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Dominate Business Competitors

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business competitionNo matter what business you are planning to begin, it is highly likely that a similar business dealing with products similar to yours is already in the market. Business competitors are something that you have to deal with eventually. However, it is not as difficult as commonly perceived. You just need to focus on YOUR strengths instead of stressing about THEIR strengths. If you are competing you have already lost, every action you take should be to Dominate your competition.  How do you Dominate my Business Competitors?

Little Things Matter

Your competitor may be selling their products at a lower price than yours, but this fact should not dishearten you. Find your “niche”. Look for that one, small thing to focus on and work hard to improve that. It may be anything from smart delivery options to adhering to a specific customer need. Customers have diverse personalities and you cannot bag all of them. Find your target ones and work on designing strategies to attract them by emphasizing their importance and fulfilling their needs. This way, even in the face of competition, the right customer will remain loyal to you.

Stay Away From Inferiority Complex

For any business to succeed, it is necessary to maintain and persevere with a positive mindset. There may be large scale companies that sell a product similar to yours. Instead of focusing on how small you are or how big they are, it is better to get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm ways to improve the product and customer experience. You have an added advantage because in most cases, the bigger the business becomes, the more complex its systems get. However, by focusing on your goals you can steer clear of negative thoughts easily.

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

Instead of wasting your time on the competitors’ strategies and planning, look at yourself the way others see you. In the business world, this means that you should become your own customer so that you have a better understanding of the product and can brainstorm ways on improving it. Rather than destroying the competition, improve your business and leave them in the dust.

Stay Updated With All The Facts and Figures

Many business owners are so busy in crushing the competition that they do not pay attention to the numbers within their business. The break even analysis, average customer value (ACV), return on investment values are all left to employees. Being a business owner, you need to be fully aware with these facts and figures as this is what will eventually help you recognize opportunities for improvement and growth.

Finally, the biggest thing you can do to improve your market share is to have the BEST CRM strategy. Be in constant contact with your customers and ask them for feedback on your product. Even if you ask a 100, there is a high probability that at least 25% of them will provide you feedback that you can use for your betterment. Getting rid of competition should never be the focus of your business because in reality, you can’t. There is no point in wasting time thinking about this. Instead, focus on growing and developing your business professionally so that it keeps pace with advancing technology. You need to be willing to do What Ever it Takes to take your business to the next level. If you feel that you need more pointers on this, feel free to call me on (330)552-8915 and I will be happy to be of assistance!

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