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How will you deal with challenges?

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How will you deal with challenges?

What are you doing daily to challenge yourself?

Do you find yourself not moving towards higerer levels of achievement?

Are you pushing yourself to achieve next level results or are you settling?

My kids have fun with new challenges, always pushing themselves, they are focused on getting results.

Here is a quick video of my kids and their workout we did.

How will you deal with challenges? from Josh Felber on Vimeo.

4 Rounds for time:

> Scaled for kids

10 KBS 90#

>10 Wall Balls 14#

100m Sled Push 175#

>50m Sled push 40#

1 Rope Climb 18′

>2 Rope Climbs 6-8′

100m Sprint with 45# sandbag

>100m Sprint

30 Mt Climbers x2

>10 Mt Climbers

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