowed to seek abundant, fulfilling, luxurious success; whatever that looks like for you. Christy says her book, The Desire Factor, is about giving you “permission to have your own desires.” Understanding that everything is energy, even money, is the key to truly mastering the laws of the universe. If you know how to work with the essential universal principles and you’ve done the internal mindset work, you can create any reality you desire.