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Alternative Asset Investing

with Eric Satz



Alternative Asset Investing made accessible.

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Eric Satz discusses how his company “Alto” make alternative asset investing accessible and affordable for all.

Modeled after Turbo Tax, Alto connects individual investors with better ways to utilize their retirement funds for long-term investments. Eric and his team provide their customers access to financial literacy tools, as well as an abundance of resources. Alto is here to disrupt the market—and it already has.

Listen to the episode to learn more about how to properly diversify your portfolio, what long-term investments you should look into, and how you can make the most of your money now.

Listen to Josh and Eric discuss alternative asset investing:

What is Alto? (2:44)
Alto is a trust company that helps individual investors better access and utilize their retirement funds for long-term investments in private equity. Eric and his team match you with opportunities you’re looking for, as well as allow you to bring deals to the table.

Financial Literacy and Diversification (9:06)
Eric and his team believe that everyone should have access to financial literacy tools and resources. Through this education, investors can better diversify their portfolios so that their investments are less volatile and generate more revenue.

Investment Fees (11:44)
Eric adopted the Turbo Tax method for his approach to investment fees. He himself was getting frustrated with traditional fees. So, he decided to make Alto an accessible platform and charge less than traditional investment firms or brokers. When it comes to crypto exchanges, Alto only charges 1%.

Disrupting the Market (14:54)
Alto wants to disrupt Fidelity and Schwab. Eric and his team seek to disrupt the investment landscape and make it accessible and understandable to all. He also delves into the caps on investments, particularly for IRAs.

Customer-Oriented (18:46)
Although Alto focuses on investments, it’s still a customer service platform. Eric believes that to some extent, all entrepreneurs are customer service people.

Long-Term Investment (20:14)
As retirement funds are long-term, Eric encourages everyone to pursue long-term investments, particularly ones that are illiquid. The great thing about making investments with IRA dollars is that it’s tax advantage, and includes compounding returns.

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