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A Powerhouse Industry: Plant-Based Protein

with Jim Pakulis



A plant-based protein or delicious comfort food? Why not both? 

On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Jim Pakulis discusses Boosh, the company that’s producing plant-based comfort food. From shepherd’s pie to pate, Boosh’s products are non-GMO, gluten-free, low in sugar—and taste incredible! 

Jim has helped Boosh grow from zero to 16 million in just two years, selling in over 400 stores and now moving into the US market. This May, Boosh went public with a unique IPO structure that has a track recording of excelling. Listen to the episode to hear more of Jim’s journey and his advice for young entrepreneurs. 

Listen to Josh and Jim discuss plant-based protein:

Jim’s Entrepreneurial Background (2:39)

Alternative meats aren’t Jim’s first venture in being on the forefront of a new industry. In 2010, he was the CEO WeedMaps and took it public, growing it from zero to 16 million in less than two years.  

Jim believes that the alternative meats is the next great industry that will take trillions away from the animal protein market. 

Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein (3:57)

While Jim doesn’t believe people will fully convert to just plant protein, he does think that many will start incorporating more plant protein in their diets. 

Boosh (5:30)

As more companies enter the alternative meat space, some products are over-processed while others are raw. Boosh produces natural products that are 100% plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, and low sugar and sodium. All of Boosh’s products meet these requirements.

Popular Products (6:47)

Boosh’s customers love the shepherd’s pie and the Bolognese, made in partnership with Beyond meat. 

How Jim Joined Boosh (7:53)

Jim and his team research companies that they feel meet their metrics—and that’s how he discovered Boosh out of Vancouver. Together, with the team at Boosh, they have grown the company to have their own entrees that are sold in over 400 stores.

In May of this year, they did a unique IPO structure that has worked for them in the past. 

Room to Grow (13:15)

While Boosh is in 400 stores, there is still a huge market for them to tackle. Instead of making another non-meat burger, Boosh is approaching the industry with a different style. They are creating and acquiring unique products like pates, and even powdered cheeses. 

What Jim Requires in Who He Acquires (17:12)

When looking at companies to acquire, Jim looks at certain factors such as management, the industry, debt, and the uniqueness of the product. 

The Mission and Millennials (19:30)

Jim touches on an imperative point that the history of fast-food taking over in the mid 20th century has created this need to return to fresh farming once again. Additionally, younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z are attracted to products that help preserve the environment.

Welcome to America (21:21)

Before Jim wraps up, he announces Boosh’s move into the US market. 

Jim also relays his advice to any entrepreneur: you’ve got to keep getting up. You’re going to face challenges s an entrepreneur and want to quit—but that next day you could have a break through. 

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