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Average To Optimal: Innovative Ways To Achieve Absolute Peak Bodily Function

with Gary Brecka



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Gary Brecka, who is the co-founder of 10 X Health Systems. Gary does more than just guide the company’s wellness and vision direction. He has over 20 years of biohacking and functional medicine experience. He is obsessed with the function and performance of the human body and finding innovative ways to help people achieve their absolute peak function in their own bodies.

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(6:00) Background
He is a human biologist by trade, undergraduate degrees are in biology. Postgraduate degrees are in human biology and neuroscience. After he got out of grad school, he went to work for the insurance industry as a mortality expert.But after seeing how he could help people outside of this work, he resigned and dedicated his life to helping people improve their health.

(11:28) Supplementing For Deficiency
Everything that enters our body has to go through a process called methylation where the body takes it and converts it into the usable form. If you can’t make this conversion, you have a deficiency. It is this deficiency that is robbing you of a state of being optimal.They are a consequence of simple, missing raw material in the human body. And once you know what you need to supplement with and what you don’t, you’ll be able to give your body the material it needs to thrive.

(16:45) Easy Fix For Disorders
If you are creating thought at a faster rate than you are breaking it down, then the mind gets cloudy, and this is what we call attention deficit disorder.This is very easy to fix with things like methylfolate, certain forms of B vitamins and a very specific form of a B12 called Adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl). And when you put these compounds back into the human body and you down-regulate catecholamines, the genesis of thought.

(25:39) Biohacking
When you know exactly what your body can convert into the usable form and what it can’t, you supplement what it’s lacking. So now you are supplementing for deficiency, not just for the sake of supplementing.There is nothing that you can do that could have as much of a prolific effect, physiologic effect as supplementing for the deficiency that your body needs to do its job.

(30:29) Getting Kids Healthier
Children cannot process folic acid which is present in most food like cereal, poptarts, bagels etc. You strip folic acid out of their diet, you supplement them with methylfolate, a complex of very specific B vitamins, certain amino acids, and you see an entirely new trial to emerge from that body because now their mind has the capacity to process and quiet itself and sequence thoughts the way that they were meant to be.

(35:47) Sleep Hacks
Your late afternoon cup of coffee can actually interrupt your sleep. Do not drink past 2:00 PM. The other thing that you can do naturally to restore healthy sleep, and this is tough for a lot of people, is to wake up with the sun. Get the first light in the morning. The first 45 minutes of sunlight is absolute magic. It’ll improve your mood and your emotional state, and restore deep sleep.

(39:05) Oral Hygiene
Take care of your teeth. Oral hygiene has a huge impact in obtaining optimal health. It is physiologically linked to optimal health and we’re only now beginning to understand it. That is why it is very important to visit the dentist frequently in order to ensure Healthy Oral Hygiene.

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