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Ice, Ice, Baths!

with Jason Stauffer



Can ice baths treat autoimmune diseases? For this guest, it did. 

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Jason Stauffer explains how his research and work with ice baths has changed him and his wife Adrienne’s lives forever. Originally working in pharmaceuticals, Jason left when his wife fell sick and wasn’t getting any better despite the drugs she took. He tried intermittent fasting, sleeping outside and ice baths, which changed his life. Within a year of doing ice baths, his wife was off all medications. 

Now, Jason runs Morozko Forge, which sells the best at-home ice baths on the market. Listen to the episode to hear more about his cool journey.

Listen to Josh and Jason discuss ice baths:

Jason’s Background in Pharmaceuticals (2:40)

After receiving his degree, Jason entered into the pharmaceutical world. While he learned a lot and eventually switched to consulting, he saw how the industry treated symptoms, as opposed to finding cures. He also began to see the macro picture of disease, infections and trouble areas. This prompted him to start looking at things differently. 

A Personal Reason (7:09)

Around her early thirties, Jason’s wife fell sick, allergic to things she had consumed her whole life, having reactions, and gaining weight. At first doctors didn’t know what was wrong until she was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. While she was prescribed medicine, she wasn’t improving. So, Jason decided to do something about it. 

Anti-Fragile (11:20)

In his research, Jason came across the idea of “anti-fragile” which is something that becomes stronger under stress. For example, when you work out at the gym, you’re tearing your muscle cells—but when they reform, they do so stronger than before. Applying this to himself, Jason began intermittent fasting, sleeping outside, and eventually, ice baths.

Ice Baths (15:36)

After being introduced to ice baths, Jason and his wife found a lot of benefits in the experience. Jason researched ice baths and found that they prompted improvements in white blood cell count, certain motor responses, and thyroid and hormonal regulation.

Jason’s Ice Bath (20:25)

After researching ice baths, Jason found most facilities were for athletes or PT centers. He wanted to create an ice bath that would always be ready without him having to buy pounds of ice each week. After a few prototypes in his backyard, he found a solution. After a year of using his ice bath, Jason’s wife was off all medications. 

How the Business Started (25:50)

When Jason started selling ice baths, he made a promise: whatever was wrong with the product, he would fix and learn from it. So, as he was shipping out experimental products, he was constantly improving them.

Why Morozko? (30:13)

Jason explains why his ice bath differs from everything else on the market in terms of temperature, design and more.

Communication is Key (36:03)

In reflecting on his own experience, Jason relays some advice, the first being to communicate constantly. Next, he believes every entrepreneur should ask themselves what problem they are trying to solve. He also emphasizes rephrasing challenges, for example, with a failure, asking what you’ve learned. 

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