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How To Publish And Sell Your Book

with Jesse Krieger



In this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Jesse Krieger takes us through his journey of how he went from playing music on the streets of Europe to writing his book and starting a publishing company that publishes around 30 books a year.

Jesse Krieger has been passionate about music since the age of 13. When he was only 19, he skipped his ticket home to stay in Vienna, playing music on the streets and backpacking through Europe for a living. After that, he returned to the US, where he started his first business with his bandmate, which was a record label for their band.

He would go on to start several businesses, from an SEO business to dropshipping products. His experiences starting and running these businesses spawned the idea of documenting his process for creating business and making it successful. Eventually, that idea would lead to the inception of his first book. Going through being an author and writing his book, Jesse took his knowledge and decided to make it lucrative. He would start his own publishing company, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, and has currently published over 150 books.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about Jesse and his process of writing a book of your own.

Listen to Josh and Jesse talk about Jesse’s Journey and what makes a great book:

(3:50) Jesse’s Backstory
Jesse grew up loving music, at 13, Jesse would ditch school to practice Jimmy Hendrix songs. Jesse played in bands and even attended music school in LA for a year. However, he wouldn’t stay in LA, instead, he went on a backpacking trip to Europe for a couple of months but then extended his stay to a year, and that’s where he started making money playing music on the streets of Vienna, Austria.

(7:35) Jesse On Starting His First Business
Jesse explains how he realized his options were to go home and move back in with his parents or continue his adventure with music. This eventually gave birth to Jesse’s first business. He moved back to the US and started a record label with his bandmate and now business partner. They thought, why get a manager to sign them with a record label when they could create a label of their own and produce their music. They raised capital and eventually started their label and toured America twice.

(13:51) Why Publishing?
Jesse traveled to Asia and started studying languages. In Asia, he would start an SEO business as well as a dropshipping business selling flash drives in bulk out of South China. He sold the company 18 months later, and this sparked the idea to document how he went from zero to a six-figure business — that would then become his first book known as Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

(17:16) Creating Opportunities With Your Book
Jesse talks about creating business opportunities with your book. He explains how if you have a brand or business and you’ve written a great book, don’t just sell the book as the book itself but sell it with a bonus that compliments what you’re offering with the book.

(22:33) Shortcut To Writing Your Own Book
Writing a book from scratch takes effort, but Jesse explains his shortcut to writing. Take five questions that encapsulate what your book is about and get someone to ask you those questions and let you answer them. Use those questions to create the chapters of your book — record your answers and later get it transcribed or edited and clean it up after.

(26:32) Can You Make Money With Your Book?
Jesse talks about the types of relationships and deals you can make with your publisher — if your publisher is giving you an advance on the promise that you will sell x number of books or if your publisher is partnering with you to set up your business for future success as well.

(28:52) Biggest Mistake When Writing Books
According to Jesse, an author’s biggest mistake is announcing your book too late. He talks about what you should be doing while making your book and when it’s the best time to reveal your book’s existence.

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