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5 Step Strategy to Boost your Sales

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boost salesSales are the nourishment that drives a business, and any start-up needs to keep finding ways to boost sales if they are to keep from going belly-up in the near future. However, bouts of feast and famine are not the kind of irregular results you need, but a solid strategy that can help you keep sales at a consistently high levels. Here are a few things you can do:

Define clear goals

People who don’t know what they want in life tend to live quite unhappily. In order to reach a goal you need to first clearly define it. Figure out how much profit you wish to make by determining your cost and your breakeven point, and then build from there. From here you can easily calculate the amount of sales you need to make to reach the desired profit. Keep realistic but optimistic expectations; if you aim too low you’re unlikely to do well.

Use technology

The easiest and most cost effective way to get your business some traffic is to create a website and do some social media marketing. There are lots of ways of getting people to share your page on social media websites and many low cost marketing gimmicks that can be used toboost your sales exponentially. You can also make sales through your websites by offering different online payment options. People are more likely to make a purchase if the option is available to them right there and then; a lot can happen between the computer screen and the store that can change their minds.

Also, computerizing your system and using gadgets like tablets makes your job easier and the whole process of selling much quicker and efficient, resulting in more professionalism and convenience for customers.

Work the customer

These are the people that your sales depend on, so be sure to know who they are. Figure out the demographics of your customers so you can aim your strategies on them. If you are interacting with them directly, remember we creatures driven by emotions; be charming and polite and make sure they like you. When pitching your product, don’t just praise it shamelessly, but try to make the customer see why it is good for them and how it can change their life. Make them feel you care about them more than just making a sale. You should also come across as an authority in your field, so make sure you know your stuff. Also, don’t be annoying; once you tell them how you can change their life, excuse yourself and walk away to give them a chance to breathe and decide to give your product a shot.

Follow up

Once you make a sale it is important to get back to the customer and get feedback on the product and their experience and turn them into permanent returning customers. If they were well-satisfied, ask them what they liked and try to retain these qualities. However, also welcome back disgruntled customers. Yes, that’s right. These can be even more valuable than the satisfied variety. If they go ignored, they will tell anyone who would listen about their bad experiences (everyone loves to complain) and will damage your firm more than you can imagine. However, if you are able to fix the problem, and apologize thoroughly along with offering compensations, you can show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them which will turn them into loyal long term customers who can then spread the good word.

Offer selling gimmicks

Sometimes people are just reluctant to try something new, in which case certain gimmicks are great for breaking the ice. They might not be willing to spend on something that might turn out to be bad, so offering free samples or money-back guarantees are great ideas as the customer has nothing to lose. You can also start a competition that the customer can enter by buying your product. To make existing customers return more often you can offer loyalty card on spending a certain amount which will let them avail certain discounts every time they visit.

Boost your sales with these simple steps and your business will soon see tremendous growth, and help you achieve success in all your endeavors. Get started with Business Growth Accelerator to jump start your sales.

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