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Track Your Health Real Time

with Dan Zavorotny



On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Dan Zavorotny discusses how he started the company “NutriSense” and how it reached a 150 million dollar valuation in 26 months.
When Dan started out his career, he realized that he would get hyper obsessive over certain things — where he wanted to be the best at whatever it was that he was doing. Dan used this hyper obsession of being the best to help propel himself in his career and later to kickstart his company NutriSense.
NutriSense is a metabolic health company that uses Continuous Glucose Monitoring and machine learning to personalize nutrition and reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes & heart disease. With NutriSense, Dan’s customers can track how their blood glucose levels respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep all in real time.
Listen to the episode to learn more about Dan’s journey, how he approaches business and how he managed to scale his company during a global pandemic.
Listen to Josh and Dan discuss health and business growth:
(1:24) Dan’s Background
Dan talks about growing up as an immigrant in the US and not being able to travel as much as he wanted to. Later as an adult, how being able to travel for work became a criteria for the jobs he would choose and his biggest takeaway from his travels.

(7:09) Creating NutriSense
Dan was already working as a consultant in the healthcare space and he noticed that healthcare costs relating to diabetes, heart disease and alzheimers in the US kept going while people kept getting sicker. That’s when he had the idea of doing something in this space. Later he ran into one of his friends wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and Dan talks about creating Nutrisense together and the role he played in the company’s creation.

(9:48) Creating Meaningful Relationships with Influencers
The biggest mistake companies make is treating influencers as “cash in and cash out.” Dan talks about how important it is to treat influencers as people and develop good relationships with them — how the relationships you have with people creates an avenue for you to be introduced to others driven by the same motivation in that space, over time allowing you to create a network of like minded individuals as well as build your brand.

(13:04) The Importance of SEO
Dan touches on the channels he used to expand his business to reach its 150 million dollar valuation, where he emphasizes on using SEO to its full potential. He stresses the importance of differentiating between short-term, long-term and mid-term channels and discerning which ones are best suited for your business.

(15:54) What Sets Nutrisense Apart
For years a CGM was only available to people with type 1 diabetic people. The process of getting one was everything but simple, on top of needing a prescription, it was expensive as well. However with NutriSense, Dan aimed to make CGMs available for everyone that wanted to track their glucose as well as making the information tracked available to them on their phones.

(20:14) Overcoming Challenges
Before wrapping up their conversation, Dan discusses the problems he faced starting up a company and trying to scale it during the pandemic. How his approach to challenges helped him overcome them and reach where he is today. Dan approaches all his problems with the mindset that “every wall can be broken,” he’s a firm believer that every problem is solvable and it’s only a matter of figuring out the solution.

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