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System Mastery: Making Systems Work So You Don’t Have To

with Dr Noah St John



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Dr. Noah St. John who is known as the father of afformations and the mental health coach to the Stars.

He’s also the author of 22 books, including his new book, the Seven Figure Expert, the Ultimate Guide to a Life of More Impact, Influence and Financial freedom. Also, guys, we’re gonna let you know where you can get your free copy as well. He is famous for helping people make more in just 12 weeks than they made in the last 12 months, while also winning their lives back.

(3:52) The 7- Figure Expert
The first million can be really hard, but after that it gets a lot easier. That’s what the seven Figure Expert is all about. Dialing in these systems that are the outer game systems, so that then you can put them together with the inner game systems. Once you have the inner game and outer game firing on all cylinders you are unstoppable.

(8:30) 7-Figure Formula
The five stage seven figure expert formula which is five phases and they are your beliefs, habits, offers, funnels and traffic. So after spending all that money all that time and lots of false starts, lots of detours you’ll realize it really boils down to these five things.

(11:34) Offers And Leverage
The three main topics of human pain; health, wealth, and relationships. These are the areas that humans have problems in. Everyone wants good health, more money and a good relationship. So the point is that, when clients come to you, you look at where they already are, what their passion is, and what they’re already great at, and then you can really create offers that align with who they are.

(17:22) Hockey Stick Growth
The myth is if I work harder, then I’ll make more money. This is slightly true. You don’t need to work yourself off to death. You just need to work smarter. Think about a hockey stick. You’re going along the stick and you’re working really hard and then the magic happens and then it goes right through the roof. That’s called hockey stick growth.

(19:16) Traffic
There’s no such thing as free traffic anymore. Paid Ads are the last things you should go to. Podcasts on the other hand are the best way for you to reach your customers because it doesn’t feel like an ad and people are likely to listen as opposed to a skippable ad on any social media platforms.

(25:13) Done For You
The done for you, the done with you, and the do it yourself programs and the only problem with ‘done for you’, is you cannot implement it with personal growth. You cannot expect someone to do something for you so that your personal growth can grow. This is something you have to partake on your own otherwise you will never grow in such areas.

(27:57) Systems
You have to have systems that work for anybody. Whether you want to add six or seven or even eight figures, there’s always systems that you can do, but make sure you find the right coach, the right mentors that can really help you install the systems that work hard so you don’t have to.