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Change your Focus, Change your Life.

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motivationEvery once in a while, there comes a stage in life where you get overwhelmed. Be it your personal life or work life, nothing seems to be going your way and all your efforts are going to waste. This is the time when you need to STOP for a while. Stop and look at your situation from someone else’s perspective, its time to change your Life. What advice would you give a colleague if he/she were in a similar situation? This is the time where you need to implement give your thoughts priority.

Give Direction To Your Thoughts

Remember the time, when you were listing down your goals and all the milestones you had to overcome in order to achieve the goal? This was the time when your thoughts were controlling the reality around you. The human mind is a powerful tool, and the thoughts it generates have the ability to impact outcomes.

In stressful situations, one tends to think more about future implications of problems. Instead, train yourself to focus on WHERE you want to be in the future. Use these mistakes as learning opportunities and think about how you can use them as stepping stones for a brighter future.

Get a positive picture in your mind where you have accomplished your goals and overcome the various obstacles you are currently suffering from. Give yourself a mental push and work on achieving the end result. Tell yourself this is just a challenge you have to overcome. Become competitive with yourself.

Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

As easy as it is to say this, it is not that easy to implement it. A single negative thought can easily overshadow the many positive achievements you have made so far. Sit down, take a deep breath and list down all your accomplishments one by one. They do not need to be big; the smallest thing like receiving a thank you note from a customer should also be listed down. After all, it is all the small things that eventually add up to make a bigger picture.

Just because you did not ace at school does not mean that you will not be successful. Look at Bill Gates! Take this example in your current business life as well; just because you fell due to an obstacle in your path does not mean you cannot get up and jump over it!

Respect Yourself

Remember, the more you degrade yourself, the more others will have a chance to disrespect you and your qualities. Give yourself respect for all the hard work you have achieved up until now. Beating yourself up will do no one any good least of all yourself.


Allow yourself the benefit of the doubt. Tell yourself that with your mind, passion and skills set, you can overcome anything. A stressed, negative mind only multiplies the problems. Take a break and go for a run, relax your mind so that your subconscious mind can come up with effective solutions to the problems!

Every individual has a different way of coping with the obstacles in the business world. If you feel that you need a strategy suited according to your requirements, feel free to Check out and I will be more than happy to help you explore the possibilities to change your Life!

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