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The Art Of Negotiations: Mastering Sales Psychology For Success

with Brian Will



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Brian Will who is the industry leading expert in sales and management consulting. His bestselling book, the Dropout Multimillionaire, has taken literally the world by a storm, earning him claims from the Wall Street Journal and USA today.

He got his latest release which is ‘Know the psychology of sales and negotiations and 40 lessons in negotiations from a street smart negotiator’ and it’s going to revolutionize the business landscape. 

Don’t miss this episode with Brian Will Making Bank. 

(4:09) Background

Brian has gone through all kinds of situations in his journey as an entrepreneur. He did not start off so well and would bounce off from jobs to jobs. Finally he decided to start his own company which later also failed. But he learned valuable lessons on business and fast forward to today where he owns a bunch of real estate, he runs an executive coaching and advisory service and mastermind, and many other businesses.

(6:01) Important Of Coaches

If you are new in business or your business isn’t growing, there’s a reason for it and it’s usually yourself. You are the problem, and you need to get a good coach, a good mentor, somebody that can help you see what you don’t see and to avoid the mistakes you’re going to make. No one is perfect enough to be able to succeed on the first go without any advice or mentoring from someone else who is elite in the field. Coaches are important.

(11:07) Accepting Help

If you got yourself to where you are now because of you, that is perfectly fine. But if you want to go somewhere else, you want to reach higher, then you’re going to have to change who you are. And you need to make a conscious decision, not an emotional one. And that is, recognizing you need help in order to get to the next level.

(14:26) Overcoming Objections

If you’re overcoming objections at the end of the sales process, you’ve already lost it. You need to learn how to overcome objections before the client has them so that you don’t have to figure out how to overcome those objections at the end of the day. If you build a properly worded script to work through overcoming objections in the process, by the time you are at the end, they won’t have those objections and that’s where a lot of sales training falls apart.

(17:04) The Art Of Negotiation

If your first offer doesn’t insult them, then it’s too much. And once you make an offer, shut up and wait. No matter how long it takes. Once you’ve made an offer, the first person who talks loses. If you’re dealing with a negotiator, the first thing they’ll say is no, and it doesn’t matter what you say. So your first offer should be so low so you can set the bar where you want it so that you can start negotiating inside of that.

(21:59) Sales Scripts

When you are doing a sale, always ask questions from the clients to remove the unknown. Why, when, who have you shopped with? What price? Why didn’t you buy this? Why didn’t you buy that? And in that process, as you are talking, you start making a connection. This way you will build trust with your clients and it will help improve your sales by a huge margin.

(27:38) Sales Process

The process is built in four stages. The Introduction, you tell them about yourself. Then the fact finding, which is the most important thing you can do in any sales process. The presentation, which isn’t about you telling them about your product, but it’s really about explaining what they’ve already bought and finally the close which is basically telling them this sounds exactly like what you’re looking for. 



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